Fogged Inn (Maine Clambake Series #4)

Fogged Inn (Maine Clambake Series #4)

by Barbara Ross

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Fogged Inn (Maine Clambake Series #4) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This terrific series gets better with each book! Best read in order. Love the quaint little Maine town. This story has just the right amount of plot twists that grab your attention. ... I couldn't put it down, and didn't guess where the plot was going until the end. This is a great cozy, with excellent, likeable characters. I can't wait for the next one! No bad language, violence, or adult settings. Truly talented writing. .... a real treat!
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross is the fourth book in A Maine Clambake Mystery series. Julia Snowden is running a restaurant with her boyfriend, Chris Durand during the off season in Busman’s Harbor, Maine. They serve only dinner and are running it at Gus’s (and call it Gus’s Too). The morning after a long night Gus Farnham (the landlord) yells up the staircase about a dead stiff in the walk-in freezer (Julia lives in the apartment above the restaurant). Julia hurries down the stairs and there is a dead main in the freezer. They immediately call the police. Julia wonders how the man got into the building (and scared that a killer was in the building while she was asleep). The dead man was in the restaurant the night before sitting at the bar. Julia remembers him leaving. No one, though, seems to know his name. Who is the man and why is he dead (and placed in the freezer)? Julia sets out to find the killer (because she is curious and bored). Fogged Inn was not my favorite book in the series. I did not find it good as the previous three books in the series. There are quite a few questioning sessions (where Julia is questioning her list of suspect. Though I do find it hard to believe that these people would talk to her willingly). The mystery was complex (which I liked), but I did not like how Julia went about her investigation. She was running around town like a chicken with her head cut off and jumping to the wrong conclusions. I give Fogged Inn 3 out of 5 stars. Something was just missing this time around. I also found the ending to be a bit of a letdown. Fogged Inn can be read alone, but I think readers would find it helpful to read the other books in the series. I received a complimentary copy of Fogged Inn from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth installment of the Maine Clambake Mystery series and I think the stories get better with each book. It’s the off-season in Maine, and Julia has moved into the studio apartment above Gus' Restaurant. She and her boyfriend Chris are operating the restaurant for dinner and calling it Gus' Too. Gus wakes Julia up hollering early in the morning that there is a dead body in his walk-in refrigerator. It ends up to be the stranger that was in the restaurant the night before. Not only that, but there was a car accident a couple of blocks away and the driver of one of the vehicles involved has disappeared. Julia also finds out that the gift certificates that the four couples who ate in the restaurant the night before during a storm, had been changed with an expiry date added. Are these situations related? Who is the dead man and why was he murdered in the restaurant? Who worked to get the four couples all in the restaurant together? Once again Julia investigates and finds out information that the police do not think is important. Are Julia and Chris in danger? Who is trying to get Julia to stop asking questions? This book opens with the murder, and the pace never slows. Because it was off season, Julia, Chris and Gus were the main characters from town as well as the State Police and Julia's friend Jamie. This was nice because the characters involved in the mystery that Julia was investigating got me a bit confused at times. I like the way the story played out and the solutions to the various mysteries were unexpected. I enjoyed the side story very much and it added a nice dimension to the story. I definitely recommend this book to cozy mystery lovers. I love this series, and this is another great entry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review from Netgalley and Kensington Publishing. All opinions and views expressed in this review are entirely my own. "Fogged Inn" is the newest installment in the Maine Clambake Mystery. The book starts off with a bang, as Gus discovers a dead body in his walk in freezer. Julia and Chris are running a dinner restaurant out of Gus's breakfast/lunch restaurant. So, naturally the dead man dined at their establishment the night before. Who is this man? Why was he murdered? I did find this book to start quickly, but get stale in the middle. Part of me kept wondering why Julia was investigating. It didn't seem like this mystery really involved her much. She just seemed nosy and bothersome. However, the story did pick back up. This book had more layers and depth than the last few books. Overall, a good book and a great series that I will continue to read.
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book! This is a great book; this is the fourth book in A Maine Clambake Mystery series by Barbara Ross. Julia Snowden and her boyfriend Chris are serving lobster stew at a local diner. When the landlord discovers a dead body in the walk-in cooler Julia finds herself looking into the investigation. If you are looking for a great mystery that will leave you guessing until the end, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Back to Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and this time it is snowy and icy and there are no clambakes. Instead Julia and Chris have opened Gus’s Too. They take over Gus’s restaurant in the evenings to give locals one place to dine during the off season. They are still finding their way, running the business by themselves, but they are off to a great start. That is until a dead body is found in the walk-in frig. Julie and Chris recognize the man as a customer from the night before. This leads them to take a closer look at all their customers from that night. Since it was foggy, rainy and cold there weren’t many. Some relatives of mine Caroline and Henry Caswell were among the guests. They certainly couldn’t have anything to do with that dead man, could they?? I started reading and I just couldn’t stop. I was excited not only about Chris and Julia’s new venture, but I desperately wanted to know how that guy ended up in a cooler in a restaurant that was locked up tight and why? Ross has plotted a marvelous mystery and I loved the way everything came together with a very unexpected ending, very different than a typical cozy mystery. At first I was sure I liked it but after thinking about it, I was totally on board with it. We meet several new characters this time, couples that come to eat at Gus’s Too. When Julia does her investigation we get to know them all quite well and their connection to the town. She visits with each of them several times as she tries to figure out if they had anything to do with the man’s death even when they claim they didn’t know him at all. I found the dialogues interesting and I really tuned in to catch any clues. Julia has moved into the apartment above Gus’s and Chris spends most night there. He still has his cabin which he is remodeling so he can rent it out during tourist season. They are starting to get more comfortable in their relationship but they have a lot of things to work out. Julia is a little too sure of herself after helping solve previous cases and Chris just wants her to leave the investigating to the police. Well, we all know that is not going to happen. The fog plays a huge part in this story and I just don’t mean the weather outside. I really felt Julia and the police were working in a fog and through the fog to identify the victim and catch the killer. At times it was as thick as pea soup and I truly didn’t know how it was all going to come together in the dwindling amount of pages left, especially because I knew there were recipes back there too. This is another strong story from Barbara Ross and I commend her for coming up with a great story in the off season when the town is really moving at a much slower pace with less people around. It was nice to get to know some of the other residents of Busman’s Harbor. They were a unique bunch. I hope they pop in for visits in future stories, especially those Caswells!
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Fogged Inn - Maine Clambake Mystery 4 Author: Barbara Ross Published: 2-26-2016 Publisher: Kensington Books Pages: 320 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Amateur Sleuths; Cooking, Cozy Mystery ISBN: 9781496700377 ASIN: B0046RB372 Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley . I have only recently discovered Barbara Ross' Maine Clambake Mystery series, but have quickly become a fan. Julie has decided to remain In Busman's Harbor for the Winter so to supplement their income by keeping Gus's breakfast and lunch restaurant open for dinner. They are also staying in the apartment above the restaurant. All seems to be going well until the night a thick fog causes an accident that strands motorist at Gus' Two. Each sits in different areas of the restaurant pretending not to know one another. Then they all pay using coupons they did not issue that are about to expire. The following Gus shouts up to the apartment for Julia and Chris about something that has expired, an unknown man found dead in the walk-in freezer. When the police close down the restaurant Julia gets busy finding out who he was? Who stole the coupons? Who killed the man and why? There are things disappearing, dead bodies and twist and turns for all. Can Julia find the killer be her own expiration date us up? You will not go wrong with this wonderful offering from Barbara Ross. Her characters and plot are solid and well developed.
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Another Page Turner In the last couple of years, the Maine Clambake Mysteries has become one of my favorite series. The characters are wonderful and the mysteries keep me guessing until the end. Fogged Inn is the latest in the series, and it’s another strong book. With winter fast approaching and the family clambake shut down for the season, Julia Snowden has opened Gus’s Too with her boyfriend Chris Durand. Gus’s Too is focusing on dinner, using the same building that Gus has used for his restaurant for years to serve only breakfast and lunch. Plus, Julia is living upstairs in a small studio apartment. The Tuesday morning when this book opens, Julia is awakened by Gus yelling up the stairs that there is a body in the walk in refrigerator. The body hadn’t been there when Julia and Chris went to bed. Furthermore, he was a stranger in town who had eaten dinner at Gus’s Too the night before. With no ID on the body, the police don’t have anywhere to start to the investigation. Who was he? Why would someone kill him? And how did he wind up in the frig? Since it happened just downstairs from where Julia was sleeping, she is determined to find out. I often complain here about books that start with an exciting scene and then flashback to something before that excitement happens and tells us the story from there. This book starts with finding the body on Tuesday morning, but things that happened in town and at Gus’s Too Monday night play a part in the book. We are fed this information in pieces, and it never slows down the forward progress of the story, which really does start on Tuesday morning. I loved how it was teased enough that when Julia was discussing what happened Monday night, we really wanted to know what happened, but it never slowed down the forward progress of the story. Really, there is nothing to complain about with the plot at all. From the great start of finding the body, the pace never lags. We are constantly fed clues, red herrings, and surprises until we reach the climax. The ending is logical and sobering at the same time. It really does pack a punch, and in a great way. Sadly, Julia’s family isn’t as big a part of this book as they’ve been of the previous books in the series. It makes sense since the action is taking place away from the family business, and including them would have just slowed things down. But I did still miss them. That’s really my only complaint with the book, and it’s a very very minor issue. We meet quite an interesting cast of characters in this book, and they are all fully developed. I actually grew quite attached to them over the course of the story and wouldn’t complain if any of them popped in for cameos in future books. Of course, Julia, Chris, and Gus are still fun and entertaining characters as always; I enjoyed watching Julia and Chris’s relations grow yet again in this book. Being a culinary mystery, we get several recipes at the end of the book. With the focus on the restaurant, we get a soup (split pea, of course) and several entrée type recipes. Yes, there are some fish, but for those of us who don’t like fish, there are some other great sounding choices as well. This series just gets stronger with each book. Fogged Inn is the best one to date, and it will leave you anxious for your next chance to visit with Julia. NOTE: I was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
psoccermom More than 1 year ago
I love how Fogged Inn book four of A Maine Clambake Mystery starts. It gets you prepared for the cold winter that is fast approaching Busman's Harbor, Maine. You have a chilly night, icy fog, and a lobster stew on at Gus Too which Julia and Chris her boyfriend run at night for the dinner crowd. But this night is different. Guests are sparse because of the bad weather except for four older couples who came in to eat and use their gift certificates before they expired. And they don't seem to know each other which is weird because it is such a small town. Or do they??? The next morning Julia and Chris wake up to Gus, their landlord yelling up the stairs about a dead guy in the walk in freezer! No one knows who the dead guy is and too boot there had been an accident the night before that shut down Main Street. Also, they can't find the second driver? Are these events connected or is it just coincidence? Julia has caught herself in the middle of another mystery that she must solve before someone else ends up in a deep freeze. But little does she know that the events that just took place may have opened up old wounds and a tragedy long ago that some want to stay buried. This book will have you on the edge of your seat with all the twists and turns as well as hungry. The recipes in the back of the book are to die for, no pune intended of course. I am looking forward to the next book in A Maine Clambake mystery.
CozyMysteryLover1 More than 1 year ago
As the cold weather rolls in, the residents of Busman's Harbor, Maine can unwind and enjoy a nice meal at Gus's Too, a restaurant operated by Julia Snowden and her boyfriend, Chris. Normally Julia is busy with the Snowden Family Clambake, but the off season has put her at loose ends and the chance to work side by side with Chris is just the right solution. When a stranger is found dead in the walk in cooler, Julia is determined to find out who it is. Strange circumstances bring a set of friends together, but they all have secrets they don't want revealed. I enjoyed this book very much, I think it's my favorite so far. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review.