Stellar Medicine, a Journey Through the Universe of Women's Health

Stellar Medicine, a Journey Through the Universe of Women's Health

by Saralyn Mark


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Stellar Medicine, A Journey Through the Universe of Women's Health 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
EagerReader15 More than 1 year ago
Dr. Saralyn Marks’ Stellar Medicine seemingly invites us into her home for a cup of tea and conversation about wide-ranging topics friends might chat about over weeks and years. Why is it so rare for a highly trained and distinguished physician to talk from her heart, her personal experience and her expertise directly to us, human to human? For me her coverage of the truly unprecedented challenges facing military veterans in describing the post traumatic stress many face in coming home from the longest wars in our history is particularly compelling. She conveys that for her this is also a matter of personal experience , and how daunting it can be for loved ones to feel they succeed in meeting levels of challenge they’d never dreamed of. Dr. Marks’ description of the historic nature of the wounds seen and unseen so often coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq is authoritative and compassionate. I relished the conversational tone of Stellar Medicine, and felt I’d come to know the genuine thoughts of a highly skilled and perceptive physician on a very wide range of topics. I learned a great deal about evidence-based thinking and the latest insights about a wide range of health care concerns women must address for themselves and their families, and encourages us to lifestyles that promote fitness and balance. In today’s highly polarized climate about so many issues it is refreshing to read her unabashedly progressive stances on women’s choices and lifestyles. It is a bold thing, alas, that she is candid,. unapologetic and direct as she is in sharing her experience and her points of view. Dr. Mark manages to be Sara here, and offers what feels like a breath of comfort and encouragement, albeit from an expert on women’s health, endocrinology, and even space medicine. I look forward to her continuing the conversation, and welcome other experts unmasking themselves as she does in this informative and generous book.