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Title: Computer Software Basics, Author: Carl Laron
Title: Learning TRS-80 Model III BASIC, Author: David A. Lien
Title: C++ Super Review, Author: David Hunter
Title: The Essentials of Data Structures II, Author: Dennis C. Smolarski
Title: BASIC with Style: Programming Proverbs, Author: Paul A. Nagin
Title: One Hundred One Timex-Sinclair 1000 ZX-81 Programming Tips and Tricks, Author: Edward Page
Title: Computing: An Introduction to Structured Problem Solving Using Pascal, Author: V. A. Dyck
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Title: BASIC Programming, Author: Donald D. Spencer
Title: WordPerfect 5.0 Quick Reference Guide, Author: Marivel Salazar
Title: The Essentials of C Programming Language, Author: Ernest C. Ackermann
Title: How to code in Python: GCSE, iGCSE and National 4/5, Author: Greg Reid Pre-Order Now
Title: Data Structures I Essentials, Author: Dennis C. Smolarski
Title: Smp from Problem to Program, Author: School Mathematics Project