One Night in Vegas

One Night in Vegas

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by Red Phoenix, Mari Carr
The most exciting MULTI-AUTHOR Box Set of the year--featuring BRAND-NEW STORIES from 6 of your favorite steamy romance authors.

Sinful wild will YOUR night be?

What had only one night to make your fantasies come true, and one place to do it in?
What if...that one place was the most stylish, exclusive hotel in Las


The most exciting MULTI-AUTHOR Box Set of the year--featuring BRAND-NEW STORIES from 6 of your favorite steamy romance authors.

Sinful wild will YOUR night be?

What had only one night to make your fantasies come true, and one place to do it in?
What if...that one place was the most stylish, exclusive hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada?

A group of your favorite spicy romance authors have let their imaginations run wild with these answers and more...

Winner Takes All by Mari Carr: will Noah and Hollie choose fame over forever? Or will they claim an even bigger prize?

Stud Poker by Red Phoenix: Brad Anderson, newly appointed headmaster of the Submissive Training Center and cowboy at heart, honors a bet to scene with the shy redhead, Shey Allen--but the handsome Dom will be risking far more than a sleepless night.

WILD Card by Angel Payne: One night. The man of her dreams. A wild card worth playing, or an invitation to the biggest disaster of them all?

Hard Hand by Sierra Cartwright: For years, Avery Fisher had been intrigued by the handsome, powerful Cole Stewart. Now hidden behind a mask at a glittery ball, she gains the confidence to be someone she's not--but by the end of the night, Cole will demand she reveal everything.

Sin City Submission by Jenna Jacob: With one sexy dare after another, Quinn MacKinnon thrusts Ava Gibbs into an extraordinary sensual journey. Can he persuade the her to surrender and become the submissive of his dreams?

No Lucky Number by Victoria Blue: Can Drake Newland and Fletcher Ford convince Talia Perizkova that a three-way relationship could really fit into her world?

Don't miss your chance to read these six stories of passion, desire, and need at a very special pre-order price!

