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In the Blood (Maker's Song Series #2)

In the Blood (Maker's Song Series #2)

4.3 63
by Adrian Phoenix

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ADRIAN NIKOLAS PHOENIX has had stories published in several magazines and anthologies. She currently lives in Oregon (with three cats, of course), but travels to New Orleans, the city of her heart, whenever possible.


ADRIAN NIKOLAS PHOENIX has had stories published in several magazines and anthologies. She currently lives in Oregon (with three cats, of course), but travels to New Orleans, the city of her heart, whenever possible.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Phoenix trips the dark fantastic in this wild, bloody sequel to 2008's A Rush of Wings. Gifted musician and magic-user Dante Prejean was an experimental patient in a project to create and control murderous sociopaths for the government's covert Shadow Branch. He's also a born vampire and the child of a fallen angel. Shadow Branch agent Caterina Cortini wants to contain him; the formerly angelic Fallen want him to connect Earth and Gehenna; and Portland detective Alex Lyons wants him to cure Alex's schizophrenic twin sister. Arrayed against them are Dante's Nightkind friends; his FBI agent girlfriend, Heather Wallace; and his Fallen father, Lucien de Noir. Although Phoenix's fusion of fantasy and thriller sometimes falters, with the Earth action rather sharper than the Gehenna segments, she keeps the plot thick and the tension high. (Jan.)

Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Library Journal

Dante Baptiste leads the popular rock band Inferno. He is also a vampire, one with an enormous amount of strength, much of it untamed because of a mind so tortured that any attempt to bring up frightening childhood memories causes searing pain and seizures. FBI agent Heather Wallace has a special bond with Dante and can often calm him during these difficult moments. Unfortunately, the person who can help him the most has left this plane to fight a battle in Gehenna-Lucien is an Elohim, a fallen angel, as well as Dante's father. For more than 2000 years, the Elohim have waited for a creator to unite them. Lucien, who distrusts all other Elohim, wants to protect the knowledge that Dante was born a creator. Meanwhile, Heather and Dante are being pursued by agents of a secret agency and others who wish to use Dante's prowess in their own mad search for vengeance. Phoenix's sequel to A Rush of Wings is an imaginative, deftly plotted, dark urban fantasy with believable, well-drawn characters. Recommended for all fantasy fiction collections.
—Patricia Altner

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Pocket Books
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Maker's Song Series , #2
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4.10(w) x 6.86(h) x 1.02(d)

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City of the Dead

New Orleans — St. Louis No. 3
March 15

"So where's this weird-ass bit of hoodoo supposed to be?" Von asked.

"Beside a tomb," Dante said as they scaled the cemetery's locked, wrought-iron fence, both vaulting with ease over the black bars and onto the path below.

"Yeah, but which tomb?"

"Baronne, I think," Dante said, pushing his hood back. He chose the paved central path and followed it past gleaming white crypts. He drew in a deep breath of cherry-blossom-scented air. But beneath the sweet scent, he caught a whiff of decay, moldering bones, and old, old grief.

"These N'awlins cemeteries are creepy as hell," Von commented. "I can't imagine what they'd look like in daylight."

"Didn't you ever check 'em out when you were still mortal?"

"Hell, no," Von snorted. "Like I said, creepy. Especially for a delicate flower like moi." He paused, touching a finger to his ear. "Wait...breaking news. Correction, seems I ain't a delicate flower." He shrugged. "Who knew? Mama musta lied."

Dante laughed. "Yeah, you're gonna be fun on the tour bus."

"Man, I'm fun anywhere. And we should be heading to the airport soon."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

Dante read the names on the tombs as he passed: DUFOUR, GALLIER, ROUQUETTE, and listened for the quiet pulse that had drawn him to St. Louis No. 3. When he caught the letters BA, he stopped, his heart kicking against his ribs.

He hears the sound of his own voice, raw and demanding, the words echoing in the cathedral's vaulted silence. "What was her name? Genevieve...what?"

Dante's hands clenched into fists as he struggled with the memory. He closed hiseyes. His breathing quickened and fire flickered to life within his veins. Smoldered within his heart. He opened his eyes. Pale moonlight shafted through the thick, twisted oaks, dripped from the Spanish moss.

"Baptiste," he whispered.

