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Title: Stockholm: A Cultural History, Author: Tony Griffiths
Title: The Ice Balloon: S. A. Andree and the Heroic Age of Arctic Exploration, Author: Alec Wilkinson
Title: A History of the Swedish People, Volume I: From Prehistory to the Renaissance, Author: Vilhelm Moberg
Title: A History of the Swedish People, Volume II: From Renaissance to Revolution, Author: Vilhelm Moberg
Title: Great Captains Unveiled, Author: B. H. Liddell Hart
Title: Righteous Gentile: The Story of Raoul Wallenberg, Missing Hero of the Holocaust, Author: John Bierman
Title: The Army of Gustavus Adolphus 2 Calvary, Author: Richard Brzezinski
Title: The Northern Wars: War, State and Society in Northeastern Europe, 1558 - 1721 / Edition 1, Author: Robert I. Frost
Title: History of Charles XII (Classic Reprint), Author: Voltaire Voltaire
Title: The Welfare State in Transition: Reforming the Swedish Model, Author: Richard B. Freeman
Title: Swedish Women's Writing 1850-1995, Author: Helena Forsas-Scott
Title: Generating Equality in the Welfare State: The Swedish Experience, Author: Inga Persson
Title: Sweden's Welfare State: Can the Bumblebee Keep Flying?, Author: Mr. Subhash Madhav Thakur
Title: Limits of the Welfare State, Author: John Fry
Title: Charles XII and the collapse of the Swedish empire, 1682-1719, Author: R. Nisbet Bain
Title: Sweden (Culture Smart! Series): A Quick Guide to Culture and Etiquette, Author: Charlotte J. DeWitt
Title: Readings in the Swedish Class Structure, Author: Richard Scase
Title: The Globalisation of Charismatic Christianity, Author: Simon Coleman
Title: Sweden, Enlarged Edition: The Nation's History, Author: Franklin D. Scott
Title: A History of Sweden, Author: ABC-CLIO

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