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Year My Sister Got Lucky
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Year My Sister Got Lucky

4.0 48
by Aimee Friedman

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In this hilarious, heartrending novel, New York Times bestselling author Aimee Friedman reminds us of the importance of sisters. . . and of not wearing stilettos in the mud.

When Katie and Michaela Wilder are uprooted from NYC and planted in rural Fir Lake, Katie is horrified by their new surroundings: the too-friendly neighbors, the local uniform of sandals


In this hilarious, heartrending novel, New York Times bestselling author Aimee Friedman reminds us of the importance of sisters. . . and of not wearing stilettos in the mud.

When Katie and Michaela Wilder are uprooted from NYC and planted in rural Fir Lake, Katie is horrified by their new surroundings: the too-friendly neighbors, the local uniform of sandals paired with socks, the very idea of milking a cow. But while Katie suffers through shopping withdrawal, Michaela transforms into a small-town social firefly, flirting with the hot quarterback and soaking up nature with her new hick-town friends. As in, people who think camping is *fun*. Does Katie even know her sister anymore? And after Michaela hides a jaw-dropping secret from her, does Katie even want to?

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Publishers Weekly

Two city-slicker sisters who live and breathe ballet must adapt to the country in Friedman's (South Beach) happy confection. Fourteen-year-old Katie Wilder's spirits plummet when her best friend and older sister, Michaela, informs her of their parents' plans to transplant the family from Manhattan to tiny rural Fir Lake, upstate. But things get even worse for Katie when Michaela, secretly delighted to be spared the rigors of ballet training and the enormous expectations of her, immediately adjusts to their new hometown. She finds a boyfriend and even gets elected homecoming queen, leaving Katie feeling abandoned and bewildered. Readers will want to overlook various gaps in logic, particularly in the ballet plot line, because of Friedman's fresh and funny approach to classic themes-the fish out of water, sibling rivalries and jealousy. Katie finds herself hiking up a mountain and alarmingly near a cow, and discovers she can handle both situations with grace. A fashionista, she observes her new classmates' flannel shirts and sensible shoes with curiosity; later, she says, "Despite the overalls Autumn is wearing, and despite her belonging to the Camping Club, knowing that she's probably my first friend in Fir Lake makes me grin." Friedman deftly demonstrates the positives of moving forward and not clinging to the past; she also presents a sister dynamic that many girls-particularly younger sisters-will recognize. Ages 12-up. (Jan.)

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Children's Literature - JoAn Watson Martin
Fourteen-year-old Katie is horrified and frightened at the prospect of leaving New York City, with its Lincoln Center, Central Park, Anna Pavlova Dance Studio, and Nutcracker Christmas show. Still, the family is moving to rural Fir Lake, which is noted for overalls, campers, nature, and football-playing boys. Her older sister, Michaela longs for a normal eighteen-year-old life and looks forward to the change. Katie calls their new house "The Monstrosity." A deer shows up in their yard, and she falls up the stairs at school. She does not have a clue about boys, but is comforted that Autumn wants to be friends. Katie begins to realize that the closeness she savors with her sister is slipping away because Heather is taking Michaela's interest. Now, Katie is all about ending the Tyranny of the Older Sister. As the gap between Katie and Michaela widens, Katie knows there is a secret somewhere, but how can she find out unless she becomes a spy? New York Times bestselling author Aimee Friedman has written a teen novel reminiscent of the picture book, "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse." Reviewer: JoAn Watson Martin
VOYA - Dawn Talbott
Katie Wilder is a ballet-dancing city girl through and through. She looks up to her best friend and sister, Michaela, a remarkable dancer who will attend Julliard. But when the Wilder sisters are moved to rural, upstate New York, their lives are drastically changed. Michaela blossoms in the new environment and pursues her true desires, whereas Katie struggles to make friends and deal with life outside of the city. Friedman's writing is straightforward and lighthearted. The text is easy to read and entertaining in a present tense, diary-like style that incorporates humor and realism. She makes the story very relevant and accessible to teens by including technology that teens use every day, such as instant messaging and texting. Katie IMs her friends back in New York City and texts her sister during breaks at school. Katie reads e-mails and chat logs on Michaela's computer, which exposes a big secret that shakes the girls' weakening bond. Friedman also touches on subjects that many teens will experience at some point, such as the changing relationship between the sisters, adjusting to a new place when the family moves, mending fences when anger and suspicion cause Katie to make hurtful mistakes, and realizing that stereotypes are not always true. Katie must work through each of these issues, and readers grow along with her. The engaging style and realistic conflicts of everyday life make the book fit well in junior and senior high school collections. Reviewer: Dawn Talbott
This is a novel about being sisters. It's from the point of view of Katie, who is 14, telling about her older sister Michaela, a high school senior, and how their lives change dramatically the year their family moves. Katie and Michaela are the daughters of a Manhattan couple: a novelist and a college professor. The sisters have trained at a ballet school, and dream of dancing professionally. When their parents decide to move to upstate New York to a rural college town, the girls are stunned. Everything changes for them. They no longer have first-class ballet training. They no longer have the city, their apartment life, and all they have known. They start to go their separate ways and no longer are close. Michaela has new friends; she has a boyfriend, the town football star; she is chosen homecoming queen. Katie is stunned, and hurt. But Katie too is changing. She discovers yoga and enjoys those sessions more than she enjoys dance lessons. But when she pokes around in Michaela's private e-mails and discovers Michaela and her boyfriend have had sex, she is shocked that Michaela has not shared this momentous information with her. There is betrayal, confession, reconciliation, and new understanding. This is an appealing story that will attract many readers, whether they are interested in dance, in sisterhood, or the universal YA theme of breaking free of family expectations. Age Range: Ages 12 to 15. REVIEWER: Claire Rosser (Vol. 42, No. 1)
School Library Journal

