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Title: VB.NET Language Pocket Reference, Author: PhD Steven Roman
Title: Moving to VB .NET: Strategies, Concepts, and Code, Author: Dan Appleman
Title: Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET / Edition 2, Author: Ying Bai
Title: Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET for Scientists and Engineers, Author: Christopher M. Frenz
Title: Professional Design Patterns in VB .NET: Building Adaptable Applications, Author: Chaur Wu
Title: Visual Basic.Net Developer's Headstart, Author: Jeffrey Shapiro
Title: Professional Visual Basic 6: A Programmers Resource, Author: Apress
Title: Visual Basic .NET Unleashed, Author: Paul Kimmel
Title: Visual Basic.Net Black Book, Author: Steven Holzner
Title: Database Access with Visual Basic .NET / Edition 3, Author: Jeffrey P. McManus
Title: Visual Basic.Net at Work: Building 10 Enterprise Projects, Author: Tony Martin
Title: Visual Basic.NET Programming, Author: Mark Ridgeway
Title: Moving To ASP.NET: Web Development with VB .NET / Edition 1, Author: Steve Harris
Title: GDI+ Programming in C# and VB .NET / Edition 1, Author: Nick Symmonds
Title: Professional VB.NET / Edition 1, Author: Billy Hollis
Title: Visual Basic .NET! I Didn't Know You Could Do That..., Author: Matt Tagliaferri
Title: Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic. Net with Student CD, Author: Julia Case Bradley
Title: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET BASICS, Author: Todd Knowlton
Title: Learn VB .NET Through Game Programming, Author: Matthew Tagliaferri
Title: Programming in Visual BASIC. Net - With 6 CD - Package, Author: Julia Case Bradley

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