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Magnolia Journal, Summer 2021

by Meredith Corporation

The Magnolia Journal—Summer 2021 issue explores a fresh perspective on the commitments that anchor and shape us, considering them not as things that hold us back, but as the very things that hold us up. Inside you’ll find stories that reflect this new view on commitment, including an exercise from Chip on naming your non-negotiables, an invitation to freely frame those things that foster joy, and a look behind the scenes at the old gristmill that serves as the set for Joanna’s cooking show.

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Entertainment Weekly: Supernatural, Exclusive Collector's Issue 2020
Entertainment Weekly: The Mandalorian, Exclusive Collector's Issue 2020
Magnolia Journal, Winter 2020
TIME Commemorative Edition: Joe Biden
Entertainment Weekly Supernatural Poster 2020
Magnolia Journal, Spring 2021
Vogue, Fall Fashion 2019
ESPN Kobe Bryant Tribute Special
The Complete Guide to Outlander, Exclusive Collector's Edition
For the Love of Paper: Florals: 160 Tear-off Pages for Creating, Crafting, and Sharing
Magnolia Journal, Summer 2020
BTS Up Close and Personal (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
For the Love of Paper: Botanicals: 160 Tear-off Pages for Creating, Crafting, and Sharing
Marvel Comics #1000
For the Love of Paper: 320 Tear-off Pages for Creating, Crafting, and Sharing