Sweet Bea

Sweet Bea

4.7 11
by Sarah Hegger

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“Sarah Hegger has a gift for storytelling that is not to be missed. She's a personal favorite of mine.”—Kathryn Le Veque, USA Today bestselling author

Is anything sweeter than revenge?

In a family of remarkable people, ordinary Beatrice strives to prove herself worthy. When her family is threatened with losing everything, she


“Sarah Hegger has a gift for storytelling that is not to be missed. She's a personal favorite of mine.”—Kathryn Le Veque, USA Today bestselling author

Is anything sweeter than revenge?

In a family of remarkable people, ordinary Beatrice strives to prove herself worthy. When her family is threatened with losing everything, she rushes to London to save them. Unfortunately, she chooses as her savior the very man who will see her family brought low.

Garrett has sworn vengeance on Sir Arthur of Anglesea for destroying his life when he was a boy and forcing his mother into prostitution for them to survive. He has chosen as his instrument Sir Arthur's youngest daughter, Beatrice.

Can Beatrice's goodness teach Garrett that love, not vengeance, is the greatest reward of all?

81,144 Words

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Sir Arthur's Legacy , #1
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Penguin Random House Publisher Services
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Sweet Bea 4.7 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 11 reviews.
SusanScottShelley More than 1 year ago
I'll start by saying that I don't usually read historical romance, but when I saw the cover and read the blurb, I knew I had to read Sweet Bea! It is a fantastic story! Bea is a wonderful heroine. I immediately liked her. Garrett really changes over the course of the book, and his transformation is phenomenal. Their romance, their chemistry is woven so well in the pages, the reader is riveted to every word. The plot and the characters made this such a rich, satisfying read. I recommend Sarah Hegger's books to everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
good book i highly recommend
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved Bea and Garret...Ivy, Tom, and Newt. Absolutely adore them...and now, this author. Five star writing, easily.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable read that has adventure and sweet love. Part of a series. 226 pages
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*This book has a feisty heroine, an anquished hero and wonderful secondary characters..
ASinTex More than 1 year ago
Everything a Romance Novel Should Be! Sweet Bea had it all. First and foremost, it had a heroine who melted my heart. Beatrice is funny, naïve, determined, adorable and surprisingly brave. While she melts you, Garret will break your heart. His need for revenge is great but his good nature shines through almost from the beginning. Ms. Hegger manages a thrilling and sometimes gory story while keeping romance central. The adventure she takes you on will make you laugh, cry and cringe. The violence of the age is highlighted but so is the romance and her descriptions are perfection. I loved the secondary characters almost as much. A righteous stable hand, a damaged woman and a reprobate child all come to life on the page. Bea’s family is just as fascinating and I can’t wait for the next book in this series about her sister, Faye.
SuperReaderChick More than 1 year ago
This was a truly engaging and delightful read. The story had a good pace and a wonderful blend of romance and action. It caused me to work through a range of emotions throughout the story. The characters were truly charming and I can't wait to read the next installment in the series! 
HeidiSenesac More than 1 year ago
This book was a dramatic telling of a young girl's quest for adventure and her need to save her family. During the time of King John, there was always some sort of intrigue, espionage and political folderol. Beatrice of Anglesea is the baby of the family, preceded in the birth order by a lovely sisters and three strong brothers. All her life, she's been nothing more than Sweet Be a to them, a child prone to mishaps and hijinks. For that reason, when she sees an opportunity to make a difference for her family, she takes it.  She seeks the assistance of Garrett, the handsome man who has captured her heart. Unfortunately, Garrett is a typical cur - just leading her on as he seeks his revenge for her father's act of war upon his. Poor Bea. She certainly isn't expecting this turn of events. Here's what I love about this book. Sarah Hegger took a prancing little princess and grew her into a brave, sensible, strong woman. Hegger also moved Garrett from being a jerk, bent on revenge to being a man so deeply in love with his former target that he’d do anything for her.  If you love historical romance, especially stories set in the medieval period, this is the book for you.
Asiandra More than 1 year ago
Such a solid read! Adventure, character growth, deep emotion--it's all there. I'm still not sure which character I enjoyed more. Bea's personality is so light and lovely, the kind of heroine you love to cheer on. Garrett--well, he has some significant growth. Sarah Hegger did an exceptional job of taking a man with a twisted heart and guiding him to goodness.  Another thing I enjoyed--the description. The author's words were so well crafted I found myself easily falling into medieval times and experiencing the journey along with her characters. This is my second read by this author and I'm convinced she's one I can rely on to consistently delivery great stories.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
A very sweet, delight of a read, Sweet Bea was a lovely historical romance that I really enjoyed. It was a charming read and I really liked it. Bea was a wonderful heroine. She really was a genuinely sweet, kind, and just an overall likable character. Yes, she was impulsive and had a tendency to act first, think later, but it was always with the best of intentions. She was a lovely character and I really liked her. Garrett didn't make the best first impression. Not only did he come off as cold, but I also didn't appreciate that he was jumping into bed with the town whore while he was trying to woo Beatrice. But, as the book went on, he began to change. He proved that he was capable of kindness and, once he realized that he was in love, nothing came before Beatrice's happiness. In the end, I rather liked him. The romance was lovely. Bea and Garrett were very sweet together. Even with the obstacles between them, it was clear from the beginning that they had something special. And, there was some chemistry between them that turned the heat up. The plot was well paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. I really liked the story and the ending was lovely. Sweet Bea was a wonderful, charming historical romance that I really liked. It was sweet, lovely, and I enjoyed it all the way through. Romance lovers, this is a book worth checking out. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review