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The Fall

The Fall

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by Rachel Higginson

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In Ivy Pierce's world, Greek mythology is reality. Sirens, like herself, use men for money, power and status; but she has the greatest gift of all. Stronger than any of the Siren's before her, Ivy's attraction alludes to a prophecy that could mean the rebirth of Greek gods and goddesses for our modern time.

The Fates believe she is the symbol of a new era.


In Ivy Pierce's world, Greek mythology is reality. Sirens, like herself, use men for money, power and status; but she has the greatest gift of all. Stronger than any of the Siren's before her, Ivy's attraction alludes to a prophecy that could mean the rebirth of Greek gods and goddesses for our modern time.

The Fates believe she is the symbol of a new era. Her mother believes she is the key to ultimate power in their Greek circle. And Nix, her godfather and god of the sea, believes she belongs to him.

Ivy doesn't want any part of her world or the people that demand so much of her. With the help of Ryder Sutton, her closest friend, she will fight against fate, against the expectations of her society and against the desires of a monster that will do anything to possess her.

And through it all she will deny her feelings for the one person she loves more than anything in order to protect him.

While her future crumbles around her, Ivy will go to extreme lengths to free herself from her glass prison--or drown trying.

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Rachel Higginson
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The Siren Series , #2
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I was born and raised in Nebraska, but spent my college years traveling the world. I fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. But I came back home to marry my high school sweetheart and now I spend my days raising our growing family. In those few spare moments I have, I am either reading or writing Young Adult Fiction, because I am obsessed with it.

Five other things I'm obsessed with right now:
1. My Kuerig Coffee Machine. Genius.
2. 90's music. Oh man, the 90's speak right to my soul.
3. Chocolate smelling body wash. Who doesn't want to walk around smelling like a bakery?
4. Colored Chapstick. And if it's Dr. Pepper Flavored, that's kind of my nirvana.
5. Spotify. It's like the mixed-tape of this generation and I have probably three hundred hours of music on there. Can't get enough.

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The Fall 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rubyann More than 1 year ago
Excellent book! Can't wait for The Heart!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book had my heart pounding and my fingers itching to turn the page to see what happened next! Rachel writes with a clarity and flow  that is hard to find. The character development she uses creates a clear portrait in your head of each persona. One can definitely have a  love/hate relationship with several of the characters! Fabulous book I would recommend to anyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Siren series. It is amazing! I didn't want to quit reading even after it was over! It is sweet, sexy, dramatic, shocking and infuriating all at once! I can't wait to see how the story will end in the final book! Loved this book!!!!
JoceyCWB More than 1 year ago
In the fall, you will: fall more courageous with Ivy's developing strength and character. fall more in love with Ryder, ahhh Ryder. fall more terrified by the Greek world in which Ivy is trying to survive and be free from. fall more intrigued by the past of certain characters. You.Will.Fall!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This sequel to The Rush was incredible! You will not be disappointed at all!!! It was amazing and I cannot even say how amazing Rachel Higginson is! You must read it! You will have a roller coaster of emotions!
jewelSD More than 1 year ago
Wow! Don't know how Rachel does it, her stories are unimaginable, and pull you in so far when your reading. You become part of her mystical ,magical worlds. Right from the start you are pulled into this mythological world. The Energized , super charged connection of Ivy and Ryder thrum through these pages with heat. As much as the pulse pounding fear shakes each page as Ivy struggle with Nix. Ivy carries a curse an ancient curse, and after meeting the "Fates", they have only confirmed that Ivy carries greater powers. The secrets and mystery's are unfolding about who Ivy is and what she is capable of. But which path will her fate choose to take her? If Nix ( Poseidon) has his way, and the ownership he claims of Ivy is made his, his goal is Olympas with Ivy by his side. Ryder is intent on saving her from her evil world. He is her savior, her calm place in the storm that is her life. But what is more is that she has hopelessly fallen for him. Ivy will protect Ryder at all costs, but Ryder will protect Ivy at all costs. And there is more to Ryder than we know. After a devastating dose of reality with her older friends, she see's now the evil that Nix is capable if he is crossed, if she runs. Ivy clues her friends in on her plans but will they be strong enough to follow? She desperatly wants to save them from this world as much as she wants to flee it. Time is ticking away, things are escalating, Can Ivy save herself, Ryder and her friends. You won't want to put this book down once you begin.
sarahbarah120 More than 1 year ago
The Fall is a perfect continuation of the Siren Series. I couldn't stop reading it because there was never a dull moment. It is filled with the same powerful and emotional writing as The Rush. The love is more, but so is the evil. Rachel Higginson did an excellent job continuing to develop the characters and you just fall more in love with Ryder. It was also heartbreaking in numerous ways and my heart literally hurt when I finished. The author sure knows how to make you think all is going to be fine, at then tears you apart at the end! I'll be anxiously awaiting the next book.
Julia84 More than 1 year ago
I loved the Rush but the Fall was a whole different story! Paranormal stories usually deal with vampires, werewolves, witches so a series based on sirens is already a unique find. This story follows Ivy a siren who wants anything but to follow in the family bussiness. She wants a life with love a life she is in control of but that isn't written in the stars for her. She will have to fight
Kat808 More than 1 year ago
Oh. My. God. This book was fabulous. There is something about the story line in this series that just pulls at me. I loved The Rush and have been waiting patiently, or impatiently, for its sequel, the Fall. It was definitely worth the wait. Ivy and Ryder... Watching them fall more in love was amazing. Nix.... oh Nix... watching him become more evil was not as fun. I literally just finished and my heart is a little broken. The final book will be out in October, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. I absolutely loved it!!
Deanna24 More than 1 year ago
The Fall is a PHENOMENAL continuation of the Siren Series. Time has passed since the end of The Rush. It's summer now, and Ivy and Ryder are closer than ever. However much Ivy tries to convince herself that they are "just friends", they are more than that. They are more than just friends. They are more than best friends. We start off with Ivy's seventeenth birthday. Nix, her twisted godfather (and, oh yeah, POSEIDON!), has an elaborate party for her. We learned from the last book that Nix is a controlling and demanding tyrant, but that still doesn't stop Ivy from ditching Nix's birthday event to hang out with Ryder no matter what the outcome will be when Nix finds out. From then on, the book is a full of twists and turns as Ivy continually battles to break Nix's hold on her, fights for her freedom and the freedom of her friends who are oppressed under the same force, and learns shocking truths about people in her life that she never would have guessed. What I loved most about this book was that despite everything that was going on in Ivy's life, she was still so strong. She didn't give up. No matter what Nix demanded of her, she kept pushing against the boundaries and fighting to be free. (view spoiler) And I think an influential part of Ivy's strength was found in Ryder. His strength gave her strength. She learned from him that she wasn't trapped in a life she could never escape. She had a choice. My favorite quote: I promised to let him rescue me from every day forward. And I let him promise to hold onto me forever. As long as we had each other, I could fight hell and I could survive. Can't wait for The Heart!