You okay, little brother? Von sent.

Dante nodded. He looked at the tomb and finished reading the name chiseled into the white stone: BASTILLE. He released his breath. His hands unknotted and an emotion he couldn't name curled through him, damping the flames into embers.

Did his mother even have a grave?

A hand squeezed his shoulder and he looked up into Von's moonlit, green eyes. The nomad had shoved his El Diablo shades on top of his head.

"You sure, man? No pain? Cuz I thought I felt — "

Dante cupped Von's whisker-rough face between his hands. He brushed his lips against Von's, tasted him, whiskey and road dust, then smoothed his thumbs along the edges of the mustache framing the nomad's mouth.

"I'm good, mon ami," Dante replied. Dropping his hands, he twisted free of the nomad's grip. "And I don't need a fucking nanny."

Von extended a middle finger. Arched an eyebrow. "How about that? You need that?" Extended the finger on his other hand. "How about some more?"

"I'll take it all," Dante said, "gêné toi pas."

Dropping his El Diablos back over his eyes, Von shook his head and sighed. "Boy's hopeless as hell."


As they resumed walking the moonlit path, a hush swirled through the city of the dead, isolating it from the world beyond the wrought-iron fence like a deep black moat. The air was so still the muffled clink of the chains on Dante's leather jacket and the creak of Von's leather chaps echoed in the silence.

But beneath the hush, Dante caught the faint rhythm that had — for the last couple of weeks — filled his mind just as Sleep swept over him. Primal. Like a tribal drum beating within the earth's heart.

Like the wordless song that poured, at times, from Lucien and into him, its complicated melody meshing with the refrain of his answering song. Similar, yeah, but not the same. This rhythm reminded him of the unfamiliar song that had rung through his mind that night in Club Hell.

The night Jay had been murdered, dying as Dante had struggled to reach him.

I knew you'd come.

The same night he'd found Lucien broken and impaled on the checkered floor of St. Louis Cathedral, his wings torn, his song nothing but cooling embers. And had learned that Lucien, his closest friend, his ami intime, was something else altogether.

You look so much like her.

Pain prickled at Dante's temples. Send it below. Focus on now. Focus on here.

The song wisped into his mind again like smoke. A muted, desperate rhythm. Beckoning him. He moved, racing past whitewashed and time-weathered statues guarding tombs, standing sentinel to loss. Trees and marble monuments blurred into one flickering shadow as he picked up speed.

The song's deep-earth drumming pulsed in time with the blood flowing through his veins, increasing in intensity until he felt it resonate within his own chest. Then the sound vanished.

Dante slowed to a stop. He stood next to a tomb marked BARONNE. And crouched beside it, holding a bouquet dead and dried, its wings curved forward, mouth wide-open, was a stone angel.

The one rumored on the streets to have appeared in the cemetery overnight.

Magic, some said. Gris-gris, others believed. A sign.

So mortals whispered, yeah.

And nightkind said nothing, their silence uneasy.

A gust of cool air smelling of leather, frost, and old motor oil fluttered his hair as Von stopped beside him. "Well, there ya go," the nomad said. "Weird-ass hoodoo shit."

"Ain't just hoodoo shit, llygad," Dante murmured, his gaze on the stone angel. He felt Von step back a few paces as he took up his duties as Eye.

Observing. Safeguarding. Composing.

Candles in glass holders burned before the stone angel. The smell of vanilla and wax curled into the air. Plastic Mardi Gras beads hung from the wing tips and around the corded throat. Good luck xs chalked in blue, yellow, and pink decorated the path in front of the statue, and curled scraps of paper nestled against the taloned feet.

"One of the Fallen, looks like," Dante said. Something else Lucien hadn't bothered to mention. "And someone's turned him to fucking stone."

Dante knelt, picked up one of the pieces of paper and read it. Loa of the stone, grant me protection from evil. Keep me safe in the night. He returned the prayer to its place beside the stone foot.

He studied the squatting shape. Moonlight glimmered and sparkled like ice along faint patterns etched into the wings. But not feathered wings, no. Like Lucien's, these wings would be black and as smooth as warm velvet to the touch, the undersides streaked with purple. Waist-length hair framed the screaming face. The figure was nude, except for some kind of thick collar-bracelet twisted around the throat and a bracelet around one bicep. And most definitely male.

