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Title: Fuzziness in Database Management Systems / Edition 1, Author: Patrick Bosc
Title: Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Pattern Recognition Using Soft Computing: An Evolutionary Approach for Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems / Edition 1, Author: Patricia Melin
Title: Fuzzy Modeling for Control, Author: Robert Babuska
Title: Stochastic Versus Fuzzy Approaches to Multiobjective Mathematical Programming under Uncertainty, Author: Shi-Yu Huang
Title: An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Applications in Intelligent Systems, Author: Ronald R. Yager
Title: Fuzzy Controllers Handbook: How to Design Them, How They Work, Author: Leon Reznik
Title: Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Control, Author: Michio Sugeno
Title: Learning from Data: Concepts, Theory, and Methods / Edition 2, Author: Vladimir Cherkassky
Title: Decision Criteria and Optimal Inventory Processes, Author: Baoding Liu
Title: Applications of Soft Computing: Recent Trends, Author: Ashutosh Tiwari
Title: A New Paradigm of Knowledge Engineering by Soft Computing, Author: Liya Ding
Title: Intelligent Systems for Finance and Business, Author: Suran Goonatilake
Title: Advances in Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications / Edition 1, Author: Masoud Mohammadian
Title: Fuzzy-Neural Control : Principles, Algorithms and Applications, Author: Junhong Nie
Title: 2003 International Workshop on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications ( SMCia/03 Series), Author: Staff of IEEE Systems
Title: Pattern Recognition with Fuzzy Objective Function Algorithms, Author: James C. Bezdek
Title: Financial Models and Simulation, Author: D. Chorafas
Title: Fuzzy Filters for Image Processing / Edition 1, Author: Mike Nachtegael
Title: Pattern Classification: Neuro-fuzzy Methods and Their Comparison / Edition 1, Author: Shigeo Abe
Title: Annual Meeting of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, 2002, Author: IEEE

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