Gr 6 Up- Katie Wilder, 14, is convinced that her family's move from Manhattan to rural upstate New York is the worst thing that could happen. A city girl through and through, she can't imagine living where denim overalls and plaid shirts are the outfits of choice. She and her sister were both ballerinas in New York City. Michaela was the star pupil that Katie always wanted to be, with a place at Julliard after graduation. So when Michaela actually likes and fits in at Fir Lake, Katie feels totally left out. She can't understand what's gotten into her older sister, who's keeping a couple of shattering (for Katie) secrets. Katie is so jealous when Michaela gets a hot boyfriend and is elected homecoming queen that she can hardly stand it. After several months, Katie finally finds a friend and starts liking the small town, which takes the pressure off Michaela to be Katie's everything. Though the conflict seems perhaps a little too weak to carry a 400-page book, and parts of the plot seem totally unrealistic, the story is still likely to be popular. There's sweetness in Friedman's teen world, and some of her characters are delightful. And who can resist a good sister book?-Catherine Ensley, Latah County Free Library District, Moscow, ID

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Meet the Author

Aimee Friedman is the New York Times bestselling author of Sea Change, The Year My Sister Got Lucky, South Beach, French Kiss, Hollywood Hills, A Novel Idea, and Breaking Up. Born and raised in Queens, Aimee now lives in Manhattan.

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The Year My Sister Got Lucky 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 48 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was one of the best books Ive read in a while. It is al labout two sisters who used to be so close. Now that they are moving they start to grow apart . Soon the younger sister Katie does not even know who her older sister Mikalya is any more. It is all about sisters,friendships, live,love and dance. It was a great book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sisters. Best friends. Confidantes. Future ballerina Michaela and little sister-slash-insomniac Katya "Katie" Wilder are like Eloise- city girls no matter what. Until they get uprooted from chic, sleek, NYC and move upstate to a tiny little town upstate. Katie is totally sure she'll hate every second of it, while Michaela sees it as a new start, a chance to begin again. Michaela makes new friends, and though she tries to hold on to her friendship with Katie at first, slowly Katie stops being a mjor part of her life. Throughout the book, Katie begins to accept life in her new town, and makes new friends, finds new passions, and learns who she really is. Michaela adjusts instantly and soon has new friends, a boyfriend, and a new life. By the end of the book, Michaela and Katie realize that no matter what, they are sisters and that is something that will never change. Each girl carves her own path, even if it was a little different from the one they dreamed of in New York City. I first grabbed this book as I was leaving the bookstore, and I wasn't sure if I would like it. From the inside flap, it sounded like a silly little book and I put off reading it. Then I actually read it. Within the first page, I was hooked. Being a ballerina, I could really relate, and I loved, loved, loved how Aimee incorporated dance. In four hours, I finished it. I literally could not put this book down. It's told from Katie's point of view, but I fell in love with Michaela's character, and liked that despite how perfect she was at the beginning, she grew a backbone and developed her own interests and new talents. Both girls change for the better by the end of the book and really find out what sisterhood, friendship, and trust means deep down inside. If you are looking for an amazing book, get this one. I promise that it is totally worth your money. FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Instead of giving you an overkill of a teen novel, this has a completely different plot! I enjoyed it very much and reccomend it to many people that like a love story with many other elements such as friendship and trust too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great book so far and its good for young people to read amd it has no bad worda in the book and thwy can understand the book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
246 pgs. Coming of age story about 2 sisters. Fun easy read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn't realize when I selected this Free Friday selection it was a YA story. I am definately not a YA. That said, it was very good and held my attention. I would recommend for Jr and Sr high girls.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In "The year my sister got luck" Katie and Michaela Wilder are two close knit sisters that share not only secrets but the love and passion of Ballet to. Uprooted from there hometown New york City, the two sisters move to rural Fir lake and begin there new lives there. Secrets are kept and betrayals occur when Katie and her older sibling Michaela start to distance from each other. This book shows the drama and heartake af two sisters lives turned around as they learn to adjust into their new lives. But will younger sister Katie Wilder be able to adjust and keep up with her fast moving Sister Michaela? Or will secrets tear them apart?.... This story is a good lesson about relationships and trust.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LoveToRead96 More than 1 year ago
'The Year My Sister Got Lucky' is a cute and charming book. I read it in about a day because once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. Aimee Freidman is a great author - this book is well-written and almost anyone can relate to the events that go on. I liked the way the characters were described in the book and it felt like I got to know them. I recommend it to all girls, especially sisters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Myam_Lusia More than 1 year ago
I am both a sister and a dancer, and I must say, when I read this, the first quote opened my eyes. The author's words are so true to any sister - I was amazed at how much of myself I discovered when reading this book. Just finished the last 170 pages tonight. Good story line, not very predictable. Interesting names of the characters and places. If you've ever been to NYC or dream of seeing the Big Apple someday, I advise you to pick this one up, too. Hope you enjoy reading The Year My Sister Got Lucky!
tarantino_999 More than 1 year ago
This book was OMG amazing. After I finished this afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about it and was almost about to cry the story couldn't continue. It's one of those books that you want to get to the end to accomplish reading the book but then again you want the story to be infinite. It was amazing. I recommend this book for people who like books about realistic fiction and modern girls and relationships and their lives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago