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Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural

Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural

4.6 18
by Edward V'Kanty

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"Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural" is a collection of the first works written by horror & dark fiction author Edward V'Kanty. The short stories assembled here in this volume feature elements of dark fantasy and science fiction, the supernatural, and the macabre.

• Whispers From Hell
Through a series of events


"Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural" is a collection of the first works written by horror & dark fiction author Edward V'Kanty. The short stories assembled here in this volume feature elements of dark fantasy and science fiction, the supernatural, and the macabre.

• Whispers From Hell
Through a series of events beyond his own control, Melvin Andrews becomes the sole owner and resident of a house that had unnerved him from the first moment he'd laid eyes upon it. As he tries to identify the malevolent spirit haunting him, he realizes that his is not the first soul this entity has preyed upon. Can he defeat the evil that has become so obsessed with him, or will he succumb to the Whispers From Hell?

• A Requiem For The Damned
While on vacation with his wife, Evan reluctantly follows one of the local men deep into the jungle on a journey to find the fabled fountain of youth. Instead, the guide leads him into a village that boasts hidden beauties and contained dangers. Will he follow the royal guardian of this village and be granted access to youth eternal, or will he risk his own life and that of his wife's to provide A Requiem For The Damned?

• Into The Realm Of The Lunatic
When her mentor and supervisor retires, Dr. Shauna Adams finds herself promoted and in charge of an experimental procedure that will allow her glimpses into the minds of her patients. As the equipment helps her to access the mind of her first patient, she becomes overwhelmed in a world where reality converges with memories, dreams, and fantasies. Lost amidst these images, she must find the truth, before she delves too deep Into The Realm Of The Lunatic.

Plus 6 more bone-chilling tales to make the reader dread the dark of night...

Editorial Reviews

http://lissinbookland.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/whispers-from-hell-by-edward-vkanty/ - Alice Wilkinson
"This collection of tales has one major theme running throughout it: atmosphere. The author does a good job of setting the scene and creating an air of tension. A healthy mix of narratives, the author gives a voice to multiple evils and his stories span a wide range of settings and profiles . Worth a read if you’re a horror fan."

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Meet the Author

Edward V'Kanty is a college educated author with an interest in the dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. His writing tends to focus more on the supernatural and the strength and will of the human spirit to overcome. He lists his greatest influences as Edgar Allan Poe, Clive Barker, Alfred Hitchcock, and Rod Serling.
Although born and raised in western New York state, Edward V'Kanty currently resides in Henderson, Nevada.

