Eat, Play, Lust

Eat, Play, Lust

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by Tawna Fenske

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A satisfying category romance from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint…

Her secret craving is about to get stronger…

Yoga instructor Cami Pressman is the poster girl of healthy living. Exercise, a strict diet, and a serious sense of discipline…or so everyone thinks. Truth is, she loves junk food, and she's not about to let

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A satisfying category romance from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint…

Her secret craving is about to get stronger…

Yoga instructor Cami Pressman is the poster girl of healthy living. Exercise, a strict diet, and a serious sense of discipline…or so everyone thinks. Truth is, she loves junk food, and she's not about to let anyone uncover her guilty pleasure.

Until she meets Paul Hammond, the tasty-hot gourmet chef who enrolls in her class. When he signs up for a personal session, Cami learns he's hot, hilarious, and smart. A delicious combination. Suddenly, junk food isn't the only thing making her tingle, and when Paul moves things to the kitchen, Cami realizes there are some cravings her guilty pleasure can't satisfy...
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Eat, Play, Lust

By Tawna Fenske, Heather Howland

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Tawna Fenske
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-245-6


Cami Pressman set her paddleboard on the muddy river bank and gave a harsh tug at the elastic band of her sports bra. Was it loose? She dropped her hand to the waist of the shorts and adjusted the tie. Either she'd dropped a couple pounds during her mom's visit, or it was time to throw the overstretched garments in the laundry.

She stifled a gag at the thought of her mom's gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, flavor-free pizza that she'd been forced to wash down with a smoothie of chopped prunes, jalapeños, and cold-pressed organic flax seed oil. The taste of it hadn't left Cami's tongue, though her mom was well on her way home to Portland.

After enduring a week of her mom's health-nut nagging, Cami had earned a reward. A hot, mouthwatering, steamy, sinful reward.

She yanked at the bra again, cursing the sweat pooled between her breasts. It was an unnaturally hot afternoon, even for mid-August in the high desert. She glanced at her watch and said a silent prayer her next yoga client had the sense to grease up with good sunscreen. The central Oregon sun could be brutal, particularly out on the water. Add in a sweaty paddleboard yoga lesson and maybe an unexpected dunk in the river, and any client without waterproof sun protection would hobble home looking like a poached strawberry.

Cami pulled a tube of sunscreen from the waterproof pack around her waist and flipped the cap. She'd used most of it in her last lesson greasing up the three kids she'd taught as part of a volunteer outreach for underprivileged children, but there was still some left. She breathed in the familiar scent of coconut and vanilla, pleased her stomach didn't growl the way it had all week when she'd smelled something sweet or salty or vaguely more edible than her mother's cardboard date bars.

"Need help getting your back?"

Cami whirled at the sound of his voice. Her mouth fell open before she caught herself and forced her expression from a dumbstruck gape to a practiced, professional smile. Something spurted onto her bare foot and she looked down and released her grip on the sunscreen. She recapped the tube, shoved it in her pack, and blinked at him.

"Paul Hammond?" She blinked a few more times to see if the broad-shouldered, desperately hot lumberjack would morph into the tubby, balding, middle-aged man she'd pictured on the phone. "You're the guy from my Thursday group yoga class."

She flushed as soon as the words left her mouth. It was the biggest class she taught—at least 30 students—and the fact that she'd noticed him probably revealed too much.

But she had noticed him. A lot. She was just surprised to see him here now for one of her private yoga lessons on a standup paddleboard. Cami cleared her throat and tried again. "So you're the gourmet chef whose doctor prescribed a fitness program?"

He laughed, a warm, jubilant sound that made her toes curl. His well-trimmed beard and massive biceps completed the lumberjack image, assuming lumberjacks sported orange floral swim trunks and bare feet.

"Technically, my doctor didn't prescribe a fitness program. It was my brother—who happens to be a doctor—harassing me to change up my exercise routine." He grinned, and Cami felt her spleen do a somersault. "You thought I'd be wheeled here on a stretcher with a heart monitor on my chest and a leg of lamb dangling from my lips?"

