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Title: The Stone Seekers, Author: Linda Hansen
Title: Needs and Wants, Author: Susan Ring
Title: Tales from the Hill and Burrow, Author: GP POP
Title: Loving Touches: A Book for Children about Positive, Caring Kinds of Touching, Author: Lory Freeman
Title: Friends & Relations: Using Literature with Social Themes, Grades K-2, Author: Carol Otis Hurst
Title: Me and You: A Book for Two to Do!, Author: American Girl Library
Title: Making Friends, Author: Janine Amos
Title: Making Friends, Author: Sarah Levete
Title: Graduation: I will miss you!, Author: J.L. Sweat
Title: Jealous, Author: Sylvia Root Tester
Title: The Little Lizard, Author: Eric Hanson
Title: Dealing with Jealousy, Author: Priscilla Croft
Title: Love for Logan, Author: Lori DeMonia
Title: Bubblegum Adventures in The Land Of Sweet, Author: Nancy Cutler Dye
Title: Teacher to Teacher: A Guidebook for Effective Mentoring, Author: Jane Fraser
Title: Of Petals and Hope Sonny Sunflower Triumphs Over Bullying, Author: Adam Cafege
Title: Doodletoot- A Happy Little Basset Hound Dog, Author: Rebecca Darrington
Title: The Adventures of RINKY-DINKY WINKY-DINK, Author: T.H. Feasel
Title: Princess Power and the Not So Haunted House, Author: Nancy Shaffery
Title: The Icky Lunch, Author: Rich Ablondi

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