The Werewolf's Wife (Harlequin Nocturne Series #133)

The Werewolf's Wife (Harlequin Nocturne Series #133)

3.7 33
by Michele Hauf

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The legacy he must obey…
The child she must save…
The man who threatens to fulfill her every fantasy…
and break her heart.

Alpha wolf Ridge Addison left his wife in Las Vegas, vowing to put their one reckless night of passion behind him and return to his clan. Thirteen years later he needs a divorce so he can become pack


The legacy he must obey…
The child she must save…
The man who threatens to fulfill her every fantasy…
and break her heart.

Alpha wolf Ridge Addison left his wife in Las Vegas, vowing to put their one reckless night of passion behind him and return to his clan. Thirteen years later he needs a divorce so he can become pack leader. Yet he's never forgotten the sensuous witch whose life he saved…or the knee-buckling kisses he still craves.

After they parted, Abigail tried banishing Ridge from her memory. Now her heart belongs only to her son. But when the boy is kidnapped, she knows she alone can't save him. Though Abigail's body still aches for Ridge, she's willing to give him his freedom in exchange for his help. But who will shield her heart from the only man she's ever let claim her, body and soul?

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Ridge Addison swung an ax, chipping out wood at the base of a dead pine tree he wanted to lay flat for firewood. He and a friend had been working all afternoon under a steady snowfall, and dark was beginning to layer the sky. One last chop…

The pine tree creaked. The trunk split at the base and the thirty-foot tree toppled onto the frozen forest grounds outside the Northern pack's compound, situated thirty miles northeast of the Twin Cities.

Fellow pack member Jason Crews called, "Timber!" but they were the only two on the private land.

The men stood back, waiting for stray branches to finish falling from nearby trees before Jason picked up the chain saw in preparation to remove the branches.

"Wait," Ridge said.

Jason paused, chain saw held at the ready.

Ridge glanced up. The half-moon was already bright. The sky was gray and a perfect snow fell. Perfect meaning huge, downy flakes fell straight down, slowly, softly, without a sound.

"Just wanted to enjoy it a moment," he said, and then signaled Jason to go for it.

The chain saw snarled. The man ripped into the tree, making quick work and leaving a cleanly stripped trunk. This winter they were clearing out the dead and diseased trees. Ridge had plans to start a horse logging company that traveled from forest to forest, wherever the landowners wanted them to go, clearing and cutting back deadwood. A necessary service to keep forests healthy while also respecting nature. It was ecological and used no trucks, only horsepower, thereby leaving the forest in as good condition as when they arrived.

Jason shut off the chain saw and slapped the sawdust from his overalls. Both men had been bundled against the shrill January cold this morning, but over the course of the day they'd stripped to half overalls, flannel shirts and heavy-duty leather gloves as they'd worked up a good sweat.

Ridge was considering making Jason pack scion, since they were sorely in need of structure after the recent events that saw him become the new pack leader.

But then, how to structure a measly four wolves? The pack was dwindling daily. When yet another wolf packed his things and told Ridge he was leaving for a rival pack because he needed family, well, there was no argument to be served to match the werewolf's innate and instinctual need for family.

He and Jason had surveyed the land before Christmas—the pack owned well over five hundred acres, seventy percent of it forested land. As the new pack principal, Ridge was responsible for the pack and for the members' living quarters, if they chose to live at the compound. Only two remained at the compound—he and Jason. The other two lived with their families in the Twin Cities suburbs.

A pitiful pack, but he wasn't willing to give up on building a healthy group that considered itself family.

"I say we call it a day," Ridge suggested, and received a confirming nod from Jason.

They packed the equipment into cases and duffels. Tomorrow, they'd lead out the draft horse from the stable, hook chains to the fallen tree and drag it back to the compound for cutting into lumber and firewood. More backbreaking labor that felt so good to complete.

"It feels good out here," he said, drawing in the brisk, sawdust-scented air. "Most of the bad karma doesn't cling to this sight."

Because the bad karma had all been invoked elsewhere.

Ridge had been principal almost four months. Formerly, he'd been the right-hand man to his predecessor, principal Masterson, though not the second-in-command scion. That was until Amandus Masterson had been revealed to be plotting against a local vampire tribe, Nava, in an attempt to stage an all-out war. There had been casualties, Masterson being one of them—at Ridge's talons.

He did not for one moment regret killing the pack leader. It had to be done. At the time, all of the pack had stood beside him, showing their accord. Ridge had been protecting the leader's daughter, Blu, and the vampire tribe leader, Creed Saint-Pierre. And he'd been defending all werewolves against the heinous label of vampire killers. The Northern pack had been involved in the blood sport—a wicked game that pitted blood-starved vampires against one another to the death—that had left a bloody mar upon their familial image.

