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Title: SLOVAK-ENG/E-S CONC DICT, Author: Nina Trnka
Title: Colloquial Slovak: The Complete Course for Beginners, Author: James Naughton
Title: The Lexical Phonology of Slovak, Author: Jerzy Rubach
Title: Colloquial Slovak, Author: Taylor and Francis
Title: Slovak Handy Extra Dictionary: Hippocrene Handy Dictionary, Author: Jarmila Bacilukova
Title: The Language of Slovakia's Rusyns, Author: Juraj Vanko
Title: Slovak for You (PB), Author: Ada Bohmerova
Title: English-Slovak and Slovak-English Dictio, Author: Edward Drabig
Title: Beginning Slovak: A Course for the Individual or Classroom Learner, Author: Oscar E. Swan
Title: Czech and Slovak Republics, Author: Michael Jacobs
Title: Slovensko-Anglicky Vedecko-Technicky Slovnik, Author: Caforio
Title: Slovak for You: Slovak for Speakers of English for Beginners and Intermediate Students = Slovencina Pre VáS: Slovencina Pre ZaciatocníKov a Stredne PokrocilýCH Po Anglicky Hovoriacich Studentov, Author: Ada Böhmerová
Title: English-Slovak Dic/Simko (HB), Author: Jan Simko
Title: Das Rusinische der Ostslowakei im Kontext seiner Nachbarsprachen, Author: Alexander Teutsch
Title: BEGINNER'S SLOVAK, Author: Elena Letnanova