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Title: Microworlds 2.0: Hypermedia Project Development and Logo Scripting, Author: Sharon Yoder
Title: Apple LOGO: Activities for Exploring Turtle Graphics, Author: Harold J. Bailey
Title: Logo and Models of Computation: An Introduction to Computation: An Introduction to Computer Science, Author: Michael E. Burke
Title: Logoworlds, Author: Rachelle S. Heller
Title: Computer Science Logo Style: Introduction to Programming, Author: Brian Harvey
Title: Apple Logo: A Complete, Illustrated Handbook, Author: Drew Berentes
Title: Computer Science Logo Style: Symbolic Computing / Edition 2, Author: Brian Harvey
Title: LOGO and the IBM PC, Author: Rachel R. Avery
Title: Beginning with Logo: Terrapin Version, Author: Steve Tipps
Title: Eighty-Eight Apple Logo Programs, Author: Don Martin
Title: Teaching and Learning with Logo, Author: Marie Buckland
Title: Computer Science Logo Style, 3 Volume Set, Author: Brian Harvey
Title: Logo and the Apple, Author: Rachel R. Avery
Title: Logo: A Learner's Guide, Author: George W. Burns
Title: Beyond Turtle Graphics: Further Explorations of Logo, Author: David D. Thornburg
Title: LOGO Activities for the Computer: A Beginner's Guide, Author: Jane Hyman
Title: The Apple LOGO Manual, Author: Lynne Mass
Title: Apple LOGO for the Apple II, Author: Harold Abelson
Title: Logo in the Schools, Author: Cleborne D Maddux
Title: Computer Science Logo Style: Advanced Techniques, Author: Brian Harvey

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