Title: Reunion (Redemption Series #5), Author: Karen Kingsbury
Title: Briefly, A Delicious Life: A Novel, Author: Nell Stevens
Title: Honey Girl: A Novel, Author: Morgan Rogers
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Title: Breaking Character, Author: Lee Winter
Title: The Brutal Truth, Author: Lee Winter
Title: All the Hearts You Eat, Author: Hailey Piper Pre-Order Now
Title: Oath of Fire, Author: K Arsenault Rivera Pre-Order Now
Title: Seasons of Love, Author: Harper Bliss
Title: Leading Aegis, Author: Z.R. Reed
Title: Metal from Heaven, Author: august clarke Pre-Order Now
Title: Compass Rose, Author: Anna Burke
Title: Scatter, Author: Molly J Bragg
Title: The Gravity Between Us, Author: Kristen Zimmer
Title: Final Edition and Union Jack (Lindsay Gordon Mysteries #3 and #4), Author: Val McDermid
Title: The Goodmans, Author: Clare Ashton
Title: Change Of Heart, Author: Clare Lydon
Title: The Club, Author: A L Brooks
Title: Long Time Gone: A Novel, Author: Hannah Martian Pre-Order Now
Title: The Blood-Born Dragon, Author: J. C. Rycroft
Title: These Letters End in Tears: A Novel, Author: Musih Tedji Xaviere

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