Cami swallowed, pretty sure it was the lamb and not the mention of his chest and lips making her mouth water.

You've never eaten lamb, she reminded herself.

Cami tucked a flyaway chestnut curl behind her ear and surreptitiously swiped the back of her hand over her mouth. Good, she wasn't drooling in front of a client. Always a plus.

"Of course I didn't expect that," she lied, trying hard not to fixate on the intense grass-green color of his eyes. "You filled out my online intake form with your height and weight so I'd know which paddleboard to bring for your lesson."

She just hadn't made the connection between that online registration form and the student she'd been admiring in the back of her group yoga class for two months.

She also hadn't expected his height and weight to be distributed quite this way. Paul was a big man, no doubt. But while he was a bit thick through the middle, he wore it well. His arms and chest were startlingly muscular, and she could swear he was at least a couple inches taller than the 6'2" he'd marked on the form.

"I think I was expecting someone else," she confessed. "A different student from the class."

Paul grinned, his green eyes electrified in the hot August sun. "Sorry to disappoint."

"I'm not disappointed at all."

It was possibly the biggest understatement Cami had ever uttered. She took a shaky breath and grabbed a paddle. "You seem pretty fit already."

Paul shrugged. "I keep up on weightlifting fine, and your regular yoga classes have been good, but I need to do more serious cardio. And maybe cut back on the eating just a bit." He grinned and patted his mid-section. "I'm a sucker for good food. Currasco de Picanha from Brazil, or some French style Coquilles Saint Jacques Villageoise sea scallops in a curry béchamel, or maybe a nice Italian Fagottino Di Vitello Con Scamorza Affumicata when the veal is nice and tender and the scarmorza is perfectly smoked. I have a soft spot for all of it."

Cami blinked in surprise, both at the baffling menu and the notion this man had soft spots anywhere. "I have no idea what any of that meant," she confessed. "Sorry, I'm not much of a foodie. My mom's sort of opposed to it."

"Opposed to what?"

"Food. Or calories in any form. She puts the nut in health-nut." Cami frowned. "Or omits it, if the recipe allows. Nuts are very high in fat, you know."

"Nuts are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Very healthy. And I make a hazelnut-crusted halibut that'll leave your mouth watering."

Cami took a deep breath, dismayed to realize she felt lightheaded. She wasn't sure if it was all this talk about food, or the fact that Paul was hot enough to have her panting. Either way, she couldn't believe she was standing here talking with him about nuts.

"Right," she said, ready to move on with the conversation. "So gourmet food isn't really my thing."

"No? What's your indulgence of choice?"

Her cheeks flushed with a dizzying mix of lust and embarrassment. She took a step back and reached for another paddle. "We should probably get started on your lesson, Mr. Hammond."

He laughed. "Call me Paul, please. Mr. Hammond makes me feel like I'm old enough to be your father. I'm guessing we're close to the same age, right?"

"Well, yes."

"Not that I was trying to find out your age." Paul grimaced, and Cami admired the pleasant crinkles around his eyes. "I know it's rude to ask an attractive woman her age. Or any woman, regardless of whether she's attractive. I mean, obviously, a woman's value isn't determined by her level of attractiveness."

"Right. So—"

Paul winced. "Not that I'm implying you aren't attractive. Obviously you're knock-down, drop-dead, leave 'em howling gorgeous, and—"

He stopped, closed his eyes, and shook his head slowly. "Can you pull my foot out of my mouth before you punch me? It hurts less that way."

Cami laughed and thrust the paddle into his hands. "Why don't we just get both feet on the board? Is this your first time with standup paddleboarding?"

"It is. I haven't been doing the yoga thing long, either, so mixing the two will be interesting. And by 'interesting,' I mean I stand a pretty good chance of drowning."

"That's why I had you sign the waiver. Makes things easier when the paramedics show up to fish your body out of the river." She smiled and handed him a personal floatation device. "I'm kidding. Even if you do fall in, this is a shallow section of river. You're more likely to drown in your bathtub."

