Indiscretion: Volume One

Indiscretion: Volume One

3.9 14
by Elisabeth Grace

F*ck and chuck. Pump and dump. Hit it and quit it. One night stand. Didn’t matter how I branded it—that’s all she had wanted it to be. That much was clear when she left me with my pants down and my dick still out.

What she hadn’t counted on was fate intervening and our worlds colliding—again.

The day I showed back up in the


F*ck and chuck. Pump and dump. Hit it and quit it. One night stand. Didn’t matter how I branded it—that’s all she had wanted it to be. That much was clear when she left me with my pants down and my dick still out.

What she hadn’t counted on was fate intervening and our worlds colliding—again.

The day I showed back up in the life of Chloe Griffins, I knew I had to have her again. My body was hungry for another taste. Like an addict, I’d been craving another hit for months, and there she was—flesh and bone, tits and ass.

The fact that she worked for the competition should’ve been reason enough for me to leave her alone. I had a job to do that summer and f*cking Chloe wasn’t part of it. But I was like a man possessed.

I’d do whatever it took to have her again.


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Indiscretion , #1
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Indiscretion: Volume One 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RoxyKade More than 1 year ago
Wow!! What a way to introduce these two amazing characters!! The chemistry between them was quite explosive from the very first second they laid eyes on each other and things only heated up from there. The fact that Chloe and Max were from different worlds and that they were in many ways rivals gave this story a star-crossed lovers feel, although this only really became a factor later on in the serial. Volume one was a fun, light read with Chloe fighting against her attraction for Max, and Max pursuing what he wanted – Chloe.  I loved the little cat and mouse game between them, as Max slowly broke down Chloe’s walls until she could no longer deny what was between them. There were times when I felt like certain scenarios were added as an afterthought, or just for the purpose of upping the drama in this story, when they could have been omitted. Overall, this was a great start to this serial and I’m excited to see where Chloe and Max’s “fling” leads them.
TheAutumnReview More than 1 year ago
The Indiscretion Series was my introduction to Elisabeth Grace's books and as a whole I enjoyed it. I was lucky to have all four volumes on hand, so I didn't have to wait between each release. Honestly, I'm not sure I would have continued on if I hadn't had all the books in the series. I did read the first two right away and made the decision to see it through and in the end, I'm glad that I did. Volume Three was my favorite in the series, but each one held a piece of the puzzle that kept me interested.  What worked for me: ~The chemistry between Max and Chloe was great. They were sexy and fun. I also just enjoyed their easy banter. It was clear to me from the beginning that this couple had the potential to be something really good.  ~I liked seeing them fall in love despite having certain challenges in their way. They're both in real estate development and essentially became rivals. I liked that there was a background story about why their "bosses" were at odds with each other. It was more than just a business transaction, it was personal.  ~The sex was pretty great. I read a lot of erotic romance and some authors have what it takes to make me melt and others...just write sex. Grace can write some really great sex. There were quite a few times that I felt a bit flushed. That said, I would venture that she could even push her limits a bit further. Especially since this was an erotic series. But still, I was pleased.  What didn't work for me: (may contain slight spoilers) ~I was really digging the suspense aspect of the story and as it played out, I was really disappointed. It was wrapped up quickly and easily. I was left feeling like "Why even add that into the story?" ~In Volume Four, Max is dealt a pretty rough hand. Now, I liked it, but I was also taken by surprise with the direction the series went in. I was happy with the result of this "issue", but I would have liked to have seen more regarding Max's surprising news.  ~The last thing I wanted to mention was that I didn't really feel like Max's history about his brother needed to be added into the story. I understood that there needed to be a reason for the discord in his family, but seemed abrupt.  ~I think with all these issues combined, you may see a pattern. Overall, I felt that there were parts of the story that were a bit all over the place. I would have been happy with the work conflict and expanding Max's critical issue at the end. Those two issues would have presented enough conflict for me as a reader to keep my interest.  Overall, I did enjoy it as a whole. Volume Three was my favorite. It had the best flow and I loved the character development. It was also the sexiest volume, in my opinion. Am I glad I read it? Yes, I am. I really am glad that I stuck with it. I enjoyed the characters and I was in need of a sexy, so this certainly fit the bill! If you are a fan of serials and are in need of a sexy...check this one out! Favorite Quote: ~"Every time I look at you, it's like the first time I saw you, and I thank my lucky stars all the time that we met. I can't imagine being apart from you again. I want you beside me every day-forever. Hell, forever won't be long enough."
THHernandez More than 1 year ago
