Title: Our Lady of the Flowers, Author: Jean Genet
Title: Yes, Daddy, Author: Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Title: Nightwork, Author: Joseph Hansen
Title: Come to Dust, Author: Tiberius Rings
Title: 100 Boyfriends, Author: Brontez Purnell
Title: Obedience, Author: Joseph Hansen
Title: The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning, Author: Joseph Hansen
Title: Early Graves, Author: Joseph Hansen
Title: The Dove in the Belly, Author: Jim Grimsley
Title: When Women Were Warriors Book I, Author: Catherine M Wilson
Title: Running with Lions, Author: Julian Winters
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Title: Toil and Trouble, Author: Tiberius Rings
Title: Burn Down the Tower, Author: Tiberius Rings
Title: Isolation Play, Author: Kyell Gold
Title: A Lonely Dragon, Author: Tiberius Rings
Title: The Resurrectionist, Author: A. Rae Dunlap Pre-Order Now
Title: Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out, Author: Ryan Love
Title: Something Like Summer, Author: Jay Bell
Title: Hired Hands: Gay Erotic Stories, Author: Winston Gieseke (Ed.)
Title: Death In Venice, Author: Thomas Mann

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