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Title: Encyclopedia of Chicago, Author: James R. Grossman
Title: The Oxford Companion to Scottish History, Author: Michael Lynch
Title: The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky, Author: James C. Claypool
Title: Kentucky History, Author: Ron D. Bryant
Title: The Kentucky Encyclopedia, Author: John E. Kleber
Title: Asian American Short Story Writers, Author: Guiyou Huang
Title: The Booklover's Guide to New Orleans, Author: Susan Larson
Title: Encyclopedia of New Jersey, Author: Maxine Lurie
Title: Naming New York: Manhattan Places and How They Got Their Names, Author: Sanna Feirstein
Title: Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Author: Charles Reagan Wilson
Title: Texas and Western American Maps, Catalogue Prices, 1987-1990: Chronological Listing of over 3,000 Price Entries on Maps Featuring the U. S. West of the Mississippi, Author: Richard Morrison
Title: Eastern European Technological Business Opportunities: An Executive Report, Author: John J. Langwick
Title: Diggerspeak: The Language of Australia at War, Author: Amanda Laugesen
Title: Encyclopedia of Florida: A Reference Guide to the Sunshine State, Author: Robert Marcus
Title: Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, Author: Jay Kinsbruner
Title: Culinary Landmarks: A Bibliography of Canadian Cookbooks, 1825-1949, Author: Elizabeth Driver
Title: Genealogical Resources in New York, Author: Estelle M. Guzik
Title: Encyclopedia of Ohio, Author: John Kunstmann
Title: The Jewish Community in America: An Annotated and Classified Bibliographical Guide, Author: William E. Brickman
Title: Afghanistan: A Bibliography, Author: Heather Bleaney

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