"Given the amount of mold on my shower curtain, I'm probably more likely to get algae wrapped around my ankle there, too."

"I didn't need to know that." She reached over to help with a tangled strap on his floatation device, shivering with pleasure as his fingers brushed hers. "Seriously though, it's brave of you to give the combo yoga/paddleboard lessons a try. Most people who haven't been practicing yoga awhile are nervous about trying it on a wobbly paddleboard in the middle of a frigid river."

"I'm a big believer in the value of new experiences."

"That's—admirable," Cami replied, mentally replacing admirable with terrifying.

Paul shrugged and took hold of the paddle, his hand impressively large around the shaft of it. He smiled, and Cami felt her insides do a pleasant twist.

"At worst, I fall in," he said. "Nothing wrong with getting a little wet, right?"

Cami bit her lip. "Nothing wrong with it at all," she said, and turned to hide her flaming face.

* * *

Jesus, could you be a bigger tool?

It wasn't the first time Paul had scolded himself for putting his foot in his mouth, but it was the first time in years he'd cared about looking dumb with shoelaces dangling from his lips.

First you do your food-geek recitation of a dinner menu, then you discuss her age and attractiveness, then you mention your disgusting bathroom, then you talk dirty. You know how to impress a woman.

Paul sighed and tried hard to focus on the lesson Cami was giving. He couldn't believe he'd decided to do this. It had been a spur-of-the moment idea, prompted mostly by the ridiculous crush he'd developed on her in the two months he'd been taking her group yoga classes.

Okay, that wasn't the only thing that prompted it. There was also the sour look on his brother's face when Paul shared his cholesterol score.

"You should pay attention to these numbers," Evan had said, smacking the paper with the back of his hand.

"I am paying attention. I'm giving them to my big brother, the doctor."

"That's not enough. You aren't eighteen anymore. You've gotta stop eating like you are."

"But I'm a chef," Paul tried to argue. "I get paid to eat. Unless you know of any openings for highly-paid porn stars, this is really the next best thing."

Evan had rolled his eyes. "You're going to be an unhealthy chef if you don't knock it off. Dad died young of a heart attack, remember?"

Paul frowned. "Of course I remember."

"Do you know what poor blood pressure can do to a man's virility?" Evan asked. "The corpora cavernosa in the shaft of the penis are responsible for erections, and high blood flow can keep arteries from dilating, which leads to—"

"Christ, dude—I'm not even thirty, and my weight and my cholesterol scores are still within normal range. You're just trying to get my attention with boner scare tactics, aren't you?"

"It's working, right?"

Yeah, it was. Paul was pretty sure he'd prefer the heart attack over erectile dysfunction, but neither sounded fun. Not that he'd had much sex—or any sex—since moving to Bend six months ago, but he had hope. There were beautiful women everywhere, including his smart, funny, breathtakingly lovely fitness instructor.

Of course, he hadn't had the balls to talk to her in the two months he'd taken her group classes.

All the more reason to try a private lesson.

The other students had been talking for months about Cami's private yoga paddleboard lessons. Great for core strength, they'd insisted. Terrific way to do toning and cardio at the same time.

Paul had been intrigued, not just by the unique nature of the classes, but by the opportunity to talk to Cami one-on-one. To hear more of her easy laugh and watch the way her eyes lit up as she explained a new yoga pose.

He just had to find a way to stop sticking his foot in his mouth all the time.

Well, and he had to make sure his parts were in working order. Christ, he wasn't even thirty yet, and his brother was talking to him about Viagra.

"You want about eight inches here," Cami said, jolting Paul out of his thoughts.

"What?" Paul blinked at her, deliberately keeping his eyes on her face instead of those small, pert breasts straining against her top.

"Eight inches," she said, holding up the paddle and smiling. "Here. Between your hand and the top of the paddle."

"Eight inches." Paul nodded and studied her hands. "Got it."

She stepped past him to the paddleboard, which she'd already set in the shallow water while he was busy pondering escargot and erectile dysfunction.

"You're going to want to start out on your knees, like this," Cami instructed, maneuvering into position while Paul watched dumbly from the riverbank before following suit and plunking his own board into the water. "It's the best way to mount when you're first starting out."