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One Night in Vegas 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Tanchi 12 months ago
OMG !!!!! I may need a month to come around from this hotness !!!! HARD HAND indeed is the hardest, hottest thing I have read. Sierra, you keep surprising me, and believe me when I tell you, with all I have read, its not an easy thing to do !!!! well done Its a story like no other - Cole and Avery. A mask set in place and pink champagne as liquid courage to a chance encounter, a Dom with a hard hand and a demanding setlist, and a sub who never truly got the be who she is,who she needs to be ... you have magic happening in the words before you. § ... There was something incredibly powerful about compelling a submissive to meet his gaze. But when his little sub did, he wondered who was truly enslaved by whom. He wanted her as badly as she obviously wanted him...§ I just couldn't put it down till I got to the bottom of this sizzling chaos. Cause where there is so much passion and love, there is bound to be chaos (cause we are women, and it would be boring otherwise). § ... She knew he was playing a sinful game of semantics she could never win...This man tested everything she knew about BDSM ... § Sierra has captivated me with the characters that at first seem simple and plain but as the situation progresses and the emotions are running high, you see all the complexity and the vulnerability of each and it slowly clicks together, non-intentionally. and that's what lights the final spark - demanding honesty from yourself first. it is a interesting way of writing a story cause at the same time Sierra shows what we all know Dom/sub is supposed to be, and at the same time she letting the soft side, the one that we don't speak of, come out and give us a peak that a Dom is also a human (!!!! shocking, I know!!!) with feelings, and fears :) and its hard for them to admit what they need, and want. I enjoyed this very much, the characters, the setting, the struggle, the dynamic of the story and all of the little quirks that Sierra throws in to keep us on our toes. She did go a bit rougher then usual, but it was just what the doctor prescribed !!!
Andrea_Logophile 11 months ago
I was given a copy of Sierra Cartwright's, Hard Hand to read first. Let me just say that I totally relate to the way that Avery goes about things. Behind a mask, she can be whoever she wants and has the courage to do so. Little does she know, Cole could spot her in a room filled with thousands but he decides to let her think she has him fooled.. for now. I'll let you find out for yourself how this story ends. It is not to disappoint. I bought the entire set now. I can't wait to read all the others!
Anonymous 11 months ago
LOVED it!!! These ladies sure know how to make it HOT and SEXY but in the best ways possible! Cant wait to read more about the secretive Mr. Nyte and all of the hotel employees!! A must read for any fan of the 6 sensational authors!!
skyhy 11 months ago
All these stories were fantastic. If you have not read any of these authors then you are missing out. Read and then pull all series by these authors they rock!!!!!!!! I am an avid reader and I love them all!
Anonymous 11 months ago
This book showcases 6 stories all set in the same hotel in Vegas. These 6 stories won't let you down they are beyond hot. Winner Take All by Mari Carr Noah is a chef who is a finalist on cooking show along with Hollie Mills . They have a great on air chemistry . They are put in the same hotel room because they have the same fantasy. That takes them on a hot BDSM ride. They are torn because of the show, who will win? Will they walk way ? Stud Poker by Red Phoenix. Master Anderson is on his was to LA to be head master at Submissive Training Center . He stops for a night of no women,he even books a male masseusse. He meets Shey Allen when his masseusse is called away and she steps in ashis masseusse. They end up playing a game of poker that is bet with questions and wants not money. By the end of the story I am hoping she will leave her job and family behind. Their chemistry is off the charts hot! Wild Card by Angel Payne. Jen Thorne is at the Nyte Hotel for her BBF wedding. Who happens to be there too, her crush Sam Mackenna , he is a hot scottish day dream , wet dream come true in a kilt even.... yum .. Hard Hand by Sierra Cartwright. Avery Fisher is a submissive who is afraid to approach the dom of her dreams Cole Stewart ,she even fled and moved to Vegas . While attending her aunt's masquerade birthday party she decided to go for it since she could hide behind the mask. Cole agrees to scene with her hoping she will be truthful with him. She doesn't realise he knows who she is already. Their scene is beyond hot. Will Avery come clean with Cole or walk away? Sin City Submission by Jenna Jacobs Wow just wow !!!! This is part of Doms of Genesis series . Quinn and Ava have been in a relationship both at work and pleasure. Quinn feels like he has become stale in relationship and needs to push their boundaries . You know they love each you can feel their chemistry. During their time at the Nyte hotel Ava starts to think Quinn doesn' t want her anymore. He helps her to get out of her head and give over to her submission. To give her trust over to him. This is one HOT STORY !!!! No Lucky Number by Victoria Blue. This story is about Drake,Fletcher and Talia . They are at the Nyte for a convention .Drake and Fletcher are business partners who like to share and Talia works for them and they have their sights set on her. Talia is attracted to both men but due to her upbringing she is fighting the attraction. Her last boyfriend did a number to heart and her self confidence . What she is unaware of is they want more than one night with her. Will she give in and trust her heart ? These six stories are well written and leave you wanting more. I would love to see the authors write a story about the mysterious Mr. Nyte.
badkat17us 12 months ago
There are 6 steamy, hot, romantic, short reads in this box set. There is plain old romance, bdsm, and more. I really liked all the stories in this box set. I love the Doms of Genesis series and was so happy to have a short in this set. Some of them I wish I could read more about like the last story in the set. I can’t say enough about this set and the authors. This set is a must read. Every story was hot and steamy in its own way. The stories all fit perfectly together and all took place at the Nyte hotel in Las Vegas. The Nyte hotel seems to be a place where any fantasy you have can come true. I feel like there could be a whole series just about the hotel and its employees. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
aimz1972 12 months ago
WOW.... I read Hard Hand by Sierra Cartwright and feel in love with Cole and Avery. It's amazing how just hiding behind a mask can bring courage you may otherwise not have. She knew Cole from Colorado which she left 6 months ago as they had been at some of the same BDSM parties. She is now living in Las Vegas working with her great-aunt and she spots Cole from across the room. Now with anonymity she has the courage to approach Cole for one night. The question is will it happen at all, will it be enough, or too much... This was another awesome story by Sierra! I can't wait to read the rest.