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Title: Cryptography: The Science of Secret Writing, Author: Laurence D. Smith
Title: How to Keep a Secret, Author: Elizabeth James
Title: Secret Writing-Codes and Messages, Author: Eugene H. Baker
Title: Hi Tech World: Code Breakers, Author: Ben Hubbard
Title: Ciphers and Codes, Author: Karen Price Hossell
Title: Codes and Sequences, Author: Marion Smoothey
Title: Ciphers and Codes, Author: Karen Price-Hossell
Title: Pass It on!: All about Notes, from Secret Codes and Special Inks to Fancy Folds and Dead Man's Drops, Author: Sharon Bailly
Title: Writing Secret Codes and Sending Hidden Messages, Author: Gyles Brandreth
Title: Super Little Giant Book of Secret Codes, Author: Diagram Group
Title: The Usborne Book of Secret Codes, Author: Eileen O'Brien
Title: Messages in Code, Author: Janet Weller
Title: The National Security Agency: Cracking Secret Codes, Author: Connie Colwell Miller
Title: The Kids' Code and Cipher Book, Author: Nancy Garden
Title: Cool Careers for Girls in Cybersecurity and National Safety, Author: Linda Thornburg
Title: Careers in E-Commerce Security and Encryption, Author: Chris Hayhurst
Title: Terrific Tools, Author: Paul Nourigat Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Codes and Ciphers: Hundreds of Unusual and Secret Ways to Send Messages, Author: Ashton
Title: Codes, Ciphers and Other Secrets, Author: Karin N. Mango
Title: Codebreaker: The History of Codes and Ciphers, Author: Stephen Pincock

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