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Title: The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us, Author: James W. Pennebaker
Title: Speech and Language Processing / Edition 2, Author: Daniel Jurafsky
Title: Corpus Linguistics in North America: Selections from the 1999 Symposium, Author: Rita C Simpson-Vlach
Title: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Manning
Title: Mathematical Models for Speech Technology / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Levinson
Title: Generating Natural Language Descriptions with Integrated Text and Examples, Author: Vibhu O. Mittal
Title: Argument Now: A Brief Rhetoric / Edition 1, Author: Margaret Barber
Title: Data-Oriented Parsing, Author: Rens Bod
Title: Language Engineering for Lesser-Studied Languages Vol. 21: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: Information and Communication Security, Author: S. Nirenburg
Title: Lexis and Creativity in Translation: A Corpus Based Approach, Author: Dorothy Kenny
Title: Language, Technology, and Society, Author: Richard Sproat
Title: Focus: Linguistic, Cognitive, and Computational Perspectives, Author: Peter Bosch
Title: JIS Kanji Character Recognition Methods, Author: Glenn Searfoss
Title: Corpus Linguistics, Computer Tools, and Applications - State of the Art: PALC 2007, Author: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
Title: Statistics for Corpus Linguistics / Edition 1, Author: Michael P. Oakes
Title: Understanding Natural Language, Author: Terry Winograd
Title: Contemporary Corpus Linguistics, Author: Paul Baker
Title: Teaching, Technology, Textuality: Approaches to New Media, Author: Michael Hanrahan
Title: Natural Language Processing in Pop-11, Author: Gerard Gazdar
Title: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (1984): Five Overviews (Robotics, Expert Systems, Computer Vision, Computer-Based Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence), Author: William B. Gevarter

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