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Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye

4.7 8
by Robert Capko

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America is ready for a new type of hero. John Paxton is a man who understands duty-both to his family and to his country. As a highly decorated pararescueman in the Air Force, he's risked his own life numerous times to save the lives of others. He is the epitome of the pararescue motto: These Things We Do That Others May Live. But now that he's married with two


America is ready for a new type of hero. John Paxton is a man who understands duty-both to his family and to his country. As a highly decorated pararescueman in the Air Force, he's risked his own life numerous times to save the lives of others. He is the epitome of the pararescue motto: These Things We Do That Others May Live. But now that he's married with two small children, he's content as an instructor at Lackland Air Force Base.

Then Paxton is commanded to lead a team on a dangerous mission-supposedly to rescue the pilot of a stealth fighter shot down over Serbia. Yet, nothing is as it seems. As the mission goes from bad to worse, Paxton uncovers a deadly plot that threatens National Security. But to fight an enemy with ties to one of the most dangerous organizations on the planet, he risks not only his own life, but also the lives of the people he loves the most.

"SAY GOODBYE is a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat page-turner. Don't miss it!"
~Michele Bardsley, national bestselling author

"Finally, a thrilling true-to-life novel about America's ultra-elite but largely unsung special operations force, the Air Force Pararescuemen."
~Matthew Bracken, former Navy SEAL and author of the ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC series.

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Say Goodbye 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After 28.5 years in the Air Force (24.5 active duty, 4 years as a civilian), seeing these super heros in action, I'm so glad to see Robert Capko's new book SAY GOODBYE hit the streets and pay homage to the--until now--unsung heros of the Air Force. I remember first hearing about PJs when I came into the USAF back in 1982. They'll go places other services' special operators won't! These super Airmen know no fear, and John Paxton is the perfect example. My advice...get a lot of sleep the night before you read the book, because you'll be going to bed late the day you start reading it...you will NOT be able to put it down! Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) Bill "D".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Military men are a breed of their own. Honorable to a fault for when Senior Master Sergeant John Paxton was given an order he obeyed even when he didn't fully understand the mission. John Paxton was a Pararescue Jumper and now a Pararescue Jumper Instructor. His adventure began and his life could change forever the moment General Reed and Colonel Ward walked into his office. Given absolutely no time to call family or let his wife and children know he was leaving, John was ordered to go on a somewhat sketchy rescue mission in Yugoslovia. Everything about this mission was questionable including the man he was to be traveling with, McMurphy. The basis of the mission is to fly into Yugoslovia find and rescue the Stealth Fighter pilot. Oh and don't ask too many questions because he certainly won't get many answers. Everything started going awry and becoming more and more questionable from the moment he accepted the mission. It is one mishap and adventure after another. Every turn leads to another suspense. Jump in and hold on for a crazy ride. **Robert did an excellent job with character development. The story line was well thought of but at times I did have to flip back and forth to stay with parts of the story. There were several situations going on at the same time in different parts of the world. All in all the book was very interesting and it is not my typical genre that I read. I also do not have an understanding of many things military but was able to follow what was going on. It is suspense and leaves the reader wanting more!!!!
Dauph59 More than 1 year ago
John Paxton is a likable, relatable guy, who also happens to be a hero. He is at the center of Say Goodbye, a fabulous book written by Robert Capko. I have been reading this genre for quite a while and I am something of a political/military thriller snob. I could not put this book down. Finished it on one day. The characters are multidimensional and the story is compelling. Mr. Capko's attention to detail shows a passion and knowledge for the subject that inspires the reader to forget about everything except the story. If you are looking for a great way to "waste" some time over the holidays, I highly suggest you get lost in this book. I will be reading it again over the holidays, as I hear the sequel will be out before Christmas. Can't wait!
justconch More than 1 year ago
I have to keep this review short, because if I go into too much detail, I might throw in a spoiler and inadvertently ruin this fantastic read for the many, many readers I know it currently has and will continue to have. There is nothing formulaic, repetitious or trite in the first of what I hope Mr. Capko makes into a long-standing serial. I have seldom been enthralled by a military thriller as much as "Say Goodbye" managed to do from page one. There are so many questions the reader has to answer about why John Paxton (a Pararescue Jumper who plays with the idea of retirement while he teaches other servicemen in his field) is called to join a very sketchy secondary character, McMurphy, in a mission that can only be described by a brilliant new word the novel taught me: 'clusterf**k'. That word can pretty much surmise the mounting stress, foreboding, mystery and sheer thrilling entertainment that makes up the plot of "Say Goodbye". I have always admired authors who either rely on their own expertise or research the intricacies of military equipment, strategies and history, but very few of them are able to break away from the description of a gun or an aircraft and also draw characters that are well-rounded, engaging and most of all, relatable. Mr. Capko is that rare talent who can sum up a clear depiction of a service man caught up in the pre-9/11 ethnic cleanse and brutal massacres in Yugoslavia and still wrestle with the anxiety of leaving on what might be a suicide mission without speaking to his wife and children. This is a book for a wide audience, and every page turn is rich with images and action that can easily translate into a blockbuster movie. Hollywood, give this man a producer and a director, and let him write his own script. This book is movie-ready from page one. Robert Capko is simply a brilliant storyteller, and I can only wish him many followers and a long and truly successful writing career. He deserves it; this book is thrilling and fantastic; this is a must-read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This isn't typically my genre of choice, but I got hooked on John Paxton. He is a believable military hero thrown into a mysterious mission with dramatic results. The characters, the pacing, the attention to details and Capko's ability to keep you guessing makes Say Goodbye a must read for anyone that just loves a good story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago