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Title: The New Geography of Jobs, Author: Enrico Moretti
Title: Take This Job and Ship It: How Corporate Greed and Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America, Author: Byron L. Dorgan
Title: The Jobless Future: Second Edition, Author: Stanley Aronowitz
Title: The Dynamics of a Labor Market: A Study of the Impact of Employment Changes on Labor Mobility, Job Satisfactions, and Company and Union Policies, Author: Charles Andrew Myers
Title: Labor and Employment in the U. S. S. R., Author: David Stuart Lane
Title: Down and Out: Labouring Under Global Capitalism, Author: Jan Breman
Title: Longitudinal Analysis of Labor Market Data, Author: James J. Heckman
Title: Windows on the Workplace: Computers, Jobs, and the Organization of Office Work, Author: Joan M. Greenbaum
Title: Income and Jobs: USA: Diagnosing the Reality, Author: George Sternlieb
Title: The Myth of the Coming Labor Shortage: Jobs, Skills, and Incomes of America's Workforce 2000, Author: Lawrence R. Mishel
Title: Whitehall and the Labour Problem in Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain: A Study in Official Statistics and Social Control, Author: Roger H. Davidson
Title: Asia, Author: Hammond World Atlas Corporation Staff
Title: Unemployment, Search and Labour Supply, Author: Richard Blundell
Title: The Flow Analysis of Labour Markets, Author: Ronald Schettkat
Title: Job Rights in the Soviet Union: Their Consequences, Author: David Granick
Title: Reforming Immigration Helping Meet America's Need for a Skilled Workforce, Author: Committee For Economic Developement
Title: Globalization, Labour Markets and Inequality in India, Author: Dipak Mazumdar
Title: The Employment Impact of Innovation: Evidence and Policy, Author: Mario Pianta
Title: The Urban Informal Sector in Developing Countries: Employment, Poverty and Environment, Author: International Labour Office Staff
Title: Labor, Globalization and the State: Workers, Women and Migrants Confront Neoliberalism, Author: Debdas Banerjee

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