Von sent an image of the collar-bracelet. Torc. Celtic. Ancient.

Merci, llygad.

Moonlight illuminated a dark stain on the statue's forehead. It looked swiped on, a blood symbol of some kind, maybe a hoodoo vévé. Dante leaned forward, leather jacket creaking, and touched the stain. Residual power crackled against his fingertips like static electricity. A tiny blue flame arced in the space between his hand and the statue.

Fallen magic.

Catching a whiff of Lucien's pomegranates-and-dark-earth scent from the blood symbol, Dante pulled his hand back and regarded the angel, wondering what Lucien had done and why. To turn one of his own kind into stone...

Then he remembered Lucien's words from that night: Shield yourself. Shut it out. Promise me you won't follow.

Dante would bet anything he was looking at the reason why for that promise. Touching a finger to the collar — torc — around the angel's throat, he closed his eyes and listened. Song whispered in through his fingertips. His breath caught in his throat as his own song, chaotic and dark, answered. The stone beneath his fingers tremored like a rung bell.

Pain suddenly bit into his mind. White light strobed behind his closed eyes. Migraine storm warning. Dante opened his eyes and started to rise, then hesitated, one knee still down on the pavement. The fading song plucked at him like desperate fingers.

Promise me...

He wrapped his left hand around the angel's dead bouquet. The sun-dried stems and shriveled petals crackled beneath his fingers. Flaked away like cindered wood. Like unspoken truth.

You look so much like her.

You knew all this time? And you never said a word?

Anger swept through Dante and music pulsed white-hot at his core. He poured energy into the wasted bouquet's remains. Song, dark and driven and wild, raged through his mind, from his heart, and spiraled around the skeletal stems. Blue fire kindled in his palms and shimmered against the stone.

The cupped stone fingers now held green stems topped by tightly closed buds. But pain shafted through Dante's mind again and his rhythm shifted, blasted harsh and dissonant notes, and his song spilled away into the night.

His hand slid from the angel and he staggered up to his feet. Pain twisted through his mind, snagged his thoughts like barbed wire. He clenched his jaw. Tried to will the pain away.

Send it below.

The cemetery spun; the moonlit tombs wheeled white beneath the cypress. Blood trickled from his nose. Spattered the pavement at his feet.

Behind, he heard Von calling his name.

Within, voices whispered. Dante-angel?

Above, he heard a rush of wings.

Dante closed his eyes and touched fingers to his temples. Sweat slicked his skin. A familiar, cool touch pressed against his mind, seeking admittance. Lucien. He tightened his shields, refusing.

Fingers squeezed his shoulder. "How the hell do you do that?" Von's voice, low and tight, sounded uneasy.

Dante opened his eyes. A black-flowered and thorned bouquet swayed within the angel's stone grip as though caught in a gentle breeze. Or as if it moved on its own, dancing to the song cupped within the heart of each dark blossom.

"Fuck." He'd done it wrong. Pain throbbed behind his eyes. "Not what I intended."

"Intended or not," Von said, "that gift ain't nightkind, least not that I've ever heard. Must come from your dad's side of the family."

"Yeah, my thought too."

Von gently turned Dante around. "How's your head?" he asked.

Dante shrugged and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. Blood smeared his skin. "I'm okay."

Sliding his shades up, the nomad cocked an eyebrow and regarded him dubiously. "Uh-huh," he said, then dropped the shades back over his eyes.

Dante glanced at the stone angel and the midnight twist of flowers in its hand. "Why?" He nodded at the offerings tucked at the angel's feet. "Why do mortals pray this way? What do they hope to gain?"

Von stroked his mustache, considering. "Hard to say," he replied. "A lot of different reasons. Some might be prayers for a friend or relative who's in trouble, maybe for protection or success, or to be healed from something."

Dante's gaze returned to the candles. He stepped forward and fingered a loop of smooth beads dangling from one wing tip. "Did you do stuff like this? When you were mortal? Pray, I mean."

"No, not like this," the nomad replied. "And I never prayed to anyone, ya know? I just kinda said things that I really hoped would happen, like wishing a friend safe on a long journey or saying good-bye to one that'd died."

"Who hears the wishes and good-byes?"

