101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam: What You Need to Know Explained Simply

101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam: What You Need to Know Explained Simply

by Fleur Bradley, Claire Bradley
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101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam: What You Need to Know Explained Simply 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CamilleS More than 1 year ago
When I picked up 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam, I almost didn't take it seriously with that tacky title. But right away I liked how in chapter one it tells you how to study. Studying for regular tests is not the same technique as studying for this test and it was nice to hear how to tackle this particular test from a professional. Another thing that I thought was important was the section on what to expect. Knowing the structure of the test is crucial. As a former educator, I taught students how to master the state test and one of the things that I used to preach to my students was to familiarize yourself with how the test looks and works in order to beat it. So it was a relief to see the section on what to expect. Probably not important but the tone of the book was mildly annoying. It read like a bad infomercial: "Read this book and you'll know everything you need to on test day!" I guess there's no harm in selling yourself but I already have the book, just cut out the horn blowing and give me the information that I need! With that said, the book actually did do a good job of breaking down everything a series 7 test taker would need to know (which is, unfortunately, a lot!) It also did a good job of explaining the need for the test, the test itself and even some aspects of actually becoming a registered representative. The practice test at the back of the book is key and I was glad to see it there. Nothing says test suicide like going in cold on exam day! It would have been nice to have one or two more practice tests but given their length I guess that would be difficult. Overall, this book got the job done.
CJohnson28 More than 1 year ago
Even the most panicked student preparing for the Series 7 exam will benefit from author Claire Bradley's "101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam: What You Need to Know Explained Simply." Bradley, a former self-starting financial consultant who started her career as a teller, guides potential test-takers through the daunting 260-question exam with authority and attention to the reader's various needs. Bradley achieves this with a comforting tone throughout the book, stressing not only the knowledge needed to do well on the Series 7, but also reminding test-takers how to take care of themselves beyond the exam. While the chapters on areas of study - including securities, dealing with debt and individual customer issues - are key, Bradley also includes chapters on how to study for the Series 7 exam specifically and a final chapter on how to handle first career steps after passing the exam. The book also boasts a practice test and answer key with essential questions to end each chapter, which all help the reader measure his or her own progress as they study. Sure, the Series 7 could likely be the hardest test of a reader's career, but with Bradley and her book, the exam is bound to feel more like the first step toward a better career in the world of finance.
RRS59 More than 1 year ago
In today's complex world, certification of one form or another is virtually mandatory for almost any position requiring specialized knowledge. Gaining certification often involves revisiting the fundamental principles of a field of study and successfully completing an exam to demonstrate one's competency and aptitude in the field. The value of studying and preparing appropriately to successfully complete an exam cannot be underscored. Unfortunately for some, the time or expense of returning to school or going to a specialized exam preparation school is prohibitive and they must find an alternative method to gain the certification they desire. If you are pursuing your Series 7 license, 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam: What You Need to Know Explained Simply, will help you to achieve your goal. This book, with it's full Series 7 practice test, will reacquaint you with the basic principles and terminology of the field and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in the different areas the test will cover. The author, Claire Bradley, has done a wonderful job organizing the material in a simple and intelligible fashion. Her presentation of the various sections the test will cover is clear, her definitions are concise and she provides seriously useful information in the tips she highlights in each section. In fact, the book provides information with such clarity that I would even recommend it for someone who is simply trying to understand the jargon and concepts involved in the securities industry, but might have no desire to pursue a career in the field. I also appreciated the fact that the style of the book was clean; the author doesn't digress into useless factoids or try to be a college textbook. Her goal is simply to prepare you for the exam and she does this admirably well. Like any How To book, successful realization of the desired outcome rests on the reader's shoulders. If you use this book the way it was designed to be used, and focus on learning and applying the concepts Ms. Bradley reviews, you will have certainly improved your ability to pass your Series 7 exam.
Kelley71 More than 1 year ago
"101 Ways to Score Higher on Your Series 7 Exam: What You Need to Know Explained Simply" helps readers wade through the large amount of complicated material a person needs to review before taking the financial certification test known as the Series 7, or General Securities Registered Representative, Exam. I particularly appreciated the bold-faced terms and boxed tips throughout the book that offered suggestions for how to score higher and avoid common mistakes on test, as well as techniques to help save time and study more efficiently. And, since I had no prior knowledge of the Series 7 Exam, the book also was helpful in its general explanation of the test and why it is an important way to protect investors from incompetent representatives. The book, by Claire Bradley, includes a valuable full practice test to prepare readers for the real examination, and also adds helpful career advice from professionals so readers can prepare for their own futures as registered representatives, giving clients guidance for investment decisions within laws and ethical rules.