Title: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Author: Yuval Noah Harari
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Title: The Edge of Knowledge: Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos, Author: Lawrence M. Krauss
Title: National Geographic Invisible Wonders: Photographs of the Hidden World, Author: Anand Varma
Title: Water Always Wins: Thriving in an Age of Drought and Deluge, Author: Erica Gies
Title: Symbiotic Planet: A New Look At Evolution, Author: Lynn Margulis
Title: The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge, Author: Matt Ridley
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How to Succeed
Title: This Explains Everything: Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works, Author: John Brockman
Title: A Poison Like No Other: How Microplastics Corrupted Our Planet and Our Bodies, Author: Matt Simon
Title: Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein - Colossal Mistakes by Great Scientists That Changed Our Understanding of Life and the Universe, Author: Mario Livio
Title: White Pine: The Natural and Human History of a Foundational American Tree, Author: John Pastor Ph.D.
Title: Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future, Author: Chris Mooney
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Relativity: The Special and General Theory
Title: El precio de la pasión, Author: Gabriel Rolón
Explore Series
Title: Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us?: A Layperson's Guide to the Concepts, Math, and Pitfalls of AI, Author: Kenneth Wenger
Title: A Planet of Viruses: Third Edition, Author: Carl Zimmer
Title: The Experimental Fire: Inventing English Alchemy, 1300-1700, Author: Jennifer M. Rampling
Title: Worth Saving: International Diplomacy to Protect the Environment, Author: Anne Egelston
Title: T-Minus AI: Humanity's Countdown to Artificial Intelligence and the New Pursuit of Global Power, Author: Michael Kanaan
Title: Eureka!: Mindblowing science every day of the year, Author: New Scientist

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