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Title: L M Montgomery, A TANGLED WEB, The Author of the Anne Shirley Series, Author: L. M. Montgomery
Title: The Hunter's Burden, Author: Jamie McKinven
Title: Blood Relations and Other Plays, Author: Sharon Pollock
Title: Harlem Duet / Edition 1, Author: Djanet Sears
Title: HER2, Author: Maja Ardal
Title: Lion in the Streets, Author: Judith Thompson
Title: The Case of the Broken Heart, Author: Richard von Fuchs
Title: The Last Wife, Author: Kate Hennig
Title: Footpaths and Bridges: Voices from the Native American Women Playwrights Archive, Author: Rebecca Ann Howard
Title: Little One & Other Plays, Author: Hannah Moscovitch
Title: Pontypool, Author: Tony Burgess
Title: Someday, Author: Drew Hayden Taylor
Title: Remember Me / Edition 2, Author: Michel Tremblay
Title: East of Berlin, Author: Hannah Moscovitch
Title: I Have AIDS!, Author: Sky Gilbert
Title: Sila, Author: Chantal Bilodeau
Title: Suburban Motel / Edition 1, Author: George F. Walker
Title: Lilies, Author: Michael Marc Bouchard
Title: Wolfsblut, Author: Jack London
Title: Tombs of the Vanishing Indian, Author: Marie Clements

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