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Title: Library and Information Center Management / Edition 8, Author: Robert D. Stueart
Title: Information Services Today: An Introduction, Author: Sandra Hirsh
Title: School Libraries and Student Learning: A Guide for School Leaders, Author: Rebecca J. Morris
Title: Building Influence for the School Librarian: Tenets, Targets, and Tactics / Edition 2, Author: Gary N. Hartzell
Title: The Successful Library Trustee Handbook, Author: Mary Y. Moore
Title: Where Do I Start?: A School Library Handbook, Author: Santa Clara County Office of Education
Title: The Thriving Library: Successful Strategies for Challenging Times, Author: Marylaine Block
Title: Systems Analysis for Librarians and Information Professionals / Edition 2, Author: Margaret Nakamura
Title: Guide to Library User Needs Assessment for Integrated Information Resource: Management and Collection Development / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Bosch
Title: Blueprint For Your Library Marketing Plan, Author: Ellen G. Miller
Title: Fundamentals Of Library Supervision / Edition 2, Author: Joan Giesecke
Title: Guide to Collection Development and Management: Administration, Organization, and Staffing, Author: John M. Haar
Title: Organizational Structure of Libraries / Edition 2, Author: Lowell A. Martin
Title: Marketing Information Products and Services: A Primer for Librarians and Information Professionals, Author: Abhinandan K. Jain
Title: On the Frontlines: Coping with the Library's Problem Patrons, Author: Charles A. Salter
Title: Crash Course in Collection Development, Author: Wayne Disher
Title: Biomedical Organizations: A Worldwide Guide to Position Documents, Author: Dale Stirling
Title: Integrating Total Quality Management in a Library Setting, Author: Susan Jurow
Title: The PLA Reader for Public Library Directors and Managers, Author: Kathleen M. Hughes
Title: Collection Development: Cooperation at the National and Local Levels, Author: Barbara G. Valk

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