Wandering Son: Book One

Wandering Son: Book One

by Shimura Takako

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A sensitive masterprice from Japan’s most prominent creator of LGBT manga.See more details below


A sensitive masterprice from Japan’s most prominent creator of LGBT manga.

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Publishers Weekly
This manga about gender dissonance by Shimura, well-known for her treatment of lesbian and transgender issues, tells the story of a friendship between Shuichi, a young boy who wishes he were a girl, and Yoshino, a young girl who wishes she were a boy. The standard manga tone—chatty, cute, in which characters are affectionately introduced and their quirks described with many an exclamation point—goes far in portraying deeply rooted gender issues in the midst of the normal social shifts among a group of fifth graders. Shuichi's impulses toward a female identity feel confusing and shameful to him, and it's the girls in his life—first Yoshino, and then Saori—who point out his difference and encourage it. In one of the first episodes, Shuichi tries on a dress that Yoshino has cast off, and finds that he feels good in it. Later, during rehearsals of a play, the students switch gender roles, so that Shuichi is playing the character of Rosalie. Both children are teased mercilessly by their classmates, whose sexual development, while perhaps more socially normative, is just as confusing to them. A prologue by Thorn explaining Japanese honorifics is key to a story about two young people figuring out who they are in relation to the society and people around them. (July)
Brigid Alverson - MTV Geek
“Wandering Son is a delightful, quiet manga about a girly boy and a boyish girl.... This is not your typical gender-bender manga playing a gender switch for laughs (and fanservice); it's a quiet, subtle story of a boy coming to terms with himself.”
Terry Hong - BookDragon (Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program)
“In the series’ debut-in-English, Shimura treats both protagonists’ journeys of self-discovery with gentle honesty; her characters are wide-eyed and adorable, uncertain and searching.”
Anna Neatrour - Manga Report
“...Shimura Takako is a master at portraying subtle events in a slice of life story about adolescence that never feels didactic.... Like the storyline, Shimura’s art is simple but nuanced.... As you’d expect from Fantagraphics, the production quality for Wandering Son is excellent.”
Shannon Fay - Kuriousity
“What makes Wandering Son work is its slow-burn pace and calm atmosphere. It takes a delicate subject – transgender children- and explores it slowly and carefully. Much like its characters, it moves at its own pace, easing the reader into the characters’ lives.”
Kat Callahan - Jezebel - ROYGBIV
“...[B]eing a trans woman means I'm used to seeing awful depictions of my lived experiences. I do not see me, and that is when I see trans women or trans people in general depicted at all. Until [Wandering Son]... I had never seen my own narrative depicted. At least not closely or accurately.”

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Wandering Son Series
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6.80(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.00(d)
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14 - 17 Years

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