He'd do the same again if necessary. Ridge was not a man to jump into the fray without cause, but rather thought through every move, and never regretted those moves. Ever. He stood for what he believed just. Let no man challenge him without due strength and strong morals.

Whipping a stone across the open field edging the forest, he winced as the scar along his torso tugged. He regretted nothing—except one incident over a decade ago that had left him with the scar. Funny how it was never the war and strife that wounded a man deeply, rather the emotional and feminine.

He never would figure out female emotions. Did any man have that figured out?

"So when you going to make yourself official?" Jason asked as they paused at the edge of a cornfield abutting the pack's property. Crisp brown stalks jutted up through the blanket of snow.

"Official?" Ridge hefted the heavy chain saw case over his shoulder. "I thought I already was. That little ceremony performed by Severo a couple weeks ago didn't do the trick?"

Severo was the lone werewolf on the Council, a group of paranormals who oversaw the paranormal nations. Their attempt to bring the werewolves and vampires to a peaceable understanding last year had worked to some degree. The wolves and vampires populating the United States maintained a tentative ceasefire. Mostly.

"What I mean is," Jason continued, "pack leaders generally have a wife and family. It sets a good example for the rest of the pack."

"Right." That made sense. "The rest of the pack."

"If you want the last few to stay, you have to step up, Addison. Family equals leadership. You seem like a family man to me."

"I am. I would love to have a family."

But the scar stretching along his abdomen reminded him family was impossible due to the medical malady the deep wound had caused.

"Then you need to find yourself a wife," Jason said. "Get her pregnant. A lot. And start to rebuild the pack by example."

Ridge smirked and closed his eyes to fluffy snow-flakes that fell from above the bare-branched tree canopy. He chuffed out a laugh and his breath fogged before him. "Actually, I think I already have one of those."


He smirked at Jason's utter surprise. "She's a witch," he said, feeling his jaw tighten. And, man, did his scar itch to think about her. "A very bad bit of witch, at that."

"Seriously? You're married? You don't seem very happy about it. Why didn't you ever tell anyone?"

"Because it was one of those drunken Las Vegas affairs I want to forget. Not that I can." He eased a palm over his hip, where the scar stretched down from his stomach. It had been so close to damaging the family jewels, but not quite. Yet the internal damage it had caused was monumental.

"So you're married to a witch, but you haven't talked to her since Vegas?"

"Exactly. Twelve, thirteen years ago, or thereabouts."

"Huh. Do you foresee a reunion any time soon?"

"Not particularly. Like I said, she's one bad bit of witch."

"Well, you need to ditch her if you want to start a real family. Not too many women would take to you having a wife. No dates without a clean slate."

"You've got a point. S'pose a trip to the city is in order. I've been putting it off for years."

"That horrible?"

"There's not a nastier bit of magic in the States, I'm sure. Think you can go on the computer and get me information on how to obtain divorce papers? I don't want to get any closer to the wicked witch of the Midwest than I have to. If I can email the papers to her, all the better."

Twelve or thirteen years earlier, outskirts of Las Vegas

Raging, high blue flames were visible behind the ramshackle brown barn set half a mile off the road. Ridge had pulled off the highway outside of Las Vegas, feeling the urge for a dash across the desert on this night following the full moon. A wise wolf never disregarded the call of the moon. But the run would have to wait. He smelled danger.

He raced across the barren dirt yard and through the garbage piled behind the barn scattered with old car parts, tires and scrap iron.

A woman screamed, and his heart clenched. Had she been trapped by the flames?

Arriving before the blaze behind the barn, he surprised a tall man in blue jeans and no shirt, bleeding from the forehead and wielding nothing more than his hand in a direct gesture toward a stacked pile of wood. Shouting a strange word Ridge didn't recognize, the man flicked his hand and flames shot toward the pyre—-from his hand.

A damned fire witch, Ridge guessed. Speaking a spell in Latin. He hadn't thought they were common. Witches feared fire; it was the one thing that could kill them.

The strange blue flames suddenly flared higher and then parted to reveal, in the center of the vast pyre, a woman. Tied to a pole. Screaming as the flames threatened and crept closer to lick at her pant legs.

Ridge's heart choked up to his throat. How could anyone be so cruel?

He didn't give the horror another thought. Reacting to the angry growl inside his gut that abhorred violence toward women, Ridge ran toward the fire witch who directed the flames, and leaped. Soaring through the air, he landed the hard rubber sole of his boot on the man's jaw. Impact sent the startled pyromaniac flailing to the ground.

Without thought for his own safety, Ridge lunged for the woman tied to the pole in the center of the blazing pyre. His body hit hers. Like lava, her form felt molten and too hot. Thin and trembling as she was, her struggles were futile. Flames chewed at his jeans, but he wore heavy leather biker boots so didn't fear getting burned.

The woman's screams choked into sobs. Leaping, he held her to his body and they tumbled over the flames and to the ground. She screamed again, as the impact couldn't have been easy, and now he rolled with her on the ground to put out any fire that may have ignited clothing.

He spat gravel and clambered away from the fire. Dragging the pole with the woman still tied to it away from the pyre, he hastily worked at the ropes about her hands and ankles and was relieved when she tried to help him. "You okay? What's up with that bit of nasty?"

She coughed and heaved, likely from smoke inhalation. "Get me out of here."

"You burned?"

"Don't…think so."

He lifted her in his arms, a frail, broken bird, and she melted against him. Her pale hair and clothing were as hot as her flesh, but all he saw on her were dirt smudges, no telltale burns or red welts.

Striding past the man on the ground, who had roused and was on all fours, Ridge kicked him squarely in the jaw, dropping him flat.

"You want me to take care of him permanently?" he asked the woman shivering in his arms.

"No, just…take me away from here. Anywhere. I…" Her lashes fluttered and her head bobbled, nearing a faint. "Goddess, I need a drink."

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Michele Hauf lives in Minneapolis and has been writing since the 1990s.  A variety of genres keep her happily busy at the keyboard, including historical romance, paranormal romance, action/adventure and fantasy. Find her on Facebook at: Michele-Hauf-Author, and on Twitter @MicheleHauf, and also on Pinterest at:

