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Title: A Children's Bible: A Novel, Author: Lydia Millet

A prophetic, heartbreaking story of generational divide—and a haunting vision of what awaits us on the far side of Revelation.

Title: Land of Big Numbers, Author: Te-Ping Chen
Title: The Glass Hotel: A novel, Author: Emily St. John Mandel
Title: Unworthy Republic: The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory, Author: Claudio Saunt
Title: Dear Edward: A Novel, Author: Ann Napolitano
Title: Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman's Search for Justice in Indian Country, Author: Sierra Crane Murdoch
Title: Conjure Women, Author: Afia Atakora
Title: Deacon King Kong, Author: James McBride
Title: My Dark Vanessa, Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell

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