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Director: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

Cast: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard, Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi


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The classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale gets a lavish CG makeover as directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno team up to tell the tale of a fair-haired beauty (voiced by Mandy Moore) with long-flowing locks, a gallant hero with a heart of gold, and the evil witch who plots to keepSee more details below


The classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale gets a lavish CG makeover as directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno team up to tell the tale of a fair-haired beauty (voiced by Mandy Moore) with long-flowing locks, a gallant hero with a heart of gold, and the evil witch who plots to keep these lovelorn innocents apart.

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Tangled is the latest Disney Princess-for-the-next-generation animated extravaganza, and the 50th animated feature from the studio. Unlike last year's The Princess and the Frog, where Disney stuck to its traditional hand-drawn animation and storytelling formula, Tangled takes all the familiar elements of the "princess movies" (think The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin) and combines them with Disney's application of new technology -- CGI and 3D. The end result is a film that may not be as iconic as some of its predecessors, but is definitely a throwback to an era when Disney was the behemoth of animation. Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) was stolen from the palace nursery as an infant and raised by the dastardly Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy), who locks her up in an enchanted tower and uses Rapunzel's hair to continuously restore her youth. Rapunzel dreams of the day when she can leave the tower and find the source of the floating stars that she sees every year on her birthday -- with her adorable and consistently loyal chameleon companion in tow. Her chance comes one day when master thief Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), seeking escape from a variety of pursuers, climbs the tower with the goal of finding a place to hide out and stash his stolen goods. Instead, he finds Rapunzel, who hides his prize and tells him that if he takes her to the source of the floating stars, she'll return his belongings. From there, it's one amazing adventure after another, with twists, turns, and a little romance. There's nothing particularly innovative about Dan Fogelman's screenplay, but it has all the heart and humor that make this a fun movie to watch. Rapunzel is the well-known fairy-tale that serves as the foundation for a story that unfolds with all of the classic Disney elements intact: a young and somewhat naïve princess, a handsome rogue to guide her, a cute animal sidekick, a witchy villain, songs, and of course a happy ending. These fairy-tale elements extend to the visual aspects of the film, from the storybook aesthetics of the setting to the expertly crafted details of the character's faces. Also, there's a certain retro vibe to Tangled. The choices for vocal casting harken back to the previous two decades, when Disney bypassed big-name stars in favor of lesser-known talent. Mandy Moore's voice (though, you can argue she's the biggest name in this film) is not immediately recognizable, which allows the audience to connect with Rapunzel as opposed to being distracted by a familiar voice. Even Zachary Levi's performance as Flynn Rider is charming, roguish, and, well, generic enough to represent the same feeling. Overall, Tangled is a winner. Disney has managed to acknowledge where they've been and look toward where the company is going, and they've created a film that speaks to what adults remember from Disney's hand-drawn animation days, while at the same time injecting newer technologies to keep the kids dazzled and entertained. It's charming, enjoyable, and has a heavy dose of that ol' Disney magic.

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Walt Disney Video
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Original Storybook Openings

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Mandy Moore Rapunzel
Zachary Levi Flynn Rider
Donna Murphy Mother Gothel
Ron Perlman Stabbington Brother
Jeffrey Tambor Big Nose Thug
Paul F. Tompkins Short Thug
M.C. Gainey Captain of the Guard
Brad Garrett Hook Hand Thug
Richard Kiel Vlad
Delaney Rose Stein Young Rapunzel,Little Girl
Nathan Greno Guard 1,Thug 1
Byron Howard Guard 2,Thug 2
Tim Mertens Guard 3
Michael Bell Additional Voices
Bob Bergen Additional Voices
Susan Blakeslee Additional Voices
June Christopher Additional Voices
Roy Conli Additional Voices
David Cowgill Additional Voices
Terri Douglas Additional Voices
Chad Einbinder Additional Voices
Patrick Fraley Additional Voices
Eddie Frierson Additional Voices
Jackie Gonneau Additional Voices
Nicholas Guest Additional Voices
Bridget Hoffman Additional Voices
Daniel A. Kaz Additional Voices
Anne Lockhart Additional Voices
Mona Marshall Additional Voices
Scott Menville Additional Voices
Laraine Newman Additional Voices
Paul Pape Additional Voices
Lynwood Robinson Additional Voices
Fred Tatasciore Additional Voices
Hynden Walch Additional Voices
Kari Wahlgren Additional Voices

Technical Credits
Nathan Greno Director
Byron Howard Director
Roy Conli Producer
Dan Cooper Art Director
Dan Fogelman Screenwriter
Cameron Frankley Sound/Sound Designer
David Goetz Art Director
Doeri Welch Greiner Production Manager
Jason W. Jennings Sound Editor
Glen Keane Executive Producer
John Lasseter Executive Producer
Ai-Ling Lee Sound Editor
Tom MacDougall Musical Direction/Supervision
Alan Menken Score Composer,Songwriter
Tim Mertens Editor
Jamie Sparer Roberts Casting
Douglas Rogers Production Designer
Aimee Scribner Associate Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Tangled
1. The Lost Princess [:32]
2. Mother Knows Best [:16]
3. Meet Flynn Rider [:19]
4. Making A Deal [:19]
5. The Snuggly Duckling [:19]
6. The Escape [4:00]
7. In The Woods [:09]
8. The Best Day Of Your Life [:09]
9. Betrayed [:09]
10. The Rescue [:41]
11. A New Dream [:06]
12. End Credits [:06]


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