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Title: The Incredible Power of Prayer, Author: Roger J. Morneau
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Title: House That God Built, Author: Sandra Finley-Doran
Title: What I Like About, Author: George E. Vandeman
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Title: Sinkiria, Author: Gail Walker
Title: Let's Get Acquainted, Author: Kenneth McFarland
Title: The Overcomers, Author: George E. Vanderman
Title: A Pause for Peace: What God's Gift of the Sabbath Can Mean to You, Author: Clifford Golstein
Title: 7 Days to Better Discipline, Author: Jean Anderson
Title: Knowing God, Author: Edwin R. Thiele
Title: Prisoner for Christ: How God Sustained Pastor Huang in a Shanghai Prison, Author: Stanley M. Maxwell
Title: Fascinating Facts about the Spirit of Prophecy, Author: Ellen Gould Harmon White
Title: Children of the Promise: You Can Have the Assurance of Salvation, Author: Clifford Goldstein
Title: The Gift of Propehcy: The Role of Ellen White in God's Remnant Church, Author: Gerhard Pfandl
Title: Steps to Jesus, Author: Ellen Gould Harmon White
Title: Heralds of the Midnight Cry, Author: Paul A. Gordon
Title: Coming to Terms, Author: Kevin D. Paulson
Title: God's Little Advice Book, Author: Mark Finley
Title: To Hope Again, Author: Mark Finley
Title: God's Soviet Miracles: How Adventists Built the First Protestant Seminary in Russian History, Author: Mikhail Kulakov
Title: Peter and Jude: Living in Dangerous Times, Author: Robert Morris Johnston

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