"Sure, okay." Paul felt dizzy. Maybe his brother was right about his blood pressure. This fitness plan was really a good idea. If only it weren't so hot outside—

"Stand up, nice and easy," Cami continued, demonstrating the maneuver as Paul wobbled to his feet a few beats behind her. "Knees bent a little, legs spread like this."

"Uh-huh. Legs spread, got it."

He stood shakily, amazed when he didn't topple into the water. She smiled, and Paul felt his knees wobble. He knew it wasn't the motion of the river.

"You look great," she said.

He bit his tongue before he could reply, so do you, and settled for "Thank you."

Cami gripped her paddle in both hands and drove it into the water. "Stroke it hard at first. You want to really stick it in there."

Yes, yes I do, Paul thought as the rest of the blood left his brain.

He took a deep breath and followed Cami's instructions, fighting hard to keep his eyes on the water, on the end of his board, on the stupid-looking sandal tan on his bare feet, on the ducks paddling nearby, on anything but her beautiful backside and the unruly braid of thick, dark hair that Paul imagined tugging to arch her back.

Get a grip, buddy.

Cami turned to look at him, and Paul hoped like hell she couldn't read his thoughts. He concentrated on staying upright on the board, on maneuvering the paddle like she'd demonstrated.

"How's it feeling?" she called.

"Definitely better than drowning."

"Can't ask for more than that." She smiled. "You're a quick learner. I've noticed that in the group classes."

"Please say you didn't notice the time I knocked myself unconscious attempting crow pose."

She laughed, and Paul felt warm all over. "I must've missed that, but I'll offer you a helmet next time."

She offered an encouraging smile that made Paul wobble again, but he stayed standing and moved his eyes back to the river.

"It's beautiful here," Paul said, resisting the urge to add, just like you. The last thing he needed was to appall her with cheesy pickup lines.

Cami smiled. "You're new in town?"

"I moved here six months ago to be the head chef at Merenwall. I'd visited Bend before, but I didn't realize how stunning it was until all the snow melted."

"It is beautiful. The high desert isn't like the rest of Oregon, where everything's green and rainy. You know my favorite part?"

"What?" Paul asked, dipping his paddle in the water again with his eyes fixed on her.

"When the sun is shining and it bakes the juniper and sage to make this beautiful, sensuous perfume you can breathe in no matter where you are in town."

He blinked, mesmerized by the lilt of her voice and the tilt of her hips as she slipped her paddle into the glassy water. "Is that what I've been smelling?"

She nodded. "It's what I love best about the high desert. You'll notice it most in the late afternoon."

"I'll have to pay attention next time I'm out in the evening."

Which was exactly never. Between work and his sub-par social skills, Paul hadn't gone out much since his move to Bend. Maybe he could remedy that with Cami. Maybe if he exercised more, spent more time enjoying the great outdoors and getting to know a woman without always blurting the first awkward words that popped into his brain—

"Is it too stiff?"

Paul froze and blinked at Cami. "I'm sorry?"

"Your paddle. It's new. Some of the new paddles are a little stiff at the outset. My shop is right over there, and if you want, we could try a different one with a more flexible shaft and—"

"It's fine," Paul assured her. "I promise."

Kill me now.


Excerpted from Eat, Play, Lust by Tawna Fenske, Heather Howland. Copyright © 2013 Tawna Fenske. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Tawna Fenske traveled a career path that took her from newspaper reporter to English teacher in Venezuela to marketing geek to PR manager for her city's tourism bureau. An avid globetrotter and social media fiend, Tawna is the author of the popular blog, Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing, and a member of Romance Writers of America. She lives with her gentleman friend in Bend, Oregon, where she'll invent any excuse to hike, bike, snowshoe, float the river, or sip beer along the Bend Ale Trail. She's published several romantic comedies with Sourcebooks, including Making Waves and Believe it or Not, as well as the interactive fiction caper, Getting Dumped, with Coliloquy.

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Eat, Play, Lust 4.1 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 20 reviews.
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2 REVIEW:   Yoga on a paddleboard....Check A set of wet clothes......Check  Tater Tots in the oven........Check  This was such a fun, shorty, dirty and wet story.   I just love the whole idea behind this story.   I think just about every girl on the planet will be able to relate to Cami.  And just about every girl in the world would like to have a man like Paul.   If you are looking for a quick that will leave you satisfied you need to grab a copy of Eat, Play, Lust. Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley & Entangled Publishing, LLC in exchange for an honest review.  This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 
Megz_0711 More than 1 year ago
Eat Play Lust is exactly what I expected. It is light and flirty. This is what could definitely be a weekend read. The characters weren't complex, but they were easily relatable. Cami, the main character is a yoga trainer with unresolved weight issues.  Her mother is a health-nut, who judges those who indulge in junk food harshly. This leaves Cami confused about food and herself.   Paul is a professional chef who is a little on the dorky side. He doesn't know when to stop talking.  He fumbles a bit and always makes the conversation a little bit awkward.   “I know it’s rude to ask an attractive woman her age. Or any woman, regardless of whether she’s attractive. I mean, obviously, a woman’s value isn’t determined by her level of attractiveness.” I suffer from "Blabbermouth Syndrome" so I can understand why he didn't stop talking there. “Not that I’m implying you aren’t attractive. Obviously you’re knock-down, drop-dead, leave ‘em howling gorgeous". I am sure he would have kept going if Cami didn't interrupt him.   The characters are universally relatable, and fun to read. I say if you have a few extra hours on your hands and you are looking for a light-hearted funny read, this is right up your alley.
rn-writes More than 1 year ago
This is one of the most entertaining books I've read in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I've read a lot of really good books lately, but this one, well, it entertained me, made me laugh, root for the H/h, fan myself, laugh...oh, I said that already? Well, I did. The story was so well written, it pulled me in and held me there to the last screen. Yes, it was a real screen flipper :D  I loved Paul. Who wouldn't love a man who not only cooked you a gourmet meal, but made a point of including your secret food obsession--tater tots!! As a fellow tater tot lover, my mouth watered right along with Cami's...well, okay, for more than just the tots. Cami is my hero. Never did I think I'd find another woman who could make a meal out of tater tots alone, and she has it down to a science. 18 minutes. Who knew? Now, brownies? In a 10 inch round pan, 28 minutes at 350*--perfection <3 Bottom line, guys, don't miss out on an awesome read. This is my first book by Ms. Fenske, but it certainly won't be my last. Thank you, Ms. Fenske, for a delightfully entertaining read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very cute short about a closet junk food junkie and a gourmet chef.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
50 pages, yes, only 50 pages for real. This should be part of a book of short stories if anything. Glad it was free. I was unimpressed with either of the characters, the whole food thing was annoying ALL of it! The way it was portrayed wasn't realistic to me at all. The whole thing with the beard...yuck! It was a short story, no conflict, no plot, I was bored.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You people should just read this novel yourselves and write your own review on this novel. I really enjoyed reading this novel very much. ShelleyMA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It was great. It also dowloaded fast which is always a plus. The one thing that i didnt like very much was that is was only 57 pages. I think it was this one that was 57 pages. There was two different copies on my screen. I totally recomend reading this!
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews This book should come with a warning that says to not read while hungry. Or reading this book will make you wish for your own personal chef to make all of the food mentioned. Paul Hammond moved to Bend six months ago to be the head chef at a restaurant called Merenwall. Cami Pressman is a yoga instructor and health nut. Cami has a SERIOUS guilty pleasure obsession with tater tots. I’m talking five bags in her freezer is low obsession. But this is a secret obsession no one knows about. Paul is a student in Cami’s yoga class but finally decides that he wants some one-on-one time with her. For Cami’s part, she always notices Paul who’s in the back of her class. Paul is a funny, charming, likeable guy who has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. When Paul accidentlly discovers Cami’s secret, he makes it his mission to let her know that it’s okay. And what transpires is nothing short of foodgasm nirvana. There’s nothing like having your own personal chef who can introduce you to the pleasures of food both inside and outside of the bedroom. Source: Publisher
Lexi_13 More than 1 year ago
A story of a yoga teacher with a unhealthy past and a chef with a unique way of cooking "junk" food...these two have been secretly been crushing on each other for months but when Paul signs up for one of Cami's private yoga lessons everything changes. Can they handle the changes or will Paul's love to cook cause Cami to fall back into her old unhealthy eating habits?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This one was cute, sexy, and laugh out loud funny. I think my stomach grumbled just about the entire time I was reading this book. I want some tater tots and gourmet junk food so bad I can't hardly stand it. I read it in one setting and I think I had a perma smile the entire time! I was in stitches over Cami trying to keep Paul from finding out about the tater tots! *copy provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. -Tammy-
TeenBlurb More than 1 year ago
Eat, Play, Lust is a fast, quirky read that is full of sweet romance, a junk food obsession, and Stand-Up Paddle Yoga. Cami and Paul are just a match made in heaven. She likes to eat and he likes to cook! The sensual scenes that involve food in this story are not to be missed! Let’s just say that you may never look at certain food in the same light anymore! This is a quick read with engaging characters that will have you wishing and hoping for longer story with the two fun characters! I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
As per the line, this was a super-quick read, and I actually didn’t have a problem with it. Both Paul and Cami came across as fully developed. The one thing I thought was waaay over done was how sensitive Cami was about her appearance. Let’s face it, I’m a big girl, and I will one day not be such a big girl. I fail to see why she’s so humiliated because Paul notices a picture and thinks it’s her sister. Her face will have changed a whole lot if she got a lot of weight off.  But that’s my three cents worth. Cami has a passion for junk food which she has managed to mostly overcome save for the occasional binge of tater tots. That’s totally to be respected, especially since she’s into yoga and being physically fit now. Paul is a chef, and I adore the way he found a way through to Cami, using her junk-food cravings. Just goes to show you can’t judge a tater tot by its packaging, or something along those lines. There was some hot and heavy lovin’, but it didn’t come on too fast or too soon. I’m glad things worked out for these two and I haven’t read anything else by Ms. Feske, but that will change, I’m sure. Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
andreea-deea More than 1 year ago
[edit] I love this book.It is short,but lovely. I do not know what to say more.Cami is a yoga instructor who in secret love junk food.Whe she was litlle she have problem with her weight.But when she meet Paul everythnog change.He is a chef how understand her,and her love for food.How love`s her and cook`s for her the best junk food ever.He supports.It is a book about love.Love who, unfortunately rarely meet.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Being so short, it pretty much gets straight to the point. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. After some bumbling around, boy and girl get together … but the bumbling is very delicious. If you need a great way to wrap up your summer night, grab a glass of wine and sit back – Eat Play Lust is that perfect little tidbit to finish out your day. Full review available at RomanticReadsandSuch on Wordpress.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
**Review Copy Provided By Publisher** Sometimes after reading lots of longer books, you need a shortie to clean the palate (for lack of a better phrase). And Eat, Play, Lust did just that. I can safely say that after reading it, I might not look at Tater Tots the same way again in the future. I never pegged them as a potential aphrodisiac, but man, that was one hot! and I loved the use of SUP Yoga (Stand-Up Paddle Yoga) to move the story along. It was quick funny, in that, an online friend of mine had just been talking about trying it out and now I'm kind of interested (especially if there might be a hot guy involved for me ;) ) The story itself was short, only about 55 pages, and so I was able to read it rather quickly (all of it while waiting for a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy), but for such a short book it really packed a punch. I would love to see a long book between Cami and Paul, or even with them as secondary characters. In fact, I would probably even buy this book over if it were revised/expanded to tell a longer story (can that be registered as a request please...)1
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A few years back, I discovered a fantastically