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Title: Teaching Children Who Find Reading Difficult / Edition 4, Author: Timothy V. Rasinski
Title: The Soul of A New Machine, Author: Tracy Kidder
Title: The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles, Author: Noam Nisan
Title: Linear Systems and Signals / Edition 2, Author: B. P. Lathi
Title: Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth Kobre
Title: Digital Electronics: Principles And Applications / Edition 8, Author: Roger L Tokheim
Title: TAB - Simon Monk eBook Sampler, Author: Simon Monk
Title: Ham and Shortwave Radio for the Electronics Hobbyist, Author: Stan Gibilisco
Title: The DCC Guide, Author: Don Fiehmann
Title: GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking [covers the HERO4 and all GoPro cameras], Author: Bradford Schmidt
Title: Introduction to Media Production: The Path to Digital Media Production / Edition 4, Author: Gorham Kindem
Title: Signals and Systems: Continuous and Discrete / Edition 4, Author: Rodger E. Ziemer
Title: Principles of Electronic Communication Systems / Edition 4, Author: Louis E. Frenzel
Title: A Splendor of Letters: The Permanence of Books in an Impermanent World, Author: Nicholas A Basbanes
Title: High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic / Edition 1, Author: Howard Johnson
Title: Digital Television Systems, Author: Marcelo S. Alencar
Title: Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion Techniques / Edition 2, Author: David F. Hoeschele
Title: Fundamentals of Digital Communication / Edition 1, Author: Upamanyu Madhow
Title: Channel Codes: Classical and Modern / Edition 1, Author: William Ryan
Title: SafeWare: System Safety and Computers / Edition 1, Author: Nancy G. Leveson

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