Title: Today Will Be a Great Day!: Slimy Oddity's Guide to Happiness, Author: Slimy Oddity
Title: Stuff That's Loud: A Teen's Guide to Unspiraling When OCD Gets Noisy, Author: Ben Sedley PhD
Title: Your Life, Your Way: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills to Help Teens Manage Emotions and Build Resilience [Standard Large Print], Author: Joseph V Ciarrochi
Title: Hello Darkness: My doctor said,
Title: Attention Hijacked: Using Mindfulness to Reclaim Your Brain from Tech, Author: Erica B. Marcus
Title: The Self-Compassionate Teen: Mindfulness and Compassion Skills to Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, Author: Karen Bluth PhD
Title: The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal with Stress, Author: Gina M. Biegel MA
Title: 5 Minute Gratitude Journal For Teens: Journal with Inspirational Quotes, Prompts to Cultivate a Habit of Awareness and Improve Well-being, Journal to Increase, Author: Xela Modern Press
Title: Rewire Your Anxious Brain for Teens: Using CBT, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness to Help You End Anxiety, Panic, and Worry, Author: Debra Kissen PhD
Title: Cool Mind: 11 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Boost Self-Confidence, and Improve Concentration in School, Sports, and Life, Author: David Keefe
Title: The Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Self-Harm: Skills to Help You Overcome Cutting and Self-Harming Behaviors, Thoughts, and Feelings, Author: Gina M. Biegel MA
Title: Take in the Good: Skills for Staying Positive and Living Your Best Life, Author: Gina Biegel
Title: RISE, Author: Dr. Saran Heron
Title: The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Teen Anxiety: Activities to Help You Overcome Fears and Worries Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Author: Sheri L. Turrell PhD
Title: The Mindful Teen Workbook: Powerful Skills to Find Calm, Develop Self-Compassion, and Build Resilience, Author: Patricia Rockman MD
Title: The Mindful Breathing Workbook for Teens: Simple Practices to Help You Manage Stress and Feel Better Now, Author: Matthew D. Dewar EdD
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PRACTICING MINDFULNESS: Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Improve Mental Health, and Return to a State of Inner Peace and Happiness (Abridged)
by G.S. Hayashi
Narrated by  la d. Taylor
Audiobook (Abridged) $12.50
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Title: Mindflip: Emotional Tool-Box & Positive Mindset Kids-Teens, Author: Heidi Horne
Title: Be Mindful and Stress Less: 50 Ways to Deal with Your (Crazy) Life, Author: Gina Biegel
Title: Yoga Art: Introduction to Yoga Art, Author: Alex W. Laden

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