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Title: Murach's Mainframe COBOL / Edition 1, Author: Mike Murach
Title: Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 Hours, Author: Thane Hubbell
Title: COBOL for the 21st Century / Edition 11, Author: Nancy B. Stern
Title: DB2 for the COBOL Programmer, Part 1, Version 4.1 / Edition 2, Author: Curtis Garvin
Title: COBOL, Author: Jean Longhurst
Title: An DB2 for the COBOL Programmer: An Introductory Course, Author: Steve Eckols
Title: Literature for Thursday's Child, Author: Sam L. Sebesta
Title: The New Cobol: An Illustrated Guide, Author: Andreas S. Philippakis
Title: Advanced Structured COBOL: Batch, On-Line and Data-Base Concepts, Author: Tyler Welburn
Title: Comprehensive COBOL, Author: Andrew S. Philippakis
Title: Structured COBOL Programming, Getting Started with Fujitsu COBOL, Author: Nancy B. Stern
Title: Methodical Programming in COBOL-85, Author: Ray Welland
Title: Structured COBOL: American National Standard, Author: V. Thomas Dock
Title: Structured COBOL: A Direct Approach, Author: Rina Varmish
Title: COBOL Unleashed, Author: John Wessler
Title: COBOL Basics, Author: Gerry Manning
Title: Introductory Structured COBOL Programming, Author: Gary S. Popkin
Title: COBOL 85 for Programmers, Author: Jim Inglis
Title: ANSI COBOL Programming, Author: James A. Saxon
Title: Advanced COBOL: A Structured Approach, Author: Gerry Manning

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