3-1/2 Stars. Indiscretion is a series of novellas that tell the story of Chloe and Max. Volume 1 introduces the characters to each other as well as the reader, and lets us get to know them, what they want, and more importantly, what they don’t want — strings. The two meet at a nightclub in New York where Max is alone, and Chloe is helping her best friend celebrate her last days of freedom at a bachelorette party. A steamy tryst leads to embarrassment for Chloe and she disappears without another word. Things get interesting when Max stumbles on Chloe in her hometown and discovers they’re business rivals in  competing housing developments in the small town of Bar Harbor, Maine. But like a bad house guest, sexual chemistry cannot be ignored and they agree to enter into a physical relationship with no emotional ties, and it seems to be exactly what they both need. Plot While Volume 1 does a good job of setting up the story, introducing the characters and the conflict, I felt like something was lacking and it took me until I was well into Volume 2, to figure out what that was. And I also realized I didn’t feel invested in either of the characters. It’s not because they’re unlikeable, but more like I didn’t really know them. There are hints in Volume 1 of what each character cares for, but it isn’t until Volume 2 that I really felt like I understood why. But the sexual tension is palpable, the sex scenes are steamy, the dialogue is witty, and the story moves. Characters I didn’t really get a true sense of the characters in Volume 1, but because Elisabeth Grace really digs into that in the second book, I’m okay with it being somewhat lacking in the first. Both Chloe and Max come across as a little superficial at first, but toward the end of the the book, we begin to see something more substantial in both of them. Bottom Line It’s a decent opening for the series. At 73 pages, there’s only so much the author can accomplish. She sets the stage, introduces the characters, builds the conflict and left me wanting to pick up Volume 2, so I say, mission accomplished. Disclaimer I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is only a teaser, not an entire book as is implied. I was quite disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A 70 page free teaser on a series of stories about a hard-working sister-raising woman that meets a man at an exclusive club with private rooms in New York City. Explicit sex scenes and language with the angst of attraction and shame. This little tale ends in a definite cliffhanger of danger. Will not be purchasing the next in a probable series of short stories all with cliffhanger endings so you need to purchase the next to get a complete story maybe. The writing style is good but don't need to pay for a mind .
BecsL More than 1 year ago
Indiscretion is a fun and sexy read that had me from the very first page. Elisabeth Grace absolutely out-did herself with this serial. Max and Chloe’s story is smart, witty and scorching. I could relate to Chloe immediately and knew she was just the type of heroine I adore. She is strong, sassy and intelligent and she knows what she wants and how to get it. Max about did me in. He is hot, successful and exudes confidence. From the moment Chloe sees him you can feel the temperature rising in the room. The sexual tension between these two is electric and Elisabeth makes sure you feel every bit of it. Elisabeth continues to impress me with her storytelling skills and her divine character building capabilities. She has me hooked on this story and invested in the characters already. The ending to volume 1 left me thinking, “what the hell? Where is volume 2??” Which is always an excellent sign. I can’t wait for volume 2 to see where Max and Chloe are headed next.
SBMorales More than 1 year ago
First I have to say that Contemporary Romance isn't my favorite genre. Saying that, this book was so good!!! It got my attention right from the start and I couldn't put it down. It was so hot, sensual, and sexy as hell!! I just fell in love with Max Richfield and wanted to just slap Chloe. You have a man like Max paying attention to you, you need to jump! He's so passionate and considerate. He knows what he wants and goes after it. He makes me swoon! I am so excited to read the next installment! I will be following this series to the end.
MiasPointOfView More than 1 year ago
Indiscretion Vol 1 is amazing!! It is very intriguing, attractive and extremely appealing!  It’s the perfect beginning to a story, especially since the story will be written in 4 volumes. It’s very hard to write such a compelling story in just 73 pages. The author has to introduce the characters and present the story in a way that would charm the readers , by giving them something amazing and holding back at the same time. However, Elisabeth Grace’s writing seems effortless!  The story progresses so beautifully and the characters’ personalities are slowly revealed. It’s intriguing, interesting and so very wonderful!! Chloe is a truly amazing woman. What she went through didn’t weaken her, but built her up. She is a strong, independent woman with a huge golden heart. I loved her character, in fact! She’s loyal, loving, sweet, but she’s also fierce, strong-minded and outspoken. She radiates warmth and sensitivity, but I don’t ever want to be the one who makes her mad. I have a feeling she will tear that person down.  