Title: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal, Author: Nick Bryant
Title: Filthy Rich: The Jeffrey Epstein Story, Author: James Patterson
Title: Game Over: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence, Author: Bill Moushey
Title: We Believe the Children: A Moral Panic in the 1980s, Author: Richard Beck
Title: What They Couldn't Take: A Memoir of Survival From Familial Sex Trafficking, Author: Adira James
Title: When Your Child Has Been Molested: A Parents' Guide to Healing and Recovery, Author: Kathryn Brohl
Title: No Crueler Tyrannies: Accusation, False Witness, and Other Terrors of Our Times, Author: Dorothy Rabinowitz
Title: TrafficKing: The Jeffrey Epstein Case, Author: Conchita Sarnoff
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Title: Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein, Author: Bradley J. Edwards
Title: Verdicts and Holes, Author: Janvier T. Chando
Title: No Longer Broken, Author: Dr. Rochelle Redus
Title: Justice Perverted: The Molestation Mistrial of Richard Charles Haefner, Author: Derek J. Sherwood
Title: Interviewing Children about Sexual Abuse: Controversies and Best Practice / Edition 1, Author: Kathleen Coulborn Faller
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Title: Nursery Crimes: Sexual Abuse in Day Care / Edition 1, Author: David Finkelhor
Title: Dirty Harry's and Dirty Sarah's Paradise, Author: M. Renee Mason
Title: The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Her Lips Were Sealed Until Now:, Author: Tammy Atencio
Title: Assessing Child Maltreatment Reports: The Problem of False Allegations, Author: Jerome Beker
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