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Mix It Up!

Mix It Up!

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by Hervé Tullet, Herv Tullet
PRESS HERE, MIX IT UP! and now LET'S PLAY! Collect all three interactive books from Hervé Tullet!
Accept Hervé Tullet's irresistible invitation to mix it up in a dazzling adventure of whimsy and wonder. Follow the artist's simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish in a world powered


PRESS HERE, MIX IT UP! and now LET'S PLAY! Collect all three interactive books from Hervé Tullet!
Accept Hervé Tullet's irresistible invitation to mix it up in a dazzling adventure of whimsy and wonder. Follow the artist's simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish in a world powered only by the reader's imagination. Tullet—who joins such greats as Eric Carle and Leo Lionni as a master of his craft—sets readers on an extraordinary interactive journey all within the printed page. Tullet prompts plenty of giggles in addition to a profound understanding of colors, and once again displays his unique genius and vision in a work that is a glorious and richly satisfying companion to Press Here.

Editorial Reviews

Hervé Tullet is a French children's book who specializes in turning the experiences of reading and looking into magical adventures of wonder and playfulness. Even his titles suggest that freshness of his approaches: Press Here; The Book with a Hole; I am Blop!; Help! We Need a Title! In his latest protracted act of astonishment, he shows that colors can dazzle in unforeseen ways when mixed or splattered. A picture book that can activate any child's imagination.

Publishers Weekly
★ 07/07/2014
The opening of Tullet’s new book continues in the vein of Press Here as the narrator instructs readers to call forth swarms of multicolored thumbprints: “Tap it again. Tap, tap, tap.” This time, though, Tullet has something to teach readers. Smudges of red, yellow, and blue paint are seen on the left, with another spot of yellow on the right; all are in vivid close-up and look wet to the touch. “With one finger take a little bit of the blue... and just touch the yellow. Rub it... gently.” A page turn reveals the spot with the blue rubbed in; it’s green now, but imperfectly mixed, so the original yellow and blue are still visible. “See?” the narrator asks encouragingly. After making purple and orange, Tullet invites readers to experiment by shutting the book to combine patches of “wet” paint. “Try it again! Got it? Makes sense, doesn’t it?” Franceschelli is a talented translator, and the book’s conversational tone is an important part of its charm. It’s an effective presentation of basic color mixing, and great fun for paint lovers in places where paints can’t be used. Ages 3–5. (Sept.)
From the Publisher
"Tullet's paintings show paint texture so lusciously it's hard to remember that these are dry illustrations."--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Mr. Tullet's mischievous brilliance turns young readers into willing, laughing collaborators."-Wall Street Journal

"Lots of fun, with no messy cleanup."--The Horn Book

"Irresistible... a fun, interactive reading experience."--PBS Parents

"Invites children to find some paints and try mixing in real life."--The Horn Book

"Hervé? Tullet is something of a magician: He turns reading books into exciting, interactive play time."--Common Sense Media, five-star review

"Great fun for paint lovers in places where paints can't be used."-Publishers Weekly, starred review

"An incredibly fun introduction to the world of colors."--Woman's World

"An explosion of fun."--Babykins Magazine

"Although it is a simple idea, it is an endearing one, and in my house, an enduring one as well."--ApartmentTherapy

"'Uncompromising Expression' is a must for any hepcat."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Oh. This book is brilliant!"--Design Mom

"Tullet of Press Here fame returns with another inventive, instinctive, and interactive book."- Booklist

"Tullet applies the same ingenuity and encouraging voice to his latest offering about colors that he used to such terrific effect in Press Here."--Library Media Connection

"This is a book about mixing colors, but it's anything but ordinary."--Mix it Up!

