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Title: The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory, and the Legacy of Vietnam / Edition 1, Author: Jerry Lembcke
Title: Looking for Lincoln: The Making of an American Icon, Author: Philip B. Kunhardt
Title: The Death of Reconstruction: Race, Labor, and Politics in the Post-Civil War North, 1865-1901, Author: Heather Cox Richardson
Title: Whitehall and the Jews, 1933-1948: British Immigration Policy, Jewish Refugees and the Holocaust, Author: Louise London
Title: Carried to the Wall: American Memory and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial / Edition 1, Author: Kristin Ann Hass
Title: Lincoln's Body: A Cultural History, Author: Richard Wightman Fox
Title: War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals, Author: David Halberstam
Title: Images, Scandal, and Communication Strategies of the Clinton Presidency, Author: Rachel L. Holloway
Title: Abraham Lincoln and the Forge of National Memory / Edition 2, Author: Barry Schwartz
Title: Mourning Lincoln, Author: Martha Hodes
Title: Votes, Money, And The Clinton Impeachment, Author: Irwin Morris
Title: Johnson, Nixon and the Doves, Author: Melvin Small
Title: War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War, Author: John W. Dower
Title: Sinners, Lovers, and Heroes: An Essay on Memorializing in Three American Cultures, Author: Richard Morris
Title: Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era: History and Memory in Late Twentieth-Century America, Author: Barry Schwartz
Title: Aftermath: The Clinton Impeachment and the Presidency in the Age of Political Spectacle, Author: Leonard V. Kaplan
Title: Sixteen Months of Indecision: Slovak American Viewpoints Toward Compatriots and the Homeland from 1914 to 1915 as Viewed by the Slovak Language Press in Pennsylvania, Author: Gregory Curtis Ference
Title: Bitburg and Beyond, Author: Ilya Levkov
Title: Triumph Of The Image: The Media's War In The Persian Gulf, A Global Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Hamid Mowlana
Title: Changing Ideas about Women in the United States, 1776-1825, Author: Janet Wilson James

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