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Title: A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution, Author: Jennifer A. Doudna
Title: The Body Builders: Inside the Science of the Engineered Human, Author: Adam Piore
Title: Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine / Edition 4, Author: Edward H. Shortliffe
Title: Whole Earth Discipline: Why Dense Cities, Nuclear Power, Transgenic Crops, RestoredWildlands, and Geoengineering Are Necessary, Author: Stewart Brand
Title: Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology / Edition 2, Author: Lisa A. Seidman
Title: Practical Mems, Author: Ville Kaajakari
Title: Environmental Microbiology / Edition 3, Author: Ian L. Pepper
Title: How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution, Author: Kyle Kurpinski
Title: Introduction to the Theory and Design of Sonar Transducers, Author: Oscar Bryan Wilson
Title: DNA Science: A First Course, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Greg A Freyer David Micklos
Title: Targeted Individuals: How to Fight Back, Author: Richard Lighthouse
Title: The Science of Orphan Black: The Official Companion, Author: Casey Griffin
Title: THE HUMAN GENOME: A User's Guide / Edition 3, Author: Julia E. Richards
Title: Quantitative Human Physiology: An Introduction / Edition 2, Author: Joseph J Feher
Title: Fundamental Laboratory Approaches for Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2e / Edition 2, Author: Alexander J. Ninfa
Title: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Hops, Malts, and Brewing Herbs: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply, Author: Atlantic Publishing Company
Title: GMO Myths and Truths: A Citizen's Guide to the Evidence on the Safety and Efficacy of Genetically Modified Crops and Foods, 3rd Edition, Author: Claire Robinson
Title: Biosignal and Medical Image Processing: MATLAB-Based Applications / Edition 2, Author: John L. Semmlow
Title: Drugs: From Discovery to Approval / Edition 3, Author: Rick Ng
Title: Bioinformatics For Dummies, Author: Jean-Michel Claverie

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