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Title: Ask for It, Author: Sylvia Day
Title: Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, Author: John Cleland
Title: Training Lady Townsend (Properly Spanked Series #1), Author: Annabel Joseph
Title: The Undoing of a Libertine, Author: Raine Miller
Title: The Passion of Darius: A Gothic Tale of Love and Seduction, Author: Raine Miller
Title: Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of the Opera, Author: Colette Gale
Title: Animal Lust, Author: Lacy Danes
Title: Simply Carnal, Author: Kate Pearce
Title: Venus in the Country, Author: Anonymous
Title: All I Want Is You, Author: Elizabeth Anthony
Title: Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition, Author: Annabella Bloom
Title: Sans Regret, Author: Alice Gaines
Title: Venus In India, Author: Charles Devereaux
Title: Amulet, Author: Lisette Allen
Title: Fanny Hills Daughter, Author: Carroll & Graf Publishers
Title: The Lustful Turk, Author: Carroll & Graf Publishers
Title: The Improper Ladies: Savage Shores/Incomparable/Carla's Delicious Secret/Labyrinth, Author: Emma Wildes
Title: Diary of Mata Hari, Author: Anonymous
Title: Fanny Hill: Or, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (3 cassettes), Author: Cleland
Title: Man Sword, Author: Larry Townsend

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