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Twisted Fairy Tales

Twisted Fairy Tales

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by Maura McHugh, Jane Laurie (Illustrator)

Twisted Fairy Tales is a brand-new anthology of very old tales--but tales with gothic twists of plot guaranteed to astound and terrify even the most fearless readers. These re-told stories include--

• Snow White
• Rapunzel
• Little Red Hood
• The Cinder Wench
• Beauty and the Beast
• Pinocchio


Twisted Fairy Tales is a brand-new anthology of very old tales--but tales with gothic twists of plot guaranteed to astound and terrify even the most fearless readers. These re-told stories include--

• Snow White
• Rapunzel
• Little Red Hood
• The Cinder Wench
• Beauty and the Beast
• Pinocchio
• The Goose Girl
• The Pied Piper of Hamelin
• and twelve more

Well-known tales get gruesome revisions--in many cases bringing them closer to the dark, sinister ways they were told eons ago. Several tales in this book are based on chilling versions collected by the brothers Grimm in the nineteenth century. For example, this new collection presents a Cinderella who, like the heroine in the brothers Grimm story, is known as the Cinder Wench. In this version, readers will discover a young lady tormented by a stepmother who is far more wicked and frightening than the villain we find in most of today's watered-down renditions. All who relish the macabre atmosphere that dominates the Cinder Wench's tale will want to acquaint themselves with all stories in this scary collection. They'll find--

  • 20 sinister legends that linger on the mysterious and macabre
  • Brooding illustrations on every page that heighten the gothic mood
  • Tales that anticipate new television shows, as well as new movies scheduled for release in the coming year

    Twisted Fairy Tales is an anthology of black magic legends that only the bravest young readers will dare to delve into before bedtime. But once they open this unusual volume, they won't put it down until they've reached the very last page.

  • Editorial Reviews

    From the Publisher

    "This is a beautifully illustrated bookâ?¦Teens who enjoy fairy tales and dystopian/fantasy worlds such as Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and The Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas will enjoy these dark short stories."

    --Library Media Connection, January / February 2014

    VOYA - Laura Perenic
    Twisted Fairy Tales takes familiar folklore and turns it into curious monstrosities, attempting to capture what was chilling and gruesome about original fairy tales before Disney got hold of them. There is a wide gamut of stories, from those known by heart like "Sleeping Beauty" and "Pinnocchio," to the more obscure, like "Vasilisa's Fire" and "The Tiger Chest." McHugh's collection succeeds in being peculiar and more shocking than truly gross, with the exclusion of "The Red Shoes," where the removal of appendages with an ax is the only way to break a curse. The artwork is a collage of layered, sometimes abstract, textures, giving it an antique feeling. Full-page color illustrations and smaller, monochrome line drawings contribute to most stories. Readers may linger over the pictures long after the novelty of the text has passed. The fairy tales are not as gruesome or macabre as expected; many of them feature woebegone heroines beset by their own families. The font is particularly tiny. Twisted Fairy Tales could benefit from notations of each story's national origin, which could be guessed from context but is not always clear. Reviewer: Laura Perenic
    School Library Journal
    Gr 8 Up—Whether it's "Beauty and the Beast," "Little Red Riding Hood," or any of these other adapted tales, the bare plots should be familiar to most readers. But like any good story, it's the details that make them all work. Scenes such as the young boy on crutches in "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" hobbling to keep up to the enchantments of the piper's music or the wicked stepmother in "The Cinder Wench" forcing her daughters to cut off their toes to fit the glass slipper are gloriously grisly and take readers to places they don't normally see. As author of the dark fantasy comic-book series "Jennifer Wilde," McHugh really capitalizes on her experience in the genre to spin these old yarns in ways that are surprising, dramatic, and even enlightening. She does an especially good job in developing the characters. In her version of "Snow White," for example, the queen looks in her magic mirror every day, seeing herself not just aging but losing favor with her husband as Snow gains in beauty and influence nearly every day. She becomes obsessed with maintaining her power by any means necessary, magical or otherwise. This Gothic, almost Poe-esque sense of character drives her to terrible actions and adds compelling layers that stretch her beyond the bounds of being merely evil. Laurie's highly gestural use of dark inks, bold reds, and almost sickly yellows creates a frenetic, late-night horror feel that emboldens the already strong Gothic tone throughout. While not for the weak of heart, these darkened versions manage to bring back the most important magic of fairy tales: showing readers how they can face horrible things and still survive.—Matthew L. Moffett, Fairfax County Public Libraries, VA

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    Twisted Fairy Tales 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
    horrorbookgirl More than 1 year ago
    A very good book. i enjoyed the stories and the beutiful pictures ! my favorite storie is the Bone Whistle and my favorite picture is the picture of the girl dancing in the story the Red Shoes.