"I forget you don't know this stuff." Von shook his head. "Who hears the wishes and good-byes? The speaker does," he said, voice quiet, reflective. "And you hope that what you say from the heart has power. Power to protect, power to reach the ears of the dead. A spoken thing or a wished-hard thing takes a shape within the heart, man. Takes shape. Becomes real."

"Becomes real," Dante repeated. "And the good-byes?"

"Good-byes can heal the hurt. Or at least start the healing."

This doesn't need to be good-bye.

Heather's words whispered through Dante's memory. An image of her filled his mind: Rain-beaded red hair, black trenchcoat, cornflower-blue eyes, she'd looked into him with her steady gaze. She was a fed, yeah, but a woman of heart and steel too. He remembered telling her: Run from me.

She had and now she was safe.

From him, maybe. But was she safe from the Bureau? She'd uncovered a nasty secret in D.C. Now she was caught between the truth and a hard fucking place. She was on her own in Seattle, without backup.

But not for long.

The West Coast leg of the tour ended with two gigs in Seattle followed by two weeks of downtime before the tour picked up again. Trey had already ferreted Heather's address, had teased it free from the Seattle DMV's online records with a deft touch.

Easier than rolling a tourist on Bourbon Street, Tee-Tee.

Dante let go of the Mardi Gras necklace, the beads clicking against the stone wing, and turned to face Von. "You got paper? A pen?"

Von frowned. "Fuck, I dunno." He patted his jacket pockets, leather creaking with his movement. "I hope you ain't planning on me taking dictation." He pulled a Bic pen from an inside pocket.

Dante took the pen, holding it between the fingers of his left hand as the nomad fished a wadded-up receipt out of his front jeans pocket and handed it to him.

Kneeling on the pavement in front of the stone angel, Dante smoothed the crumpled piece of paper against his leather-clad thigh. His pulse raced as he scrawled his prayer on the receipt, wondering if it had the power to protect, the power to reach the ears of the dead.

Dante folded the piece of paper, then raised it to his lips and kissed it. Blood from his nose dotted the prayer with dark color. He laid it at the angel's taloned feet among all the other paper prayers and chalk wishes.

Dante stood, glanced at Von. Wondered at the expression on his face, shadowed and a little sad. A smile touched the nomad's mustache-framed lips as he took his pen back and tucked it away again.

"You ready, little brother?" he asked, voice low.

"What time does the plane leave?"

"In about two hours."

Dante nodded. "Let's go."

A sudden gust of vanilla- and wax-scented air blew Dante's hair into his eyes. The candles flickered wildly and a few dimmed to blue, then died. Von's gaze shifted up and his brow furrowed. Dante's muscles knotted. Pain pulsed at his temples. He saw his own tension mirrored in the nomad's face.

Hoped we'd slip away without a scene. But maybe I need to play this out.

"Child, wait." Lucien's deep voice resonated from the sky above.

Pushing his hair back with both hands, Dante drew in a deep breath, swiveled around, and watched as Lucien descended from the star-flecked night, black wings stroking gracefully through the air.

Dressed only in expensive black slacks, Lucien De Noir touched bare feet to the flagstones bordering the Baronne tomb. His wings flared once more before folding behind him, their tips arching above his head. He straightened to his full six-eight height, his black hair spilling over his tight-muscled shoulders to his waist. His handsome face was composed, watchful. Gold light glimmered in the depths of his eyes.

"Wait, huh?" Dante shifted his weight to one hip and crossed his arms over his chest. "Give me one fucking reason why."

"You can't go on tour."

"That's a command, not a reason. And fuck you."

"You're not well. Your control slips more every day. You're dangerous."

Fire blazed to life, fused with the pain in Dante's head, the ache within his heart. "Fuck you twice," he said, voice low and strained.

Lucien's face remained impassive, but tendrils of his black hair lifted as though breeze-caught. "You know I speak the truth."

"Wow." Dante's gaze locked with Lucien's. "Is that like a first for you?"

A muscle jumped in Lucien's jaw. Shifting his attention to Von, he said, "I need to speak alone with my son."

You want me to stay? Play referee? Von sent.

No, I'm cool. Don't worry. I'll meet you at the bike.

Your nose is still bleeding, little brother.

"Merde," Dante muttered, wiping his nose against the sleeve of his jacket.

Von studied him for another moment before nodding. "Okay. See you in a few." He walked down the path past moon-washed crypts to the cemetery gates. "Play nice, you two," he called over his shoulder.

"I didn't lie to you," Lucien said, voice tight.

"D'accord, you didn't lie. But you kept the fucking truth from me and that's the same as lying. Happy now?"

"How can I be when your search for the truth is tearing you apart?"

"My problem, not yours. Stay outta my business."

"Impossible. You are my business!"

"Fuck you! I ain't your business, never was!" Pain fractured Dante's vision, throbbed at his temples. Blood trickled hot from his nose. "We were friends, remember?"

Lucien looked away. His fingers reached for the pendant that no longer hung at the base of his throat — the rune for friendship, for partnership, that Dante had given him — then closed into a fist. Dante wasn't sure when Lucien had lost the pendant or how, but its loss seemed somehow karmic to him.

"I made a mistake, one I regret," Lucien said, returning his gaze to Dante's. Amber fire flared in his eyes. "But I refuse to keep apologizing."

"I never asked for a fucking apology." Rubbing his temples, Dante closed his eyes. Nothing looked right. Blurry. Distorted. "And I ain't asking for one now either. Quit pushing! Leave me the fuck alone so I can find what I'm looking for. I need the truth or the past will always control me."

"The truth is never what you hope it will be, Dante. And the cost is always higher than you imagine. Much higher," Lucien said, his deep voice as low as a sigh. "I thought I could keep you safe in silence. I thought I could hide you, help you heal from all the damage done to you."

Dante opened his eyes and lowered his hands. Safe in silence?

"I thought I could contain your song or at least muffle it so it couldn't be heard." Lucien closed the distance between them with one long stride. His dark-earth scent curled around Dante. "But I was wrong."

Dante straightened, suddenly uneasy — something he'd never felt with Lucien before. "Hide me? From who? Are you talking about Bad Seed?"

"I didn't know Bad Seed even existed. No, I hid you from others. Powerful others who would use you without mercy."

"Others...like him?" Dante nodded at the stone angel hunched on the path.

Lucien's gaze flicked to the statue, resting for a moment on the flowers swaying in its hand, then back to Dante. "Yes, like Loki. I trapped him to protect you."

"Yeah?" Dante questioned softly. "From what?"

"The Fallen."

Lucien's golden gaze pierced Dante to the core, iced his heart. "What the hell are you talking about? Why would I need protection from them?"

"You aren't merely True Blood and Fallen, child. You're much more."

"And that is...?"

"Creawdwr." A reverent note sounded in Lucien's voice. Pride gleamed in his eyes. "You're a Maker. The only one in existence."

A chill rippled down the length of Dante's spine. He looked at the bouquet bobbing in Loki's hand. "Is that why I can do shit like this?"

"Yes. You can create anything and everything. Your song carries the chaos rhythm of life. And you can unmake, as well."

Dante's memory flipped back. The center. Johanna Moore screams as his song pulls her apart, divides her into elements...

Dante returned his gaze to Lucien, his hands curling into fists. "And how long have you known this? That I was a...Maker?"

"From the first moment I met you," Lucien admitted quietly. "Your song, your anhrefncathl drew me. Just like it drew Loki. Just like it will eventually draw the rest of the Elohim. Unless I teach you — "

"Forget it. No," Dante said, throat tight, heart pounding out a furious rhythm. "Instead of pretending to be my friend, you shoulda told me the fucking truth! Shoulda offered to teach me then. Now's a little late."

Pain prickled behind Dante's eyes and suddenly it was as if he was looking through a shattered window as Lucien's image fractured and multiplied. Alarm flickered across Lucien's now diamond-faceted face. "Child...?"

Something abruptly shifted inside Dante, something long broken, carving into his mind with white light and molten pain. The world spun, the stars streaking the night with gossamer ribbons of light, and he felt himself falling, tumbling down, down, down as memory sheared up, sharp and slick and edged with whispers.

You wanna take her punishment, p'tit? D'accord, take it if you so hellfire eager.

He's quiet now. Take him down.

Little fucking psycho.

Pain wrenched Dante apart and his vision winked out in an explosion of incandescent light —

Wings rustled.