Max is a handsome, intelligent man with a great sense of humour. And he has such a way with words… You can’t help but love him, as well. Despite his wealth, his upbringing isn’t as perfect as we would think. Not only the expectations are too high, but nothing seems to be enough. So, we shouldn’t judge a book from its cover, which is something that Chloe knows already. Being so wealthy has its perks, but it also can be the downfall of a person’s life. Max’s family will show that to us. The story is solid and flawless. It’s consistent and it flows beautifully. I have to say I am very impressed with Elisabeth Grace! Her story, her characters and her writing are magnificent and excellent!! I have nothing even remotely neutral to say about the book or the author. Everything is excellent! This is a series you MUST READ!! And after reading the Volume 2, I can honestly admit that this is one of the best series I have read and the story is one of my favorites, as well as Chloe and Max are one of my favorite couples of all-time. 5 Huge Golden Sparkling Stars go to Volume 1!!!! And Volume 2, actually...
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
I have never read anything by Elisabeth Grace before, but I must say I have become a fan. She writes character who are very believable. Chloe Griffins has had a hard life. Her dad has never been in the picture and her mom passed away in a car accident and she was left leave college to raise her younger sister. Now that her sister has left to go away to college, Chloe is finally able to have a life. Chloe's friend, Jackie, is getting married so the group of girls go to New York City for the bachelorette party. While they are at the bar On The Rocks, Chloe accidentally falls into the arms of a hot guy in the men's room of all places. Max wants to get to know Chloe better so he invites her to a private VIP room to talk. While talking they develop strong sexual chemistry. One thing leads to another and they end up having sex at the bar! Chloe freaks out and leaves, figuring she will never see him again. Two months later, Chloe is back to her regular life in Bar Harbor, Maine and who walks into her work place....Max! He has been thinking non-stop of her and is shocked to see her. He wants to date her while he is in town for the summer. She finally agrees to a friends with benefits arrangement. I loved their times spent together. Chloe is so straightforward and honest and I love the way she talks to Max. I love how Max has to work for Chloe. I knew there were multiple parts to the story but I didn't realize this would end with a cliffhanger! I'm not the most patient person having to wait for the next part! :) Overall, I really like this storyline. The characters are well developed and very likeable. Chloe is someone I could see being friends with. Max is someone I could see dating! I can't wait to see how this story continues!
csingh More than 1 year ago
Chloe and Max are in for a surprise when then they first meet in a night club in New York.  Max is interested in Chloe and Chloe doesn't think he could be.  Luckily she's visiting and decides to go all in with a stranger she'll never see again, or so she thinks.  I loved how hot and funny this book was.  Both Max and Chloe are great.  I felt bad for Chloe; she was so focused on being alone.  It was good to see Max shake up her world.  I liked Max.  Yes he's a player, but he's honest about it and there's always something about a guy who can't stop thinking about a good girl.  I think part of Chloe's allure for him is the fact she's doesn't know who he is and doesn't care. Elisabeth Grace did a wonderful job at letting us into Chloe and Max's lives in this installment, as well as setting us up for further drama and conflicts in following installments.  I loved the humor and the heat between them.  I think Max is going to be very good to Chloe.  I feel like even though the book ends on a cliffhanger, I'll be alright.  Especially since Vol. 2 comes out in under 2 weeks.  I can't wait to see what happens!
JessicaCall More than 1 year ago
What a great first part of a book!! I loved every second of this book! I can't wait till part 2! Max and Chloe aren't looking for "love" or "a relationship" after "running" into each other at a club in NYC trust me it's very interesting. They talk and things heat up seriously heat up and it's deliciously yummy! And well I love a good hit and run but who did it? it and find out!! Also the end is so great you will instantly search for part two because you will want to know what happens next with Max and Chloe? Oh man I'm getting it soon so quick! Get this book now cuz it's getting really good and the heat is definitely scorching hot and burning up the "!! 
mammaof3TV More than 1 year ago
What a great start to this serial!  This book had me from the start.  I really appreciated the character development of this book.  The chemistry between Max and Chloe is HOT and undeniable.  I like that both of the characters are strong and driven, though have their own personal battles.  Excellent writing that will captivate you and before you know it you are left waiting for the next installment! :)  Can't wait to see where this story goes!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this! What a great start to this serial! Chloe is in New York for her friends bachelorette party and has a steamy hook-up with a super hot and sexy stranger she meets at a club. Imagine her surprise when she runs into her one night stand months later. Max is all kinds of sexy and I love how he goes after what he wants. He's hot, rich and mysterious. I love the connection between these characters. Of course, being a serial, this one ends in a cliffhanger and I can't wait for Volume 2 to see what's going to happen! Highly recommend!