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The Werewolf's Wife 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
The Werewolf's Wife by Michele Hauf I could not find this book listed as part of any series but previous events that were mentioned had been in the book Her Vampire Husband. Ridge Addison was part of the Northern Pack. After he eventually had to kill his pack leader, he became the Principal. They have been losing members so his pack mate, Jason, suggests that Ridge marries and starts a family to bring members back. One problem. Ridge had gotten drunk one night in Vegas thirteen years ago and married. The honeymoon barely started before his new witch bride freaked over his wolf and things ended on a bad note. Ridge still thought, dreamed and cringed when she came to mind but it was time to finalize their parting with divorce papers. The worst day of Abigail Rowan's life just happened, a phone call claiming they kidnapped her son. And now Ridge Addison is at her door with divorce papers. Why not have him help her before she releases him? As Ridge and Abigail work together to find a vampire that the kidnapper's demanded they end up on an adventure that brings them closer and they both try to remember the night so long ago where a drunken werewolf and witch got married by Elvis. Is there any hope for these two mismatched breeds to find happiness together? Michele brings her characters to life. Ridge has been mistreated most of his life. An orphan pup trying to please. You feel for the poor guy and just want him to find someone who will truly love and appreciate him. You feel for the mother in Abigail as she works to meet the deadline to rescue Ryan. And of course the angry feelings against the characters who are the villains. **Sexual situations and language **Book received from Netgalley for review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
my first time Nook reading. Made everything interesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Worth Reading... Total Pages: 198; Story Pages: 188 Werewolves and witches. A one night stand between a witch and a werewolf. The witch becomes pregnant, unbeknownst to the werewolf. 13 years later, the boy has been kidnapped and the mother must go to the father, tell him that he not only has a son but that he has been kidnapped and she needs his help to get their son back. The two fall in love while rescuing their son and they live happily ever after. Not very original for the storyline but it was well written and a good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok story, but some parts dragged and there were several grammatical errors. Needs to be proof-read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
R_Rearden More than 1 year ago
Free ARC Provided by NetGalley I love Michele Hauf’s voice. If her name’s on a book, I’ll read it. And I’ve never been disappointed—until now. The Werewolf’s Wife has a great premise. Who wouldn’t want read about a yummy shifter wolf saving a damsel in distress, commiserating over drinks, getting hitched in Vegas and having a crazy-wild night of passion? Okay, so that’s only the start for the rest of the book, but it grabs your attention, right? Ridge Addison becomes pack leader. In order to set a good example and help his pack grow, he needs to marry and have children—which means he needs to get a divorce from his who-knows-where-she-is-or-what-she’s- doing witch of a wife. No, seriously. Abigail Rowan’s a real witch with powers and everything. Here’s where the plot derailed for me. Ridge wants to have a family desperately. Of course Abigail has a son, and of course Ryan might be Ridge’s child (or the deadly abusive boyfriend Ridge rescued her from). A little predictable, but I rolled with that. When Ridge finally tracks Abigail down to ask for a divorce, all kind of wrong hits the page. Abigail has received a call that her son has been kidnapped. She’s scared, angry, hurt. Then Ridge knocks on her door. She basically tells him this isn’t a good time so shove off. Ridge says he has divorce papers, but what if he wants to keep her. He’s working an angle just to get inside the house. Lousy angle. These two people had a one-night stand and haven’t seen each other in 13 years. Why would they want anything to do with the other? I digress. Abigail lets him in. She’s stressed. Then she notices how good he looks. Really? Her son’s kidnapping just occurred. Why wouldn’t she just sign the divorce papers, get him out of her hair, search for her son and fry the bastards that took him? That’s what a badass witch would do, right? Nope. Abigail’s obsessive, controlling and plain mean. I didn’t like her character at all—which is sad because I really liked Ridge’s character. I had to forgive him for being such a knob toward Abigail, but the rest of his qualities made him a nice, caring, working-on-being-an-alpha male. Will I read more of Michele Hauf’s books? You bet. Hopefully the characters will be more engaging as a whole and the plot will not be so predictable.
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
Review: "The Werewolf's Wife" by Michele Hauf was a good read for me. I really enjoyed it all. I was caught up in this novel from page one....definitely a 'Twilight' moment! Yes, it was long however, if you can stay with this storyline setting from Minnesota... I believe you will understand what the story is all about. The hero and heroine was marvelously presented. Ridge Addison was from the Northern Wolf Pack who was the leader (Principal-Alpha)who was a lumberjack...and yes a werewolf......and then there was Abigail Rowan(fire-witch) and member of the Council that represented the Paranormal Nations. How these two people meet up was somewhat hilarious..... both being drunk one night in Vegas thirteen years ago...THEY GOT MARRIED by Elvis.......only later the witch bride freaks out over him(Ridge) becoming a wolf....things end up where they depart..... and finally the story picks up where that Ridge is now thinking of being married again...starting a family, however, he will have to have his divorce finalized from Abigail before that can happen..........How will this turn out? Ridge has to go see Abigail (who is now a mother of Ryan)...and now her son had been kidnapped. This is the time that I will say you must simply pick up this good read to find out what will come from all of this. Be prepared for a fun ride..... this storyline moves fast.... you get it all from this plot....fights, gunshots, killings and in the end .....I will stop now ..... I don't want to give anymore away. Pick up "The Werewolf's Wife" and read it for yourself to find out who is the villain..... I even guessed it! If you are looking for a good Paranormal Romance novel with a lots of action, twist and turns... and gets intensive .... you have come to the right place...."The Werewolf's Wife" would be a good read for you. I would recommend this novel as a good read and the book cover isn't bad to look at either.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alpha with only 3 other members? Abigail was hard to like. Story dragged in parts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
3 STARS I liked the story line but I felt I was missing a lot by not reading any of the previous books. Plus it had way too much sex scenes for me. Ridge Addison is the leader of his pack but thier is only four members. To get more he needs to find a wife so he can have a family and give his wolfs a family to be a part of. Ridge is already married to a witch for one day. That had ended in a big fight that almost cut off the family jewels but it did stop him from fathering children. Abigail was being burned at a stake when Ridge saw and rescued her. They both got drunk and ended up married by Elvis in Las Vegas. She freaked out when they were making love he started to shift and lost control of her magic and hurt Ridge. Abigail had no idea he was a werewolf until then. Now she gets a phone call that her son was kidnapped and she had to rescue a vampire and exchange him for her son. She can't call the councel. Right after that Ridge knocks on her door wanting divorce papers signed. Abigail being desperate makes him a deal help her find and rescue this vampire from other wolf pack. So she can rescue her son from his kidnapper. Some werewolf packs kidnap vampires and make them fight to the death. Even though its against thier laws. That stopping is pack from doing just that is how Ridge became the new pack leader. Ridge finds out that their is a chance he is Abagail son father but only a slight chance. He was willing to rescue him before he thought he was a father but that is his dream to have a family and belong to one. Thier are a lot of fights and a lot of death and sex in this story. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 04/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Nocturne
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I so loved this book, it was a great read. I loved ridge he was sweet,kind and willing to do what it took for the women he loves & would love to have a loving family of his own. And sexy as hell, what more could u ask for.. I would love to read more about ridge & abigail, please tell me there will b more with these too would love to see what happens with them two..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago