Step 1: Plan

From poetry readings to scavenger hunts, our booksellers know how to stage events that will draw your supporters. We'll work with you to plan exciting events featuring your school or organization that coincide with your book fair. Based on your individual needs, we can tailor displays during the book fair specifically for you. Book fair dates are typically reserved at least 8 weeks in advance to provide time to plan, communicate, and execute a successful book fair. Contact us to plan a book fair

Step 2: Promote

Promoting your book fair to your supporters everywhere and anywhere is the key to its success. A Barnes & Noble representative will work with you as you develop your book fair and provide ongoing support as you build and execute your communication plan to your supporters. We will also provide you with ready-made materials needed to publicize your book fair, including a unique book fair ID number that will identify your purchases both in store and online.

Step 3: Experience

The day of your book fair, your supporters attend planned events, shop our store, and have fun supporting and celebrating your school or organization! After choosing from our vast selection items, they present their voucher with your unique book fair number with their purchases. Your supporters also shop online the day of your book fair through 5 days after the instore bookfair and enter the unique book fair number on the payment page to identify their purchase.

Step 4: Earn Rewards

It's easy! Your supporters shop, and Barnes & Noble gives your organization a percentage of net proceeds from the book fair sales. Choose a Barnes & Noble giftcard or a check. Remember, the more supporters shop in store and online, the more you earn.