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Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
LRWells4 More than 1 year ago
Edward V'Kanty's collection of short stories entitled Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & the Supernatural is an excellent read. The author takes great care in setting up each story in such detail that one gets lost within the scenes. That is, until the plot twist suddenly grabs hold of you as though you were the main character encountering his/her own Hell. The first story, "Whispers From Hell," sets the overall mood for this collection...eerie and chilling. It is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" in the way the narrator speaks to the reader. Many of these short stories possess that Poe-like atmosphere. Eerie, spine-tingling, foreboding, bizarre, ominous...the story lines are plausible, but it is that element of the supernatural that makes this collection a great read. V'Kanty focuses on certain fears and expands upon them by introducing that element of horror. If you are looking for a quick piece of fiction to read, Edward V'Kanty's Whispers From Hell will certainly give you a chill.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
beccaboo75 More than 1 year ago
As soon as I began these stories they reminded me very much of the old Armada Ghost books and this feeling remained with me throughout. I read and enjoyed this series as a child but when I read back on them with an adult's critical eye they were not quite as exciting. I felt the same about these stories. They were quite creepy but not compelling or quite well-written enough for me. I read a lot of books and the style was just a little immature for my taste. There were some typos and little niggles e.g. raucous used as a noun instead of ruckus, the use of the same name "Myrna" in two different stories and the author's over-enthusiasm with the use of hyphens. However, I did like the sense of unease that the reader was left with at the end of most of the stories and I think this anthology would definitely appeal to older teens. My favourite story out of all of these was "Kylie's Reality" as it had more of a modern ghost story feel to it and I liked the idea of a "stalker" ghost.  If you are expecting Stephen King or Dean Koontz you will be disappointed. However, if you want something with just enough chill-factor to keep you entertained, then you will probably be satisfied.  (NB I was given a free copy and a small reward in exchange for an honest review.)
DonnaStone More than 1 year ago
Whispers from Hell is a collection of short stories by Edward V’Kanty which epitomizes torment.  Every character in every story is tormented in some way.  One is persecuted by dreams and demons, while another is tortured by spirits, goals, and memories.  A theme of horror and despair is woven throughout the pages from beginning to end.  Each character approaches fear in a different way which creates compelling reading.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am not a big fan of the horror genre because I am usually disappointed in the books I have read. That being said I was very pleasantly surprised by Mr. V'Kanty's style in this anthology. I was captivated by the stories, he has an unusual way of keeping the story going so  you don't want to put it down. He is a very good author and I recommend this book highly. Art Croswell
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic collection of horror and supernatural stories.  I am not usually one for this genre, but I found this book to be engaging, well-written, and a nice easy read.  The balance between horror and supernatural is very well done.  I highly recommend this book, and think it would be  a great take along book to a camping trip.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book. It made me hold my breathe in so many places, that the suspense almost killed me. The author has created such a diverse set of characters. Most of them do not live on the same plain as you and I. But  Melvin is able to interact with them in ways others can't . As the reader I never knew in advance how those interactions would turn out and whether they would be fearful or hurtful. It's this suspense of not knowing what will happen next that really draws you into the book. Hooks you so you can't let go. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book makes you sit on the edge of your seat. The author has created a scarey, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous cast of characters in this suspense filled drama. There are factions within the characters  that Melvin both fears and is drawn too. The author has put a great deal of work into the character development and making this combination of characters quake in your boots. I've never enjoyed a  suspenseful, supernatural  novel as much as I have this one. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is scarey, suspenseful, and you can never guess what will happen next. I started it and was hooked at the first page. I'm not usually into supernatural books, but the author makes you feel like you are sitting right at his side and going through every thing that happens with him. This is a page turner that I could not put down till I  read the last page. Melvin, who is the main character, finds himself in numerour dilemas. Like many of us, he is indecisive, stubborn, and  cannot have his mind changed  once he has made it up. I recommend this book to all adults, who like to feel the hair rise on the back of their necks in fear and love a story where you aren't able to figure out the ending by the end of the first chapter..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i do not usually like this genre of book, but quite enjoyed the thrilling, gruesome, suspenseful stories in this collection.  Each one had a different yet believable plot, and all the characters and settings were quite remarkable. Lorieb
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This author definitely knows how to write excellent creepy and scary horror stories. I sometimes struggle with short story collections, because inevitably I am disappointed with a few of the stories – not so with Edward V'Kanty's "Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural". There is not one sour grape in the bunch. Each one of the 9 stories grabs you hard from the get go and will keep you turning pages long into the night - I read this book in one sitting! Wonderful short horror story's book pulled together with a great twist! "A Requiem For The Damned" is my definite favorite. Read it!
Teah_Mist More than 1 year ago
Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural by Edward V'Kanty is filled with horror, dark fiction, and sci-fi stories.  Each of the stories in this book is written using a different style and each one is unique. For instance the first story Whispers From Hell is written as if the main character is talking to the reader from Hell.  I enjoyed the different type of writing that the first story used because it felt like the character was speaking directly to me.  I have read all of the nine stories and I enjoyed each of them; I liked how there was a different type and amount of horror in each story and it was not overwhelming. I would recommend this book and its many stories to all horror and sci-fi fans. 
LHCollinsLH More than 1 year ago
Creepy and Thoroughly Entertaining! I was recently recommended Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural and I have to say that I had a great time reading the horror story collection. Edward V'Kanty does a wonderful job at setting the tone with each of the stories... leaving the reader tense with nervousness, dread and a sense of unease as he weaves tales of everything from twisted glimpses into the psyche to creepy houses that terrify and compel in equal measure. The author writes with a deft hand using vivid imagery, strong dialogue and well-paced plots that never disappoint. This book weaves a spell over me and had me on the edge of my seat throughout it, from the story 'Whispers in Hell' to 'For Everything, A Season'. I would definitely recommend the horror anthology to anyone who wants a well-written collection of stories that send chills down your spine and weaves a twisted tale of the mind in its wake.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Whispers From Hell" by Edward V'Kanty is a collection of well constructed tales of the supernatural. The whole book will keep your attention throughout, because each story is unique and V'Kanty is remarkable at painting a picture with his words. It’s hard to impress people with horror/supernatural stories anymore, because readers already know something spooky is going to happen. However, 'impressive' is the best word for this book; readers will know something is going to happen, but will be on edge to find out what. Clearly drawing from classic influences, V'Kanty makes you feel like you're reading vintage horror.
yanya More than 1 year ago
Intriguing and thrilling stories for all supernatural fans! I love to read somewhat different, intriguing and also thrilling books and “Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural” is definitely one of them. The book is a collection of short haunted and horrific stories that will creep you out! The book with all the short tales contains diversity of dark genres and styles that will draw you into it really fast and will not leave you indifferent. You will meet haunted spirits, devils, carnivorous organisms, and demons, just to name a few.  Also, the book is well written, it is exiting, interesting and scary, just as you expect from any good horror book. It’s a great thrilling reading that I highly recommend to all fans of supernatural stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Edward's well constructed Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural provides a great introduction to the world of the supernatural in vivid bite size pieces. My favourite short story is titled 'Princesses'. I was recommended this book by a friend, and have to admit this is not in my usual area of interest. I was, however, pleasantly surprised, so have taken the time to write this review to encourage other readers to try something different. Short stories are great reading for those with little time on their hands.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite “Whispers from Hell” by Edward V’Kanty is an anthology of nine short horror and supernatural stories, plus the prologue to his upcoming novel “Dark Heritage”. The short stories in this collection are titillating and diverse. The first story, also called 'Whispers from Hell', is written in the form of one side of a conversation, with the reader being the unspoken counterpart. It is an interesting and unusual format for a short story, and in this case it works well. The narrator is speaking from Hell, at the side of his “master”, a demonic creature, and his tale is one of sorrow and woe. 'Kylie’s Reality' is about a ghost who attaches herself to a young woman who took a shortcut through a cemetery one night, to get out of a downpour as quickly as possible; she should have just taken her time. Other stories in this collection concern a massive infestation of subterranean multi-legged, carnivorous leech-like organisms which literally consume an entire town full of people in a few short hours; unanticipated consequences of coveting the alleged fountain of youth; beautiful vampiresses who have an unusual method for recruiting new members to their pack; the horrors which can be visited upon buyers of homes built over a relocated cemetery; and several other off-beat tales of horror and the supernatural. Edward V’Kanty has demonstrated in this collection his considerable talents covering a broad range of topics and styles in the darker fiction genres. Each of the tales in this book is unlike any of the others; it appears V’Kanty can find horror in just about any situation, and develop an intriguing tale showcasing that horror. While he is fairly new to the public eye, he has been writing for a while, and currently has several projects underway. Edward V’Kanty, by this collection, has burst upon the scene, announcing to the world his intention and potential to be around for a long time.