Dante tasted blood, pomegranate-tart and heady. Felt heated flesh against his cheek. He opened his eyes and looked up into Lucien's shadowed face. He tried to remember where he was and why he was cradled in Lucien's lap, held tight within his arms. Lucien's wings curved forward and purple-tinged darkness folded around them, creating a warm shelter smelling of dark earth and green leaves, of wing musk.

"I was falling..." Dante said, then stopped, uncertain. Or had that been a dream?

"Shhh, mon fils. You're safe. Rest." Gold motes danced in Lucien's dark eyes.

"You need morphine, little brother?" Von asked, voice pitched low.

Ice frosted the base of Dante's spine. There were only two reasons Von would spike him full of dope. Migraine or...

Another fucking seizure.

"No, mon ami." The lingering taste of Lucien's blood on Dante's tongue, his lips, told him why red-hot pain wasn't needling his joints and muscles, why he wasn't sapped of strength. "Did you give me blood? Or did I jump you?"

A smile quirked up the corners of Lucien's mouth. "I gave."

"Merci," Dante murmured. He felt Lucien gently tapping against their closed bond, urging him to reopen the link. Shaking his head, he pushed free of Lucien's embrace. As he rolled to his knees, kneeling within the circle of Lucien's wings, the where and why suddenly poured into his mind like water from a broken levee.

The cemetery.

I tried to keep you safe in silence.

The bead-draped stone angel.

Yes, like Loki.


Dante's hands clenched into fists on his leather-clad thighs as his rage reignited. He met and held Lucien's gleaming gaze.

To Von he sent, How long was I down? Did we miss our flight

Only a few minutes. We're good to go — if you still wanna.

I wanna.

Lucien's wings swept back and folded behind him. He uncrossed his legs, rising to his feet in one smooth motion. "You are ill, Dante, and hurt. You need time to heal."

Dante stood. "Don't tell me what I need."

A muscle ticked in Lucien's jaw. "Let the past go. Cancel the tour and let me teach you what you need to keep safe."

"No." Dante turned and headed down the path, his fingernails biting into his palms.

"The Fallen will find you, one night," Lucien said quietly.

"And, if I'm not with you to prevent it, they will bind you." Dante paused on the path. Deep inside, wasps droned. "If they find me, they ain't binding me," he said, his voice low and taut. "They're gonna hafta kill me."

"Not if, Dante. When."

"Peut-être que oui, peut-être que non. Same ending."

"Not if I can help it."

"You ain't got a say," Dante said, his throat almost too tight for speech. "And we're done here." He moved, racing down the path, the night streaking past in a blue-white ribbon, the smells of moss and weathered marble deep in his lungs.

A few moments later, astride Von's Harley, his hands on the nomad's hips, the wind cold against his face, Dante wondered if Lucien followed. Wondered if any of the Fallen followed. Wondered if Lucien had finally given him the truth.

I hid you from others. Powerful others who would use you without mercy.

The Fallen will find you. And bind you.

No, they wouldn't. Not ever. Not unless they knew how to bind a corpse.

One way or another, he would be free — his life, his own.

Dante glanced up. The sky was empty but for stars and moon and pale streamers of clouds. Nothing winged above. Not that he could see. And the Harley's deep-throated rumble swallowed any sound he might hear.

Like a rush of wings.Copyright © 2009 by Adrian Phoenix

Meet the Author

Adrian Phoenix lives in Oregon with her three cats and travels to New Orleans whenever possible.

