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Title: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software / Edition 1, Author: Erich Gamma
Title: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code / Edition 1, Author: Martin Fowler
Title: C Interfaces and Implementations: Techniques for Creating Reusable Software / Edition 1, Author: David R. Hanson
Title: Firefox Hacks, Author: Nigel McFarlane Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks that Work, Author: Robert Hoekman Jr.
Title: Reconfigurable Technology: FPGAs for Computing and Applications, Author: John Schewel
Title: Software Merging and Slicing, Author: Valdis Berzins
Title: Practical Software Reuse / Edition 1, Author: Michel Ezran
Title: Software Reusability: Applications and Experience, Author: Ted J. Biggerstaff
Title: Managing Software Re-Use / Edition 1, Author: Wayne C. Lim
Title: A Systematic Catalogue of Reusable Abstract Data Types, Author: Jurgen Uhl
Title: Practical Reusable UNIX Software, Author: Balachander Krishnamurthy
Title: Software Reusability, Author: Peter Freeman
Title: Spidering Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Techniques, Author: Morbus Iff Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Domain Theory: Patterns for Knowledge and Software Reuse, Author: Alistair Sutcliffe
Title: Object-Oriented Reuse, Concurrency, and Distribution: An Ada-Based Approach, Author: Colin Atkinson
Title: Design and Use of Software Architectures: Adopting and Evolving a Product-Line Approach / Edition 1, Author: Jan Bosch
Title: Rlisp '88: An Evolutionary Approach to Program Design and Reuse, Author: . Rand
Title: Libra: Learning and Inquiry-Based Reuse Adoption / Edition 1, Author: Sidney C. Bailin
Title: Reengineering Software: How to Reuse Programming to Build New, State-of-the-Art Software, Author: Roy Rada

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