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Title: Introduction to Reticular Chemistry: Metal-Organic Frameworks and Covalent Organic Frameworks / Edition 1, Author: Omar M. Yaghi
Title: Modern Battery Engineering: A Comprehensive Introduction, Author: Kai Peter Birke
Title: Mosby's Fluids & Electrolytes Memory NoteCards: Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses / Edition 2, Author: JoAnn Zerwekh MSN
Title: Clinical Physiology of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders / Edition 5, Author: Burton Rose
Title: The Dopaminergic Mind in Human Evolution and History, Author: Fred H. Previc
Title: Semiconductor Industry: Wafer Fab Exhaust Management / Edition 1, Author: J. Michael Sherer
Title: Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation / Edition 2, Author: A. M. van Herk
Title: Foundations of College Chemistry / Edition 15, Author: Morris Hein
Title: The Official Laboratory Research Notebook (50 duplicate sets) / Edition 2, Author: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Title: Practical High-Performance Liquid Chromatography / Edition 5, Author: Veronika R. Meyer
Title: Stereoelectronic Effects / Edition 1, Author: A. J. Kirby
Title: Explosives Engineering / Edition 1, Author: Paul W. Cooper
Title: The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals / Edition 15, Author: Maryadele J O'Neil
Title: Chemistry DeMYSTiFieD, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Linda Williams
Title: Biochemistry Demystified / Edition 1, Author: David McMahon
Title: The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information / Edition 3, Author: Anne M. Coghill
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Title: Laboratory Manual for General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry / Edition 3, Author: Karen Timberlake
Title: Industrial Centrifugation Technology / Edition 1, Author: Wallace Leung
Title: Pearson Molecular Model Set for General and Organic Chemistry / Edition 1, Author: Pearson Education
Title: The Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution, Author: Sean B. Carroll

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