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In the Blood (Maker's Song Series #2) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 63 reviews.
ReadingVixen67 More than 1 year ago
This series really racks up the suspense in book 2, "In the Blood." Dante, a True Blood vampire AND half-fallen (Angel), is going through some crazy stuff. He cannot remember his past. Every time he does, his nose bleeds, and he goes through seizures that sometimes cause weird things to happen. And some of the things that happen in THIS book, especially near the end, will have you asking, "Holy crap! What the heck just happened???" Unbelievable suspense, intricate guessing games...In the Blood will leave you wondering exactly how many people are out for Dante's blood!
JC_Rubio More than 1 year ago
OMG!!! OMG!!! I could not get enough. There is really no words to describe how good this book is. Ms. Phoenix sure takes the charaters and the story line to a whole new level. There are so many twists and turns you do not expect, the intrigues, suspense and everything happening to the main charaters are unbelivable. Everyone is after everybody in this book, specially after Dante. You can try to figure it out and anticipate but you will lose, the plot is layered so deeply that if you blink you may miss out. I highly recomend you read book one before you start In the Blood.
Yvette4 More than 1 year ago
This book is chock full of intriguing plot twists and weaves the in-depth characters into life. There is so much going on that you never want the book to end. Adrian Phoenix is my new hero! She makes my list of favorite authors. It's on to the next in this series. I love this book!
kitkat3ny More than 1 year ago
Wow, this installment was fantastic! Heather and Dante reconnect and their bond is stronger than ever! There was a lot going on but everything tied into each other nicely. Turns out, Dante¿s childhood programming and abuse go all the way to the top. Many people have seen the dvd footage of how Dante ¿unmade¿ Joanna Moore in the last book. Several people are now pursuing him for their own devious needs. In the middle of all this, The FBI has decided to capture and study Heather for proof of the healing Dante had performed on her, without using his Nightkind blood. Slowly Dante¿s fragile mental state is unraveling and he is quickly reaching his breaking point. Heather seems to be the one constant that can calm and focus him. We finally get to meet Annie, Heather¿s troubled sister. We also learn more about Heather¿s parents and the death of her mom. The Fallen have captured Lucien and are aware that there is a new Maker on earth. Their goal for the Maker seems to be similar to the humans; captivity, use and torture. Dante¿s mental wall of pain and confusion seems to be crumbling and he is learning more about his past and those who were party to his programming. I won¿t go into too much more detail, but suffice it to say, Dante finally get¿s a chance to wield some revenge. Adrian did a nice job of weaving the different sides of the story into each other. I highly recommend this book and series. I also look forward to the next book Beneath the Skin.
Anna76 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book of the Nightkind/Fallen series. I enjoyed it just as much as the first, A Rush of Wings. There are really three story lines going on that all lead to Dante.... The Bureau/Conspiracy, The Fallen and then the relationship between Heather and Dante. At first I wasn't sure I was gonna read the second book. But I was really captivated by Heather and Dante in the first book, things were kinda left open at the end. I had to to find out what happens to them. They are what will keep me reading the books to come. There were a few parts that were hard to get through, but other than that it was a good story.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In New Orleans, vampire rock star Dante Baptiste used his music to save the life of FBI agent Heather Wallace (see A RUSH OF WINGS). However soon afterward, the Nightkind rocker learns a shocker about his origins. Besides being a True Blood born vampire, his father is Lucien a fallen angel.
Lucien DeNoir realizes his Fallen brethren probably heard the song played by his son and his band when he saved the Fed; and like him they also realize a new creawdwr was born. His theory proves right as the Fallen ones meet in Gehenna, believing their savior has arrived. Lucien knows who the Fallen believe the savior is and is willing to die to keep that person safe from his peers.
In Seattle, Dante and his band the Inferno are performing. Heather, who realizes her beloved FBI is corrupt and evil, is also in town. In the meantime a deep covert government agency wants to kill Dante and Heather as part of their plan to eliminate anyone associated with Project Bad Seed while someone else plans to use the rocker with his feet in two realms as an expendable pawn for avenging a seemingly eternal affront.
IN THE BLOOD continues the saga of Dante and Heather and though they have left the south for the northwest, the atmosphere remains dark and gloomy. Betrayal is the norm as the lead pair learns no one has your back because everyone has an agenda whether they are Fallen, Nightkind, Feds, or others. With multiple layers involving various support groups focused mostly on the brooding Dante, he and Heather struggles to survive in Adrian Phoenix¿s extremely complex well written urban fantasy world.
Harriet Klausner

Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series! I'm in love with Dante and can't wait to read the whole series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NOLA-D More than 1 year ago
Love this series - can't wait to start the next one. I live in New Orleans and I felt like Ms. Phoenix got the flavor of my city right on. Dante's tragic young life sets the stage for increasing volatility as each of the books in the series progresses. I can only home that good endings ultimately come from this series as I hope the characters continue to appear in Ms. Phoenix's books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fantastic book, fantastic series. Love all the characters and the storyline is one of a kind. I dont understand how anyone woulndt love this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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