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Title: Special Functions and Their Applications, Author: N. N. Lebedev
Title: Sets, Functions, and Logic / Edition 3, Author: Keith Devlin
Title: Special Functions of Mathematical Physics: A Unified Introduction with Applications, Author: NIKIFOROV
Title: The Functions of Mathematical Physics, Author: Harry Hochstadt
Title: Elementary Dirichlet Series and Modular Forms / Edition 1, Author: Goro Shimura
Title: Exposition by Emil Artin: A Selection, Author: Michael Rosen
Title: Symmetry and Separation of Variables, Author: Willard Miller
Title: Lectures on the theory of elliptic functions, Author: Harris Hancock
Title: Obtaining Generating Functions, Author: Elna B. McBride
Title: Theory and Applications of Special Functions: A Volume Dedicated to Mizan Rahman / Edition 1, Author: Mourad E. H. Ismail
Title: Random Matrices, Frobenius Eigenvalues, and Monodromy, Author: Nicholas M. Katz
Title: Posterior and Predictive Densities for Simultaneous Equation Models, Author: Jean-Francois Richard
Title: Special Functions of Mathematics for Engineers / Edition 2, Author: Larry C. Andrews
Title: Tata Lectures on Theta III / Edition 1, Author: David Mumford
Title: Moments, Monodromy, and Perversity. (AM-159): A Diophantine Perspective. (AM-159), Author: Nicholas M. Katz
Title: Hypergeometric Functions and Their Applications / Edition 1, Author: James B. Seaborn
Title: Special Functions: A Unified Theory Based on Singularities, Author: Sergei Yuryevitsh Slavyanov
Title: Elements of the Theory of Elliptic Functions, Author: N. I. Akhiezer
Title: Sets, Functions and Logic: Basic concepts of university mathematics, Author: Keith J. Devlin
Title: A treatise on the theory of Bessel functions, Author: G. N. Watson

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