"This highly-interactive book gives children the power to transform colors."--The Durham Herald-Sun

"This follow-up from the creator of Press Here rivals the original's genius simplicity and playfulness, teaching the properties of color along the way."--Shelf Awareness, starred review

"Teaches children about combining colors in a fun, interactive style."--Parents Magazine

"Surprisingly sophisticated invitation to mix and smoosh bright splotches of paint."--Chicago Tribune

"Rivaling an iPad for its sheer fun and interactive elements."-School Library Journal, starred review

"Will have you breaking out the finger paints."--St. Louis Post Dispatch

School Library Journal
★ 07/01/2014
PreS-Gr 1—Following up his ingenious Press Here (Chronicle, 2011), dynamic and innovative author and illustrator Tullet presents another interactive picture book, this time designed to teach children about color. Tullet shows blobs of paint on white pages and asks readers to touch their fingers to each blob to mix and create new colors. Though the book is clearly aimed at young children, even adult readers will admire this gorgeously made volume—and may find it difficult to resist physically shaking and touching the book as per the author's directions. While simple, the book's design is effective and even intricate in the details: spatters of paint adorn the sides and corners of each white spread, adding an authenticity that readers will love. The text is spare yet inviting ("Now try tilting the book to the right. What do you think will happen? Right again!"). Tullet has in the past proven himself a master at playing with the author/reader relationship, through books such as The Eyes Game (Phaidon) and Help! We Need a Title (both 2014, Candlewick), and this imaginative new work is no exception. Rivaling an iPad for its sheer fun and interactive elements, this engaging and inventive title will easily find fans.—Mahnaz Dar, School Library Journal
Kirkus Reviews
★ 2014-07-16
Who's ready to dip their fingers in the paint? The primary-colored dots from Press Here (2011) are back, but while last time they focused predominantly on motion, this time they plunge headlong into color mixing. It starts with a gray dot in the middle of a glossy white page, which the reader turns into a host of colored dots by following direct, friendly instructions. After some play, three large splotches appear: red, blue, yellow. "With one finger take a little bit of the blue… / and just touch the yellow. Rub it… gently…." The result isn't overexplained—the narrator simply says, "See?"—and, best of all, that new green blob looks exactly the way a real-life, finger-mixed result of that particular blue and yellow would look. Unmixed yellow and blue even peek out from under its edges. While the participatory nature may recall an app, nothing feels digital here; in fact, Tullet's paintings show paint texture so lusciously it's hard to remember that these are dry illustrations. Shaking the book, tilting the book sideways and closing the book "so the colors squish together" yield more color-mixing results, all temptingly textured like real paint. Fingerprints and spatters enhance the casual, welcoming vibe. As with Press Here, one-on-one reading will best serve the invited participation.Have the real paints handy. (Picture book. 3-6)

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Chronicle Books LLC
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Let's Play Games Series
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8.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.50(d)
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3 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Hervé Tullet is known for his prodigious versatility, from directing ad campaigns to designing fabric for Hermès. But his real love is working with children, for whom he has published dozens of books, including Press Here. He lives in Paris, France.

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Mix It Up 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Storywraps More than 1 year ago
Hey anybody want to play? From the creator of "Press Here" and "Mix It Up", Hervé Tullet's brand new creation "Let's Play!" takes you out of the box to discover the emotions and excitement of playing with colour and line. A kid-friendly yellow dot invites you to "Press the top corner to get me started," and you put your finger on the page! Yellow dot is the guide extraordinaire that will encourage your child not to be shy but get involved with the magic that is about to unfold. Fasten your seat belt as you play hide-in-seek in a forest of trees, enter into a dark ominous tunnel, and ssshhhhh!! tip toe up the stairs. You will be energized as you flip, turn, clap and shout za-za-zoommmm! Surprises await as the yellow dot gets animated and bounces right off the page and into your hair! Oh my! Delightful! The yellow dot teaches your child to STOP at a red light, and GO at a green light. It introduces your little one to an amazing world of wonder. It speaks to overcoming obstructions, and coming to terms with fears such as being afraid of the dark or being scared of heights. Tullet is a genius when it comes to thinking creatively and making reading come alive. He inserts many playful twists and turns to make the experience fun and unforgettable. "Let's Play!" is non-stop interplay page after page and little ones will be giggling and asking for more. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a happy book! I loved the fun ways it teaches how mixing colors make a new color. The illustrations are great.