funny romantic comedy called Making Waves by a woman named Tawna Fenske. It kept me up that night while I finished it, and it reminded me that "light, romantic, beach read" means good things. Since then I've been a huge fan, so when I heard Tawna had a book coming out, and that I might finish it before one am, I was all over it. The read was fast (this is a short one, which was perfect for my mood), and it was just as sexy, fun, and grin-inducing as I hoped for. Cami has so much depth and I really was drawn to her, and Paul.. He's not just heating things up in the kitchen, that's all I'm saying. This was a fantastic short, the food references were brilliant (and mouth watering) and the laughs and 'aww's' were fantastic. My only complaint is, now I have to wait *again* for the next Tawna Fenske novel. But it'll be worth it, it always is ^_^
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
An absolutely delightful novella from Tawna Fenske. Be prepared to smile and giggle your way through this short story. Plenty of double entendres to keep you entertained from start to finish. Cami, a yoga instructor with a body image problem, thanks to her uber health nut mother, meets sexy gourmet chef Paul when he signs up for a private paddleboard yoga class, though they’ve been secretly crushing on each other for about two months. Paul keeps putting his foot in his mouth whenever he talks to Cami, which makes him absolutely adorable! Cami’s food issues come into play, though in a good way, when Paul decides to show Cami that it’s okay to crave delicious, calorie packed food, and perhaps indulge those cravings and maybe a few others! Lots of sexy, fun dialogue for your enjoyment! If you are looking for a quick, saucy read, this novella, with only 45 pages, is definitely for you! Rating: 4 Heat Rating: Hot Reviewed by April P Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
A woman with body image issues, a tyrannical health food nut for a mother, a tater tot obsession and a crush on gourmet chef. Sounds like a match made in hell. However, Paul may be able to teach Cami a few important things about food and love. Cami Pressman has had to deal with body image issues ever since she came home from her first year at college with the dreaded “freshman fifteen” plus a little extra. It happens, right? Mother dearest didn’t agree, and promptly pointed out her short-comings, going so far as to take a “fat picture” of Cami next to her fridge as a preventative measure, along with some health nut recipes she wanted her daughter to follow religiously. Cami threw herself into working out like a crazy person. Now she’s fit as a fiddle, toned and honed and unhappy. Her body got with the program, but her mind didn’t. She teaches yoga for a living to ensure she stays in shape. Always. Paul Hammond is a gourmet chef. Naturally, he loves food. Naturally his body also loves his food, perhaps a bit too much. His doctor aka the nagging brother prescribes an exercise routine to whip him into shape. Yoga seems like a good idea, low impact, fun. and the instructor isn’t bad to look at either. He can’t formulate a coherent sentence around her, but when he discovers her dirty little secret, her love of tater tots, hilarity and a sensual teasing of the palates ensues. I loved this story! It was sexy, light-hearted at times, and rip-roaring funny as hell at other times. Or maybe I just have a slightly juvenile sense of humor. Bottom line is, it was funny and I loved it. I think anyone can empathize with Cami and how she feels, even if you don’t have an eating disorder. It wasn’t even just about that. Cami was made to feel guilty which just compounded her problem. She never learned that she could still enjoy some of the foods she loved, but in moderation. I could also understand her shame and not wanting the man she’s been crushing on for a while to see her at her worst. Paul was such a sweetheart in that regard. Not once did he make fun of her or bug her with questions. He was smart enough to not push the issue and try to help her in a different way. This couple had fantastic (culinary) chemistry, and I especially loved the hilarious dialogue between them. From the nervous word diarrhea filled with double entendres to the food geekery. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light, sexy and fun read that will leave you with a smile on your face and an ache in your belly, either because you’re hungry or because of laugh cramps. You’re guaranteed both. Favorite moment: I learned quite a bit from their dialogue about paddleboarding: - eight inches: the distance your hands should be when gripping the paddle - “mount the board”: (as opposed to trying to heave yourself up on it, jump it, straddle it, etc.) - “stroke it hard at first”: the paddle in the water - “you really want to stick it in there”: the paddle in the water - “is it too stiff?”: the paddle - “try a different one with a more flexible shaft”: the paddle Now, excuse me while I try to find a paddleboarding class at a lake near me. Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.