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Title: Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers: The Trinity, Author: Joey Allen
Title: Angel Stories of the Bible, Author: Madge Haines Morrill
Title: Jesus, Jesus Everywhere (Jesus in My Little Pocket Series), Author: Thomas Nelson
Title: I Meet Jesus: He Tells me I Love You, Author: Jean Vanier
Title: Today I Saw a Prophet, Author: Kathleen H. Barnes
Title: Holy Spirit in Me, Author: Nystrom
Title: God's Great Plan, Author: Melissa Cutrera
Title: The Holy Spirit in Me, Author: Carolyn Nystrom
Title: God is With Me, Author: Cornelia Mary Bilinsky
Title: Real Life for Kids, Author: Rod Baker
Title: Acts: Face of the Fire, Author: Troy Murphy
Title: Somebody Lives Inside: The Holy Spirit, Author: Sharon Lee Roberts
Title: Jack & the 10 Rules, Author: Janice Mathews
Title: Holy Spirit in Christian Education, Author: Sylvia Lee
Title: Evangel - the Smallest Angel, Author: Coral Gray
Title: Real Power for Kids, Author: Rod Baker
Title: Space: God's Majestic Handiwork, Author: ICR Publishing
Title: How Do I Get to Heaven?, Author: Nancy Gorrell
Title: The Ultimate Battle and Bible Prophecy, Author: Rick Osborne
Title: Steps to Jesus: A Child's Path to Faith in Christ, Author: Linda J. Sattgast

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