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Role Development In Professional Nursing Practice / Edition 3

Role Development In Professional Nursing Practice / Edition 3

by Kathleen Masters

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ISBN-10: 1449691501

ISBN-13: 9781449691509

Pub. Date: 01/07/2013

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice, Third Edition examines the progression of the professional nursing role and provides students with a solid foundation for a successful career. This essential resource includes recommendations from current research and utilizes a comprehensive competency model as its framework.

Key Features:
* Incorporates the


Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice, Third Edition examines the progression of the professional nursing role and provides students with a solid foundation for a successful career. This essential resource includes recommendations from current research and utilizes a comprehensive competency model as its framework.

Key Features:
* Incorporates the Nurse of the Future (NOF): Nursing Core Competencies, based on the AACN’s Essentials of Baccalaureate Education, the IOM’s Future of Nursing Report, and QSEN competencies, throughout the text
* “Competency Boxes” highlight knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) required of the professional nurse
* Includes new case studies and content congruent with recommendations from the Carnegie Foundation and the Institute of Medicine

• Provides updated information on evidence-based research, informatics, legal issues, the healthcare delivery system, and future directions

Accompanied by Instructor Resources:
* Save time with a Test Bank and sample syllabi
* Encourage critical thinking using sample professional development assignments
* Plan classroom lectures using PowerPoint Presentations created for each chapter

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Table of Contents

Preface xv

Contributors xvii

Unit I Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice 1

1 A History of Health Care and Nursing Karen Saucier Lundy 3

Classical Era 3

Middle Ages 8

The Renaissance 9

The Advancement of Science and Health of the Public 10

The Emergence of Home Visiting 11

The Reformation 11

The Dark Period of Nursing 12

Early Organized Health Care in the Americas: A Brave New World 13

The Chadwick Report and the Shattuck Report 13

The Industrial Revolution 14

John Snow and the Science of Epidemiology 16

And Then There Was Nightingale… 16

Early Nursing Education and Organization in the United States 27

The Evolution of Nursing in the United States: The First Century of Professional Nursing 28

The New Century: An Era of Managed Care and Healthcare Reform 40

The Nurse of the Future 41

Conclusion 42

References 43

2 Framework for Professional Nursing Practice Kathleen Masters 47

Overview of Selected Nursing Theories 49

Relationship of Theory to Professional Nursing Practice 79

Conclusion 80

References 83

3 Philosophy of Nursing Mary W. Stewart 89

Philosophy 90

Early Philosophy 91

Paradigms 93

Beliefs 94

Values 96

Developing a Personal Philosophy of Nursing 100

Conclusion 102

References 103

4 Foundations of Ethical Nursing Practice Karen Rich Janie B. Butts 105

Ethics in Everyday Life 106

Bioethics 106

Nursing Ethics 107

Moral Reasoning 107

Values in Nursing 108

Ethical Theories and Approaches 109

Professional Ethics and Codes 114

Ethical Analysis and Decision Making in Nursing 117

Conclusion 122

References 122

5 Social Context of Professional Nursing Rowena W. Elliott Mary W. Stewart 125

Public Image of Nursing 126

Media's Influence 128

The Gender Gap 130

Cultural and Ethnic Diversity 133

Access to Health Care 136

Trends 140

Conclusion 152

Web Resources 152

References 152

6 Education and Socialization to the Professional Nursing Role Melanie Gilmore 157

Professional Nursing Values 158

Socialization Process 159

Reality Shock 162

Facilitating the Transition to Professional Practice 163

Conclusions: Reflective Professional Practice 164

References 164

Career Management and Care of the Professional Self Luann M. Daggett 167

Occupation vs. Career 168

Common Myths and Misconceptions 169

Setting Personal Goals 170

Career Management Strategies 173

Maximizing Your Visibility 177

Networking 179

Mentoring 180

Evaluating Your Performance 181

Coping with Adversity 184

Commitment to the Profession 185

Commitment to Ourselves 187

Conclusion 191

References 192

Unit II Professional Nursing Practice and the Management of Patient Care 194

8 The Healthcare Delivery System and the Role of the Professional Nurse Sharon Vincent 195

Healthcare Delivery System 196

Nursing Models of Patient Care 199

Role of the Professional Nurse 203

Continuous Quality Improvement 210

Conclusion 214

References 214

9 Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment in Professional Nursing Jill Rushing 217

What Is Critical Thinking? 218

Characteristics of Critical Thinking 220

What Are the Characteristics of a Critical Thinker? 222

Approaches to Developing Critical Thinking Skills 223

Why Is Critical Thinking Important in Nursing Practice? 230

Conclusion 232

References 234

10 Evidence-Based Professional Nursing Practice Kathleen Masters 235

Evidence-Based Practice: What Is It? 235

Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice 237

Strategies to Promote Evidence-Based Practice 237

Searching for Evidence 238

Evaluating the Evidence 240

Using the Evidence 242

Models of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 243

Conclusion 246

References 247

11 Ethical Issues in Professional Nursing Practice Karen Rich Janie B. Butts 249

Relationships in Professional Practice 249

Moral Rights and Autonomy 255

Social Justice 257

Death and End-of-Life Care 261

Conclusion 270

References 271

12 Law and the professional Nurse Evadna Lyons Kathleen Driscoll 275

The Sources of Law 276

Classification and Enforcement of the Law 278

Malpractice and Negligence 281

Nursing Licensure 287

Professional Accountability: Informed Consent, Privacy and Confidentiality, and Delegation 292

Healthcare Reform 300

Ethical, Legal, and Moral Courage to Confront Bullying in the Workplace 300

Preventing Legal Problems 301

Conclusion 302

References 303

13 The Role of the Professional Nurse in Patient Education Kathleen Masters 305

Patient Education: What Is It? 306

Theories and Principles of Learning 306

The Patient Education Process 309

Considerations: Patient Education with Older Adults 316

Cultural Considerations 319

Evaluation 319

Documentation of Patient Education 320

Conclusion 320

References 322

14 Informatics and Technology in Professional Nursing Practice Cathy K. Hughes 325

Nursing Informatics Defined 325

Nursing Informatics: Direction for the Future 326

Informatics Competencies 329

Internet Resources 330

Website Evaluation 330

Electronic Databases 331

Health Information Online 332

Confidentiality, Security, and Privacy of Healthcare Information 334

Electronic Health Records 335

Communication Online 337

Telehealth 340

Handheld Devices 341

Present and Future Trends 342

Concludion 343

References 345

15 Future Directions in Professional Nursing Practice Katherine Elizabeth Nugent 349

Nurse Shortage 351

Nurse Faculty Shortage 353

Nursing Practice and Workplace Environment 353

Retention 356

Workplace Enrironment 357

Role Clarity 358

Changing Demographics 358

Nursing Education 360

Conclusion 363

References 365

Appendix A American Nurses Association Standards of Nursing Practice 371

Appendix B American Nurses Association Code of Ethics 373

Glossary 375

Index 397

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