Title: Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, Author: Robert D. Hare PhD
Title: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, Author: Marsha M. Linehan PhD
Title: The Betrayal of the Body, Author: Alexander Lowen
Title: Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in Religious Behavior / Edition 1, Author: Wayne E. Oates
Title: Antisocial Behavior: Personality Disorders from Hostility to Homicide / Edition 1, Author: Benjamin B. Wolman
Title: The Antisocial Personalities / Edition 1, Author: David T. Lykken
Title: Being of Two Minds: The Vertical Split in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy / Edition 1, Author: Arnold I. Goldberg
Title: A Beginner's Guide to the MMPI-2 / Edition 3, Author: James N. Butcher PhD
Title: Psychic Retreats: Pathological Organizations in Psychotic, Neurotic and Borderline Patients / Edition 1, Author: John Steiner
Title: The Psychopath: Emotion and the Brain / Edition 1, Author: James Blair
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Title: Treating Difficult Personality Disorders / Edition 1, Author: Michael Rosenbluth
Title: Straight Talk about Criminals: Understanding and Treating Antisocial Individuals / Edition 1, Author: Stanton E. Samenow
Title: Psychotherapy Of The Borderline Adult: A Developmental Approach / Edition 1, Author: James F. Masterson
Title: Handbook of Personology and Psychopathology / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Strack
Title: The DSM-5 Alternative Model for Personality Disorders: Integrating Multiple Paradigms of Personality Assessment / Edition 1, Author: Christopher J. Hopwood
Title: My Work with Borderline Patients, Author: Harold F. Searles
Title: Narcissism and Character Transformation: The Psychology of Narcissistic Character Disorders, Author: Nathan Schwartz-Salant
Title: The Depleted Self: Sin in a Narcissistic Age, Author: Donald Capps
Title: Personality Disorders and Older Adults: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment / Edition 1, Author: Daniel L. Segal
Title: Live Company: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Autistic, Borderline, Deprived and Abused Children / Edition 1, Author: Anne Alvarez

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